Chapter 1169: Alarmed

Chapter 1169: Alarmed

The Boluo Realm experts who were causing havoc hastily returned the second they heard that Qin Lie would be closing the realm entrance on time.

They knew very well that Sun Palace was not a good place to stay for long.

Someone must’ve told the six great forces about their invasion considering how badly they had damaged Sun Palace. They would definitely be showing up swiftly.

Right now, their strength was utterly incomparable to any one of the six great forces. If they hadn’t left by the time the enemy showed up, their fates would be as bad as Jun Tianyao’s.

Therefore, they returned meekly.

The forces under Curtis and Miao Fengtian passed through the star door as ordered.

Following them were the Corpse Demons that Miao Fengtian had ordered with Corpse Summoning Bell. In the end, only Curtis and two Void Realm experts remained by Qin Lie’s side.

“The rest of you should return too,” Qin Lie instructed.

Curtis shot a glance at the six-level Soul Altar martial practitioner Miao Yizi, then at the Soul Beast beneath Qin Lie. It was only then that he relaxed, nodded, and left the place.

Miao Yizi was arching her head slightly and analyzing the star door with her Soul Altar.

Her Soul Altar was a combination of several spatial layers just like Ninth Heaven’s headquarters. The only difference was that Ninth Heaven’s headquarters were made up of nine spatial layers, her Soul Altar of six.

The six-level Soul Altar contained some of the absolute laws of space.

When she tried to discern the secrets of the star door above Qin Lie through her six-level Soul Altar, she was surprised to discover that that it had responded with countless rays of bluish light.

Her six-level Soul Altar actually glowed blue as if it was invaded by the blue rainbow.

When Miao Yizi observed the bluish light closely, she discovered that it was a pocket of strange runes that she had never even heard before in her life. It seemed to be imprinted with the secrets of space.

“Wait, no…”

Suddenly, Miao Yizi’s complexion waned as she canceled her Soul Altar’s perception instinctively. For a time, she felt completely unsettled.

The woman was staring at Qin Lie with shock in her eyes.

She had detected Qin Lie’s bloodline presence clearly from the mysterious, bluish runes. It was unusual to sense a bloodline presence inside the structure of a realm entrance to say the least.

This meant that Qin Lie’s bloodline had participated in the construction of this realm entrance.

But according to her knowledge, the Blaze Family bloodline had only ever awakened abilities that were related to fire.

Suddenly, Miao Yizi felt that Qin Lie was a man of countless mysteries and contradictions after three hundred years had passed.

“This white bone scythe belongs to us to begin with, so we’re taking it back with us.” Noticing her gaze, Qin Lie turned to look at her before saying, “The spatial restriction around this place has been canceled, and the six great forces’ experts should be showing up pretty soon. You should leave now while you still can.”

While he was speaking, the Boluo Realm experts led by Teng Yuan flew into the star door.

After killing the Lord of the Abyss Atkins and refining one third of his flesh with the Flesh Filling Tombstone, he now had a tremendous reservoir of flesh and blood energy.

That was why he dared to keep the star door open all this time.

The star door expended bloodline power, and he could replenish it anytime he wanted through the Flesh Filling Tombstone. That was why he dared to waste it so.

“The six great forces will find out the truth of today in no time. Aren’t you afraid that they’ll take revenge against you?”

“Thank you for your concern. I shall respond accordingly to their retaliation,” Qin Lie answered calmly.

“You don’t concern me. If I can...”

A memory seemed to trigger a cold look in Miao Yizi’s eyes. She was going to curse him in malice when suddenly, she came to a stop.

A moment of silence later, she said in an emotionless voice, “The old patriarch wants you to stay alive. The Qin Family has suffered a lot because of you. You will do good to behave yourself.”

After that, Miao Yizi tore open a spatial rift with her glowing fingers right above her Soul Altar.

She the flew into the spatial rift and vanished.

Qin Lie frowned deeply as he stared at the chaotic streams of space behind the spatial rift.

“It’s been three hundred years. This woman… hasn’t changed one bit.”

After making the comment, he sent the Soul Beast back to Boluo Realm. However, he himself hadn’t left the place hurriedly.

While floating in midair and staring at the now ruined Sun Palace, he stared towards the general direction of Ninth Heaven’s headquarters while rubbing his chin, pondering.

He could leave anytime he wanted to because he had the star door.

No one except a Genesis Realm expert or a Void Realm expert who was well-versed in the secret arts of space like Miao Yizi could prevent his passage otherwise.

That was why he was completely calm despite being the only person left inside this world.

Right now, he was pondering how long it would take him to reach Ninth Heaven if he teleported again and again using Blitz Thunder Escape.

He was wondering if he could find Han Qian and cleanse himself of the shame she inflicted on him three hundred years ago.

“It’s too risky…”

Suddenly, he recalled Miao Yizi’s final words: “The old patriarch wants you to stay alive.” In the end, he didn’t act irrationally.

He passed through the star door and left.


Some time later.

The abyss devil energy above Sun Palace had slowly dissipated after the white bone scythe and the golden horn were gone.

The tattered Sun Palace was a miserable sight under the night sky.

Beneath the cool moonlight.

Suddenly, a mighty and ancient starship could be seen making its way over as quick as lightning.

A banner belonging to Ninth Heaven could be seen flapping majestically on the huge ship.

Many four, five, and six-level Soul Altar martial practitioners flew down the ancient starship.

Storm Soul Altars, fire Soul Altars, frost Soul Altars, gold Soul Altars, wood Soul Altars; there were so many kinds of Soul Altars within this force that it was paralyzing to watch.

Moreover, there was a seven-level gold Soul Altar shaped like a grand pyramid right above the giant starship!

The seven-level Soul Altar sat on the clouds and glowed golden for a little while.

Rays of golden light descended from the sky and swam across Sun Palace’s grounds as if they had a consciousness of their own.

The golden rays then returned to the sky after detecting seemingly no life.

The seven-level gold Soul Altar that looked like a pyramid shrank down to the size of a rice before vanishing completely from sight.

Under the night sky, the second generation leader of Ninth Heaven, Pei Tianchong could be seen standing on the ground where Sun Divine Hall had exploded.

He didn’t release his Soul Altar. With a grim expression, he searched around the area with his soul.

It wasn’t long before the Soul Altars flew back from all directions.

A Void Realm expert could be seen sitting on top of each of those Soul Altars.

They gathered around Pei Tianchong.

“There are no stragglers.”

“The invaders have all retreated.”

“There are no signs of the enemy whatsoever.”

These Soul Altar experts made their reports from above their Soul Altars.

Pei Tianchong’s face looked dark enough to squeeze water from it.

A while later, the Ninth Heaven martial practitioner who had a wood Soul Altar returned with a Fragmentation Realm martial practitioner.

It was a Sun Palace martial practitioner who had been knocked out by Nivitt’s attack.

Nivitt left him behind because he thought he was dead.

The unconscious martial practitioner slowly awakened thanks to the lifeforce the Soul Altar expert had injected into his body and became one of the people who survived this invasion.

He shakily knelt on his knees towards the wood Soul Altar expert, bowed his head and sobbed, “It is the Qin Family!”

Pen Tianchong yelled, “Be more specific!”

“The man who came called himself Qin Lie. He had destroyed Sun Palace with a great number of rank nine bloodline experts from Boluo Realm, Corpse Demons, and an unbelievably scary Dark Soul Beast.”

“Our palace master Jun Tianyao had died horribly in battle.”

“Lunar Temple’s Liu Xianzhe and two other Lunar Temple temple masters have perished as well.”

“They’ve looted Sun Palace empty, slaughtered all the people they could slaughter before running away through a realm entrance.”


The survivor told them everything he knew clearly.

Pei Tianchong and the Ninth Heaven Void Realm expert listened seriously to his account.

“This has to be a retaliation from the Qin Family! It just has to be!” The ruthless-looking Void Realm expert with a five-level storm Soul Altar was the first to express his own opinion. “The Qin Family must have ambushed Sun Palace through Miao Yizi because of our recent attacks on their bases as of late!”

“It has to be the Qin Family!” another person yelled.

Pei Tianchong listened to their discussion with a deep frown, but didn’t offer his opinion.

A while later, he finally said, “Summon the leaders to Ninth Heaven for a meeting!”



The news that Sun Palace was destroyed by the Qin Family quickly spread throughout the Central World.

Lunar Temple failed to keep the death of their grand temple master, Liu Xianzhe and two other temple masters under wraps as well.

For a time, a storm was raised in the Central World.

In many people’s opinion, the blood feast at Sun Palace and the death of three Lunar Temple’s leaders was the response the Qin Family had offered against the six great forces’ recent movements.

The rumor that the Qin Family was about to return to the Central World very soon suddenly spread throughout the regions.

All those second-tier Gold rank forces who had attacked the Qin Family three hundred years ago suddenly grew alarmed. They all quietly gathered their strength around their headquarters and activated their great sect protecting formations as quickly as they could.

They were all afraid that they might become the next target.

On the other hand, the forces who used to be close with the Qin Family and were currently hiding in other realms started to grow restless and impatient.

Excited by the recent events, they got ready and waited for the chance to act with the Qin Family and embark on the journey back to the Central World.

The situation had become strange all of a sudden due to the collapse of Sun Palace.

The top Gold rank forces such as the Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace kept their cool, however.

They laid down restrictions and commanded their vassal forces not to travel to other realms and stay within their own territories as best they could.

The Ji Family’s movements only added to the people’s anxiety and the uncertainty of the situation.

Many people were guessing that the Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace shared a connection with the Qin Family.

If the Qin Family, Ji Family, and Sky Mender Palace were to join hands, they might not necessarily fall short of the six great forces.

Therefore, it was no surprise that Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace’s unusual behavior only made the entire Central World more anxious.

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