Chapter 117: Entire City Shaken!

Chapter 117: Entire City Shaken!

Du Haitian’s decapitated corpse lay within the deep hole in the street. The bloody holes at his chest were still bubbling.

Qin Lie had seized the opportunity to retreat long ago, and now, there was no longer even a trace of his shadow to be seen. The crowd could only hear Du Heng running down from the room upstairs all the way to Du Haitian’s corpse at the center of the street while crying like a madman.


Du Haitian’s subordinates finally reacted and cried out involuntarily in pain.

The faces of the martial practitioners watching the show from the restaurants on both sides of the street were absolutely awkward. Many people looked stunned, as if they still could not believe what just happened right before their eyes.

Du Haitian, the middle stage Natal Opening Realm martial practitioner with six completely filled Natal Palaces was actually killed and beheaded by Qin Lie...

The reality of it made a huge impact on their minds!

Li Zhongzheng, who had made sarcastic remarks the entire time was now quietly scowling as a trace of surprise appeared in his eyes.

Lu Li’s expression was as cold as ever. Leaning against the window and looking in the direction Qin Lie had run to, her eyes glowed with an odd trace of color.

“This Qin Lie is even crazier than I thought.” Crimson Flame Association’s Xiong Ba exclaimed in a low tone as great passion surged inside him. “I can’t believe he actually dared to behead Du Haitian! He will be hunted as the traitor of the entire city. Icestone City will no longer have a place for him!”

“A madman with his mad methods!” Na Nuo eyes were bright with amazement as she nodded and said, “Today is the day Liu Yuntao was officially taking over Nebula Pavilion and Du Haitian was becoming the Vice Pavilion Master. It is the greatest moment of his life. But who could have predicted that he would be beheaded on the spot by Qin Lie during the proudest day of his life!”

“Th-this is almost too hard to believe.” Little Sparrow’s voice was shaking slightly, and it appeared that her feelings hadn’t completely calmed down yet.

On the other side.

Tu Ze, Zhuo Qian, and Kan Zhi were shaking as if they could not control the excitement inside their hearts.

“How can this be? How can this be?” Zhuo Qian whispered with happiness written all over her face as her smile grew wider and wider. “He actually killed Du Haitian! Heavens!”

“He won’t be able to get out of the city!” Tu Ze was the steadier person among the two, and after the excitement passed, he immediately grew worried. “Liu Yuntao would never allow Qin Lie to live past tonight!”

The moment he said those words, the group who was still deep in excitement and wild happiness immediately felt their faces fell.

“Miss.” At the corner of the street, Liang Zhong said with a face full of smiles, “That kid is pretty okay, right?”

Xie Jingxuan frowned but nodded her head slightly. “Not bad.”

“But I’m afraid he may not be able to escape Icestone City alive…” Liang Zhong said quietly with begging eyes, “Should we lend him a hand?”

“We can’t.” Xie Jingxuan sighed. “If he didn’t behead Du Haitian and I went out to negotiate on his behalf, then perhaps Yuan Tianya may choose to pay me respect and leave him alive. But now…” She shook her head as if feeling a bit of regret herself.

“That damned brat!” Liang Zhong cursed loudly. “He just had to be impulsive! If he hadn’t dealt that last blow, it would have counted as a proper challenge victory. He would have been able to get out safely.”

“If he hadn’t dealt that last blow, Du Haitian may have survived.” Xie Jingxuan’s tone was calm. “I have guessed that he would commit murder. I knew from the very beginning that there was some kind of madness hidden inside his very bones. On a normal day, it may not show up, but the moment he is driven into life-or-death combat, his violence and madness will fully surface.”

“Just what is this kid’s background?” Liang Zhong looked stunned.

“He shouldn’t live beyond tonight.” Xie Jingxuan turned around and walked towards Commerce Street. “If he survives today and manages to escapes from Icestone City, I might consider accepting him into the Department of Foreign Affairs. Judging from today’s performance, he does meet the qualifications. Mn, he isn’t too bad.”

“I hope he can escape.” Liang Zhong sighed.


Nebula Pavilion.

Inside Liu Yuntao’s study, Yuan Tianya’s group was still discussing about the future arrangements of Shattered Ice Manor and Nebula Pavilion.

“Pa-Pavilion Master!” came a yell from the outside again. This time, it was obviously tinged with a hint of panic and urgency. “There is trouble.”

Liu Yuntao’s face turned cold. “What is it again?”

“Pa-Pavilion Master Du was severely hurt by Qin Lie’s blast, then got beheaded on the spot…” stuttered the person outside,.

Liu Yuntao, Wei Xing, and Yan Wenyan immediately stood up from their seats and exclaimed in unison, “How is that possible?”

Dark Asura Hall’s First Hall Master, Yuan Tianya, remained seated. He simply frowned slightly with a trace of curiosity appearing in his eyes, just as surprised that Du Haitian would be killed by a small fry a level below him.

“It’s true! There are many people from Crimson Flame Association and Water Moon Sect who witnessed it first hand!” The person on the outside quickly explained how Du Haitian had died horribly.

With a dark face, Liu Yuntao yelled out the moment he finished speaking, “Shut every gate in the city immediately, and send out every martial practitioner inside the pavilion. I will see Qin Lie’s head before dawn breaks!”

“Send a notice to Yan Dewu to lockdown the north gate as well. No one is to go in or out tonight,” also instructed Shattered Ice Manor’s Yan Wenyan.

“Notify Discipline Hall’s Ye Yangqiu to send out everyone in the Discipline Hall as well!” Liu Yuntao yelled again.

“Understood!” solemnly answered the person outside .

As the instructions were passed on, every martial practitioner in Nebula Pavilion had received the notice to scour every corner of the city for Qin Lie and to execute him on the spot.

For a time, the south part of Icestone City was bustling with martial practitioners, and every path leading towards the city gates were completely blocked.

For many people, tonight would be a sleepless night.

“Come quickly Gao Yu! Qin Lie has executed Du Haitian at the street in front of Drunken Fragrance Garden. As of now, the entire city is shaken, and Pavilion Master Liu has given the absolute order to see Qin Lie’s head before daybreak!” Liu Yan rushed into Gao Yu’s house with eyes filled with shock. “Elder Ye has ordered us on an operation to scour entire city and take down Qin Lie.”

Inside the windowless cottage, Gao Yu’s eyes glowed with eerie, evil light amidst complete darkness. Seeing them, Liu Yan felt a little chilled on the inside, but still quickly said, “Y-you’re not asleep yet?”

“I am cultivating,” Gao Yu answered simply with a cold voice. It appeared that he hadn’t completely awakened from his cultivation.

It took a while before his tone finally returned to normal. With a clouded expression, he walked outside with Liu Yan while muttering, “He actually succeeded…”

“Gao Yu, I know that you’re quite close with Qin Lie, but we are a part of the Discipline Hall. That is why we should get out a little.” Liu Yan paused for a moment before saying, “Even if it is just for show, we should still walk around the city a little so the others would know that we are busy as well.”

“Oh.” Gao Yu nodded. Once he was out he quickened his footsteps and said, “Let’s split up.”

Before Liu Yan could react, Gao Yu flashed several times under the night sky and soon disappeared.

Very soon, Gao Yu appeared outside of Nebula Pavilion. He could see with a glance that many martial practitioners inside the pavilion were gathering at the direction of each city gates, thinking to take him down there.

“You all underestimated his madness,” Gao Yu whispered in his heart before leaving alone.

—He seemed to know where Qin Lie would be headed to.

“All Nebula Pavilion martial practitioners are to track and hunt down Qin Lie within the city immediately! This is an order from the Pavilion Master himself! This is his first order after he has taken the office!”

Wei Xing’s Elder, Pei An, and Fang Tong, appeared together at Drunken Fragrance Garden and Bright Moon Tower before calling that out loudly.

Du Haitian, Wei Xing, and Liu Yuntao’s subordinates immediately departed with a murderous atmosphere in the direction Qin Lie escaped to unanimously.

“I’m feeling a bit unwell because I drank too much, and tomorrow, I have to depart for Dark Asura Hall too. I don’t think I will be of use,” Tu Ze said solemnly.

“Me too. I’m drunk and I can’t move,” Zhuo Qian also cried out.

Kang Zhi and Han Feng were either pretending to be sick or drunk. It was as if their feet had grown roots as they stood where they were and completely ignored Pei An and Fang Tong’s orders.

The people from Seven Fiends Valley, Crimson Flame Association, and Water Moon Sect appeared unruffled as they continued to stand at the windows.

They did not plan to sleep tonight, instead drinking while paying attention to the commotion inside the city. They were waiting to see when Qin Lie would be discovered, surrounded, and killed.

They knew very well that this was a special day for Liu Yuntao, who had recently taken over the position of Pavilion Master.

If Qin Lie could survive tonight after beheading Du Haitian and after he sent out an absolute order… then, he as the new Pavilion Master could be said to be in complete disgrace.

“All the routes are covered, why haven’t we seen him yet?”

“The gates are also locked. If he cannot get out tonight, then he will have an even lower chance later!”

“Search! Keep searching! Cover every house, we will find him even if we have to dig three feet under South City!”

“The pavilion master has given the absolute order to see his head before daylight!”


Cold-faced martial practitioners could be seen mobilizing at every main street of South City. They had begun barging into every manor to search from house to house.

For a moment, all hell broke loose in the entire city, and every Nebula Pavilion martial practitioner were shouting with cold faces.

They were all looking for Qin Lie to capture and kill him, but unfortunately, they could not find any trace of him.

At the northernmost region of South City, there was a rather elegant manor located quite far away from the city center. The groundbreaking commotion taking place inside the city hadn’t reached there yet.

The people there also did not know that the South City had been utterly riled up by Qin Lie’s atrocities.

This place was the Du Family’s house inside Icestone City.

Both mother and son, Du Jiaolan and Du Fei, the Elders of Du Family, and other forces had just celebrated here tonight.

They were celebrating Du Haitian’s promotion and that a capable man was finally born in the Du Family, a leader that could lead the Du Family towards the pinnacle of glory.

At this moment, every member of the Du Family had drunk quite a bit and had happily retreated back to their respective rooms to rest.

Inside a luxurious room, there was an expensive carpet that covered the ground, and above a huge bed carved with white jade, there were three young and naked girls bowing, prostrating, and doing all kinds of sexy moves and poses.

At the edge of the bed, Du Fei stared dead-eyed at the three girls with a hideous expression while looking from time to time at his crotch.

There was no reaction at all...

“Mother, I can’t, I just can’t anymore!” Du Fei bellowed in a low tone like an animal, his expression painful. “I was ruined by the little bitch, Ling Xuanxuan, and I can’t get a hard on anymore! I’m a ruined man!”

At the table in front of the bed, Du Jiaolan glared at him and exclaimed, “Take a better look at them and use your imagination. You can do it, Mother knows that you can do it!”

“Young Master Du, why don’t you let this servant service you.” A girl smiled seductively before slithering over like a water snake. She stuck out a fragrant tongue and licked Du Fei’s neck.

Following her signal, the other two girls also voluntarily slithered over and continuously rubbed Du Fei’s body with their soft, erect breasts.

“It’s hard! I think it’s becoming harder!” Du Fei suddenly screamed in mad joy as his face blushed with a healthy red and his expression absolutely excited. “Mother, I’m responding! I’m actually responding!”

“I knew you can do it, I just knew you can do it!” Du Jiaolan herself had grown excited. “Worry not Fei’er, as long as you can do it, mother promises to capture those two little bitches, Ling Xuanxuan and Ling Yushi, so you can vent on them all you want and have them bleed and cry everyday under your crotch!”

“Sooner or later I will kill those two bitches!” Du Fei laughed madly.


A sword beam burst through the window as a blood covered man suddenly rushed out. While both mother and son, Du Jiaolan and Du Fei, were laughing happily, streaks of electrical snakes were formed inside the house before they fled toward Du Jiaolan’s body.

“Who are you?!” Du Jiaolan did not expect that someone would dare to assault them in the middle of the night and suddenly screeched out. She grabbed a teacup and flung it at the person.

“Zzzt Zzzt Zzzt!” Strands of electrical snakes entangled her and climbed up her arms like vines, causing her body to suddenly become paralyzed.

“Blue Leaf Sword! It’s Haitian’s Blue Leaf Sword!” Du Jiaolan cried out uncontrollably as she hurriedly dodged sideways.


The short sword failed to pierce through her heart when she fled upwards. It only managed to pierce through her lower abdomen.

“Qin Lie! It’s Qin Lie!” Du Fei screamed in abject terror, “Someone! Anyone, come quickly!”

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