Chapter 1171: Hua Anyang

Chapter 1171: Hua Anyang

Central World, Ji Family, the ninth teleportation formation.

In the dim ancient hall, Ji Yao, Ji Rui, Ji Yuan, and the other second generation members of the Ji Family waited silently.

Their gazes were focused on the teleportation formation in the center.

Soon, several Sky Mender Palace martial practitioners walked out of the teleportation formation, led by Hua Anyang.

Hua Yuchi, who had once been trapped in Boluo Realm, appeared with a smile behind Hua Anyang.

"Brother Hua."

Seeing this group come, Ji Yao went forward and greeted with a smile.

"When will he come?" Hua Anyang said seriously.

"He should arrive in a while," Ji Yao said with a smile.

"I heard those people went to the Land of Chaos? Will he be affected?" Hua Anyang said worriedly.

"No." Ji Yao shook his head.

Hua Anyang looked at Ji Yao with a strange gaze and then at the members of the Ji Family. He suddenly said, "Have you really… decided?"

When the words were said, the members of the Ji Family and the people from Sky Mender Palace all had serious expressions.

Ji Yao's smile disappeared. He thought for a moment, and then nodded.

Hua Anyang was shocked.

He was Hua Yuchi's father, the second generation leader of Sky Mender Palace. Just like Pei Tianchong and Xi Beihai, he was the person in charge of his force.

After receiving Ji Yao's message, he came in a hurry to confirm one matter—if the Ji Family was really going to side with the Qin Family.

For this, he came in person to see Ji Yao admit it with his own words.

After seeing Ji Yao nod, Hua Anyang was puzzled, and also confused by the brisk admittance.

"You should not have very close contact with the Qin Family? Why do you decide this so early?" Hua Anyang said in puzzlement.

As the present leader of Sky Mender Palace, he had connections to the Qin Family, and knew much about some of the Qin Family's actions, including their strength.

But he knew that the Qin Family and the Ji Family had not had much contact.

Suddenly, Ji Yao invited him and said that he wanted to be close to the Sky Mender Palace and the Qin Family. He was very surprised by this.

"Is Qin Lie counted as a member of the Qin Family?" Ji Yao asked with a smile.

Hua Anyang stilled. Then he said, "Of course."

Ji Yao smiled and said, "Then we and the Qin Family have always been in contact."

Hua Anyang reacted. "You have been secretly in contact with Qin Lie?"

Ji Yao shrugged and said with a smile, "Yes."

"The Ji Family is prepared to side with us... because of Qin Lie?" Hua Anyang said in shock.

Ji Yao did not refute this and nodded. "Yes."

Hua Anyang suddenly stilled.

In the past, he and Qin Hao were like brothers, and his son and Qin Lie were also good friends. Of course he knew Qin Lie.

How could he not know what Qin Lie was like three hundred years ago?

While the rumors all said that Qin Lie was different now, and his son Hua Yuchi frequently praised Qin Lie, he still remained unconvinced.

—The first impressions were hard to change.

He was puzzled by the Ji Family getting closer to Sky Mender Palace and the Qin Family.

For three hundred years, he had mentioned to the Ji Family more than once that Ji Family could join Sky Mender Palace and Qin Family.

But the Ji Family had never answered.

Even as the points of interest of the Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace were being taken over successively by the six forces, the Ji Family remained silent.

Hua Anyang always thought that the Ji Family and the six forces had a secret agreement.

Suddenly, the Ji Family changed their attitudes. They invited him and expressed that they were interested in allying with the Qin Family and Sky Mender Palace. He was extremely surprised.

More unexpected was Ji Yao implying that the change in their attitude was due to Qin Lie!

Hua Anyang suddenly felt as though he could not see the state of affairs clearly.

"Dad, Big Brother Qin is really different now! Really, you have to believe me!" Hua Yuchi said in discontent.

"Believe you my ass! I only believe what I see with my own eyes!" Hua Anyang cursed and lectured, "How much trouble have you caused me these years? Compared to you, Qin Lie was even worse. How could I believe you two brats?"

Hua Yuchi lowered his head. He smiled anxiously and did not dare to speak.

He understood his father. He knew if he dared to argue, Hua Anyang would beat him up in front of everyone here.

"Brother Hua, since you have been in contact with the Qin Family all this time, you should know that the explosion at Sun Palace was not retaliation from the Qin Family," Ji Yao suddenly said.

Hua Anyang was silent for a moment before saying, "The Qin Family did not do it."

"Qin Lie did it." At this time, Ji Yuan coolly added, "I investigated it. Qin Lie's forces invaded Sun Palace, and killed Jun Tianyao and Liu Xianzhe."

"Qin Lie's own forces?" Hua Anyang snickered. "That boy may have caused waves in the Land of Chaos, but all the forces in the Land of Chaos cannot move Sun Palace. We all know the state of the Land of Chaos. What does a place which does not even have a Void Realm practitioner have that can go against Sun Palace?"

"Many experts in Boluo Realm respect him!" Hua Yuchi added.

"Boluo Realm?" Hua Anyang frowned. "Even if his bloodline has awakened, I do not believe rank nine foreign race experts will be willing to heed his call."

"It is true that Sun Palace is destroyed," Ji Yao said with as mile.

"Maybe there are other causes. The six forces have always wanted to eliminate the Qin Family so they exaggerated his actions. Their goal is to find an excuse to invade the Land of Chaos!" Hua Anyang snorted and glared at Hua Anyang. He cursed, "Brat, Qin Lie has always led you astray! I want to see if that boy really changed! If he is like before, I will ground you and not permit you to keep contact with him!"

He did not believe Hua Yuchi in the end.

The more Hua Yuchi praised Qin Lie, the more disbelieving he was.

Three hundred years ago, he and Qin Hao had fought over their sons’ friendship.

As fathers, he and Qin Hao thought that the bad behaviour of their sons was caused by each other's sons and they refused to admit fault of their own sons.

Qin Hao felt Qin Lie led himself to despair and decline because of Hua Yuchi.

On the other side, Hua Anyang thought that Qin Lie had a terrible personality and led Hua Yuchi astray. He followed Qin Lie in flirting everywhere and slacking on his cultivation.

—Hua Yuchi was trapped in Boluo Realm for many years. He searched through Spirit Realm and other realms without any news.

He thought that Hua Yuchi had died because of Qin Lie’s bad habits.

Hua Anyang and Qin Hao had been friends for many years and never argued. But they almost fought in public many times due to their sons.

Even now, he thought that Qin Lie had led his son astray.

Qin Hao thought the same.

Ji Yuan had a strange expression as though she wanted to laugh but was controlling herself.

She suddenly saw the teleportation formation in the middle of the ancient hall giving off rays of light and said, "He's here ..."

The members of the Ji Family were all smiling. They looked at Hua Anyang and his son, and then at the rippling teleportation formation.

Within the curtain of light, a figure suddenly appeared.

Qin Lie walked out with a faint smile.

A piercing gaze stabbed him and caused his bloodline to boil.

He immediately looked in the direction of the gaze.

With a look, Qin Lie smiled guiltily and then bowed respectfully, "Uncle Hua..."

"You even changed your appearance." Hua Anyang's burning gaze moved around him and then landed on his face. "The awakening of your God Race bloodline changed your appearance? Even your face is starting to get similar to your old father?"

Qin Lie bowed and begged for mercy, "Uncle Hua, in the past, I did not have a strong resolve and was pulled by Little Chi into the wrong path. I even lost myself and did many wrong things. But do not worry, starting now, no matter how Little Chi lures me, I will not commit such grave mistakes!"

"You little shithead!" Hua Anyang was furious and cursed, "It was you who led my son astray!"


Ji Yuan covered her mouth with a hand as she could not stop herself from laughing.

The Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace martial practitioners snickered, and felt that Hua Anyang's anger was musing.

They all knew that Hua Anyang and Qin Hao had fought for many years on whose son had led the other astray without reaching an agreement.

If the two mentioned this matter, they would argue and not settle for a long time.

Qin Lie came and immediately stating he had weak resolve in the past, that Hua Yuchi had led his astray immediately set Hua Anyang off.

"It really is Little Chi's fault," Qin Lie said.

"Dogshit!" Hua Anyang's anger erupted and he glared at Hua Yuchi. He shouted, "Are you dumb now? Speak, did this bastard lead you astray? Speak!"

"Yes, yes, yes!" Hua Yuchi nodded repeatedly.

Hua Anyang snorted in satisforce. Before Qin Lie could speak, he waved his hand and said impatiently, "Do not waste words! Tell me, who killed Sun Palace's scum?"

"My people," Qin Lie said with a smile.

"Your people?" Hua Anyang roared with laughter. "Even if you’ve reached rank seven bloodline, how much ability do you have? Even Sky Mender Palace wouldn’t be able to eliminate Sun Palace and three Lunar Palace hall masters without mobilizing Genesis Realm elders! And you think you have what it takes?"

He did not believe what Qin Lie said.

Qin Lie smiled faintly and did not explain. He said, "Uncle Hua, I came this time hoping you could arrange for me to meet my grandfather."

"Why are you suddenly in a hurry to meet?" Hua Anyang snorted.

"Some things are imminent." Qin Lie sighed.

"The six forces entering the Land of Chaos?" Hua Anyang frowned and said, "Since the Ji Family has agreed, with Sky Mender Palace as well, we do not have to fear them!"

"No." Qin Lie shook his head, and said, "It’s about the God Race’s invasion."

The faces of the Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace members immediately turned grave.

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