Chapter 1170: Breaking The Vow!

Chapter 1170: Breaking The Vow!

Ninth Heaven, in the ocean of clouds deep in the eighth level.

The second generation leaders of the six forces once again gathered for a meeting at Pei Tianchong's invitation.

This time, their expressions were more serious and grave, however.

Recently, the six forces had worked together to go into outer space and attack some of the Qin Family's bases.

The Qin Family hid away and did not respond.

They had originally thought that the Qin Family was afraid. They assumed the Qin Family themselves thought they were currently inferior to the six forces, and were preparing to strike after the God Race arrived.

No one had expected just as they were going to make triumphant progress, Sun Palace was destroyed in an instant.

Even Lunar Temple was affected. Two temple masters and Grand Temple Master Liu Xianzhe, had been killed at once.

This was equivalent to instantly and simultaneously destroying two second-tier Gold rank forces.

They thought this was Qin Family finally retaliating.

"The God Race has not yet arrived. How does the Qin Family dare to fight us openly, just by themselves?" The hall master of Starry Hall, Hong Qing, appeared restless and said angrily.

Lunar Temple was one of his subordinate forces and he had been the one to promote Liu Xianzhe. The two temple masters who had went to Sun Palace had been Liu Xianzhe's closest helpers.

The death of the three caused many of Lunar Temple's temple masters to become restless and fight for the position of grand temple master.

He was very angry at such a change occurring in a second-tier Gold rank force, and at such an important time.

"Regardless of the reason, it happened. Qin Family dares to fight us alone before the God Race’s arrival." Xi Beihai of Six Ways Alliance had a calm expression as he said, "The Qin Family has developed in outer space for three hundred years. After such a long time, we know nothing about Qin Family. We don’t have the slightest clue as to what power they currently wield. However, even if they grew tremendously, could they be our match?"

"How can the Qin Family alone match the six of us?" Hong Qing snorted.

Pei Tianchong, Zu Han, Ao Mingde, and Lu Jinghuan all nodded.

They all determinedly believed if the six forces worked together, even in outer space, they would not fear any enemy.

"What if Sky Mender Palace and the Ji Family were to be added to the mix?" Hong Qing changed the topic.

As his words fell, the leaders all fell silent.

"Sky Mender Palace had good relationships with the Qin Family in the past. But the Ji Family… they shouldn’t have any ties with the Qin Family, right?" Xi Beihai frowned.

"In these recent years, the six of us have worked together to get too much out of outer space. The Ji Family may have other thoughts." Pei Tianchong thought deeply for a while and said, "Not long ago, when we went to the Ji Family and asked them to fight the Qin Family with us, had they not refused?"

"The excuse the Ji Family gave was they hoped everyone would work together and first surpass the obstacle of the God Race." Hong Qing snorted. He said, "Qin Lie has the God Race bloodline, this clearly means the Qin Family is clearly in cahoots with the God Race! If we don’t eliminate Qin Family by the time God Race arrives, will we not be at a complete disadvantage? In my eyes, the Ji Family and Qin Family had been cooperating since a long time ago! Else, with best interests of Spirit Realm in mind, they would have agreed to help us eliminate Qin Family!"

The other five nodded minutely when they heard Hong Qing's analysis.

Deep inside, they also thought the same thing, and felt that the Ji Family's words about the "bigger picture" were just an excuse to protect the Qin Family.

"This excuse is easy to break." Xi Beihai's expression turned cold and said, "If we find the main base of the Qin Family, and send our strongest attack against them, if the Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace are really in cahoots with the Qin Family, they will not sit by!"

"Yes!" Pei Tianchong agreed.

"Since the Qin Family has already responded, should we start acting?" Hong Qing said furiously.

"First, we need to find the Qin Family," Xi Beihai said.

"Clearly Miao Yizi is still in contact with the Qin Family. However, it is difficult to capture her alive when she is in the chaotic streams of space or her private secret realm," Zu Han stated. "She is skilled in spatial power, and none of us know where her secret realm is. We cannot find her. We will only be able to capture her if she leaves the chaotic streams of space and return to Spirit Realm or another realm. But after recent attack on her, I reckon she will not appear anytime soon."

"The secret realm entrance in Boluo Realm has not been built. It is not realistic for us to fly to Boluo Realm soon," Xi Beihai said.

"What about the Land of Chaos?" Pei Tianchong suddenly said.

Everyone's eyes lit up and then became silent. They seemed unable to answer.

"The island master of Flaming Sun Island in Land of Chaos is Qin Lie himself. Therefore, the Flaming Sun Island can be thought of as a part of the Qin Family." Pei Tianchong thought. "Based on the present, we can only start with Flaming Sun Island in the Land of Chaos."

"We vowed in the past..." Lu Jinghuan reminded everyone.

"I think the vow has already been broken!" Pei Tianchong said gravely.

Everyone looked at him with confusion.

"Back then, when the Genesis Realm experts of Spirit Realm's Central World's Gold rank forces made their oath to not do anything to the Land of Chaos, what was the main reason?" He looked at the group and answered their own question, "To avoid anything occurring to the abyss passageway in the ocean of the Land of Chaos! That abyss passageway subdued by the five continents exists to prevent the Soul Race from coming! But this time, other than the Qin Family’s forces which invaded Sun Palace, there was also a rank nine Dark Soul Beast as well! Are any of you unclear what a Dark Soul Beast is?"

"A beast possessed by the Soul Race" Xi Beihai was astounded.

Pei Tianchong took a deep breath, his face turning stern. "This means that the Qin Family may not just be working with the God Race, they may even have connections to the Soul Race! Otherwise, why would a rank nine Dark Soul Beast participate in the slaughter of Sun Palace?!"

"Thirty thousand years ago, the God Race said they killed all Soul Beasts!"

"Why has a rank nine Dark Soul Beast appeared? Where did it come from?"

"Is this not clear enough?"

"The Qin Family may have already opened that passageway in the ocean under the Land of Chaos. What oath do we have to abide by then!?"

Pei Tianchong shouted with great righteousness.

The other five people were silent for a while before they nodded in succession.


A fortnight later.

Enormous flying spirit artifacts came from the direction of the eastern barbarians until they landed on Flaming Sun Island.

Inside the glittering crystal chariots, Han Qian of Ninth Heaven led many Soul Altar experts to land with cold expressions.

There were one-level, two-level and three-level Soul Altar roaming around Flaming Sun Island.

They released their soul auras.

Unforturnately, there were only empty stone towers and palaces on Flaming Sun Island, Blood Island, and Gray Island.

They did not feel any signs of life.

All the martial practitioners of Flaming Sun Island seemed to have left long ago.

Thick dust covered many forging rooms. This meant that no people had lived her for a long time.

Han Qian, dressed in green robes, had a frosty expression.

"No one at all?" she shouted.


"They should have left long ago."

"There are only these stone towers, nothing else."

The Imperishable Realm martial practitioners responded, their faces disappointed.

Han Qian, who had successfully created her one-level Soul Altar was the leader of this group and responsible for the mission against Flaming Sun Island.

Han Qian, in the early stage of the Imperishable Realm, became more beautiful after her breakthrough, her smile and movements full of charisma.

She became a beautiful scene in the dreams of many of Ninth Heaven's martial practitioners.

However, ever since she learned that Qin Lie was still alive and had transformed, leading the martial practitioners of the Qin Family to slaughter the experts of Sun Palace, she had not had one good night of sleep.

She kept on feeling there was a pair of poisonous eyes looking at her coldly from the shadows.

She could not eat or sleep, her mind disturbed, and her cultivation halting.

She knew where the problem was.

Due to this, when she learned Ninth Heaven was going to act against the Land of Chaos, she asked for the responsibility of destroying Flaming Sun Island and killing Qin Lie.

She came with the experts that Pei Tianchong sent.

But Flaming Sun Island was completely empty and devoid of life.

She felt a great sense of frustration.

Through many rumors, she knew that the present Qin Lie was completely different from the fool  three hundred years ago that she could manipulated however she wanted.

Each time she heard of Qin Lie's differences from the past, she would feel restless.

—Even though she never trusted those rumors.

But at that moment, when she saw the empty Flaming Sun Island, she felt as though she had been played for a fool.

This caused her emotions to grow even heavier.

"Go to other places, Terminator Sect, Heavenly Sword Mountain, and Blood Fiend Sect! Go to all the forces related to Qin Lie! I want to know where he is!" Han Qian shouted.

"Miss, other forces are gone too. Those places… only have martial practitioners of Fulfillment Realm and lower," a Soul Altar expert of the Han Family explained.

"What do you mean?" Han Qian frowned.

"In all the Silver rank forces in the Land of Chaos, only juniors in the Fulfillment Realm and below are still present,” thet old Han Family elder said and shook his head with a frown. “They are only low echelons, and are not privy to the information where their experts had gone to. There’s no point in asking."

"What about the Ruined Lands?" Han Qian asked.

"The Ruined Lands are special with many foreign races, we cannot invade them. We’ve already sent people to infiltrate the Ruined Lands and did not find anything unusual." The old person was puzzled and said, "It seems that all the Silver rank forces in the Land of Chaos disappeared with the Flaming Sun Island in the span of a night."

"So we came for nothing?" Han Qian's expression was icy.

The Han Family elder nodded.

"There must be a realm entrance! Otherwise, they should not be able to leave so easily! Search the Land of Chaos, and find that realm entrance door!" Han Qian shouted.

Her subordinates looked at her, surprise evident in their eyes.

They rarely saw Han Qian lose control of her emotions. Yet, for some reason, Han Qian immediately lost her cool and looked clearly anxious.

They were all confused.


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