Chapter 1168: They Came For Me!

Chapter 1168: They Came For Me!

Above Sun Palace, the thick purple cloud that was the abyss devil energy prevented any sunlight from reaching the surface.

After Qin Lie had given them permission, the peak experts of Boluo Realm ravaged the place freely in their true forms.

They destroyed many palaces and ate many martial practitioners.

The races of Boluo Realm hated Sun Palace down to their very bones, so they showed no mercy whatsoever.

Qin Lie’s Soul Beast avatar roamed everywhere. The second it encountered an enemy Soul Altar expert, it would immediately execute its soul devouring ability and prevent their souls from escaping.

The Soul Beast easily consumed their powerful souls after their bodies and Soul Altars had been crushed.

As a result, his Soul Beast avatar accumulated quite an amount of soul energy in this battle.

Not long after, more people emerged from the star door.

The Flaming Sun Island martial practitioners led by Tang Beidou, Tan Miao, and Ge Rongguang started collecting the precious spirit materials Sun Palace had hoarded for themselves.

Teng Yuan and the other beasts did the same thing after they had killed most of the Sun Palace martial practitioners.

Qin Lie even awakened the Spirits of Void and Chaos slumbering inside the Soul Suppressing Orb midway.

There were a lot of shattered Soul Altars around him. They were wonderful food for the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

The Spirits of Void and Chaos swam through the sky and consumed the shattered Soul Altars one by one.

A moment of hesitation later, he sent a soul message to Zhuang Jing to head over to Flaming Sun Island and opened the star door once more.

The eight god generals of the Blaze Family rose from the bottom of the sea and emerged through the star door.

The eight giants attacked the remaining Sun Palace martial practitioners and consumed their plentiful bodies one after another.

The enemy experts’ souls were eaten by the Soul Beast avatar, their shattered Soul Altars were claimed by the Spirits of Void and Chaos, and their bodies were swallowed into the god generals’ stomach.

Not one part of a Soul Altar expert’s soul, Soul Altar and even their physical bodies was left to waste.

While all of this was going on, his true self was floating in the air and watching the demise of Sun Palace in cool indifference.

“You’re painting an even bigger target on the Qin Family’s back.”

Miao Yizi flew over on her six-level Soul Altar and stopped beside him, warning.

Qin Lie turned around and frowned slightly. “The six great forces are already attacking the Qin Family. Even if I did nothing at all, it’s not like they’re going to cease everything and ignore the Qin Family, is it?”

“Did my senior brother send you over?” Miao Yizi didn’t answer his question.

She wasn’t aware of the true connection between Qin Lie and the Soul Beast. She didn’t know that the Soul Beast was an avatar of Qin Lie, and she thought that it was one of the Qin Family’s hidden powers.

Her brief battle against the Soul Beast on the way to Boluo Realm not long ago also caused her to mistake the Soul Beast and the Boluo Realm denizens’ arrival.

 She thought that the Qin Family had sent them over as a response to the six great forces’ aggression, which was why she tried to sound out the truth.

“I’ve never met my grandfather or contacted anyone from the Qin Family ever since I’ve awoken in the Land of Chaos.” Qin Lie shook his head.

Surprise finally appeared on Miao Yizi’s face. “Then those people…”

She stared at the Curtis and Asura experts, Teng Yuan and the peak experts of Boluo Realm, and Miao Fengtian and the Corpse Demons.

Suddenly, the sight before her seemed unreal.

“These people hadn’t come because of the Qin Family.” Qin Lie’s lips curled. “They came for me.”

Miao Yizi suddenly fell silent.

For the first time, she examined Qin Lie properly.

Three hundred years later, the Qin Lie before her was completely different from the one she knew, whether it be his appearance or the feeling he gave off.

However, she was well aware that there was only one human in the entire world who had red hair, red eyes, and the blood of the God Race running inside his veins.

It was more than enough proof to verify the identity of the person standing before her.

That being said, his appearance, presence, temperament, and even the way he spoke was completely different from how he was three hundred years ago.

It boggled her a little.

“Can a person really change so… drastically just because he has awakened a God Race bloodline? Can he really become completely different from before?”

Miao Yizi grew more and more confused. She was losing track of the past and present more and more due to Qin Lie’s unbelievable change.

In fact, she had paid attention to the latest news while she was tempering the white bone scythe inside her private realm.

That was how she knew that the six great forces were attacking the Qin Family en masse.

She also gathered a lot of info on Qin Lie’s activities in the Land of Chaos through certain means, and they all pointed towards Qin Lie being drastically different from who he was three hundred years ago.

However, she still couldn’t help but be stunned when Qin Lie actually travelled through space and brought a huge number of Void Realm experts with him like he was the general of some divine army.

Not only did Qin Lie manage to save her from Sun Palace and Lunar Temple’s trap, he even murdered Jun Tianyao, Liu Xianzhe and the rest of the enemy martial practitioners in bloody fashion.

Although Qin Lie himself hadn’t participated directly in the battle even once, he was clearly the true head of the operation.

Be it the rank nine Soul Beast, the powerful Asura Race experts, the peak experts of Boluo Realm or even the controller of the Corpse Demons all obeyed him as their leader.

They were all operating under Qin Lie’s orders.

Qin Lie sometimes gave verbal or soul commands to his people, which resulted in the one-sided slaughter of Liu Xianzhe and Jun Tianyao.

Not even the last wisps of their souls were allowed to escape.

It was a bloody feast that was orchestrated by Qin Lie and no one else.

He hadn’t displayed his own strength, but the other things he revealed still shocked Miao Yizi.

She could actually see a little of Qin Hao’s mighty figure on Qin Lie.

But unlike Qin Hao, Qin Lie had allowed the races of Boluo Realm, the Asura Race, and the Corpse Demons to slaughter their enemies to their hearts’ content.

He was obviously more cold-blooded than Qin Hao.

Despite fighting many battles in Spirit Realm for many years, Qin Hao seldom slaughtered those who could no longer resist, or annihilate entire sects or families.

Qin Lie was different.

Miao Yizi could easily see that Qin Lie was more cruel, more bloodthirsty, and more merciless than Qin Hao from her observations.

—After all, he hadn’t let a single scrap of soul of those Soul Altar experts slip through his grasp.

Suddenly, Miao Yizi felt that Qin Lie was, in some ways, not that different from before.

He was still cruel.

He was still bloodthirsty.

And he was still merciless and cold-blooded.

What was different between then and now, was power. Three hundred years ago, Qin Lie hadn’t had his own power.

Since his bloodline had never awakened, he didn’t even have an individual strength that he could boast of. As a result, he was never truly supported by the martial powers of the Qin Family.

But Qin Lie was different now.

Not only was he exceptionally powerful, he possessed a bloodline with infinite potential and a unique charisma that allowed him to gather such a crazy strong army under him.

Moreover, these people were completely loyal and believing in him.

To this day, Miao Yizi still had no idea how Qin Lie managed to gather these Void Realm experts under his banner.

Still in shock, she slowly came to the realization that if Qin Hao was a hero of his generation, the Qin Lie—the third generation representative of the Qin Family—was a villain.

“It’s almost time, master.”

It was at this moment Curtis flew over from nearby and reminded him in a respectful tone.

The reason he hadn’t just spoken to Qin Lie with his soul was because he had spent too much soul energy during this blood feast.

Curtis’s fingers were filled with spatial rings. They belonged to the Soul Altar experts he had killed, and they were all his rightful spoils.

He had just inspected the interior of the spatial rings, and he found that it contained all sorts of precious spirit materials.

It excited him so much that a very, very rare smile actually cracked on his face—even though it only made him look scarier.

“Return now!”

Qin Lie yelled and sent out a soul message at the same time beneath the star door.

The soul slaves, six Spirits of Void and Chaos and the eight god generals of the Blaze Family were the first to return.

However, the Boluo Realm martial practitioners were reluctant to end things just like that.

“I’m closing this realm entrance the second time’s up!” Qin Lie’s snorted.

It was only then they let out an odd yelp and rushed back to Qin Lie in full speed.

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