Chapter 1166: Jun Tianyao Loses Control

Chapter 1166: Jun Tianyao Loses Control

The Serene Moon Race chief You Pu abruptly reappeared the instant Liu Xianzhe’s Soul Altar was crushed.

The first thing that entered his eyes was none other than the bloodied man, Liu Xianzhe.

You Pu immediately activated his bloodline secret art and fired many sharp moonbeams at the Lunar Temple temple master.

The destruction of one’s Soul Altar was the worst blow a Soul Altar expert could possibly receive. It was a grievous blow to a martial practitioner’s body and soul.

Right now, Liu Xianzhe was at the weakest point of his life. It was simply impossible for him to endure You Pu’s hateful attack.

The moonbeams went in and out of Liu Xianzhe’s body like swords.


Odd-sounding explosions came from inside Liu Xianzhe’s body as his bones were crushed.

When the Moon Tear turned into a film of light and wrapped around his crushed Soul Altar, Liu Xianzhe knew that there was no chance he was going to reclaim it.

A soul flame abruptly flew out of his glabella as if it wanted to escape into the void.

It was at this moment that many gray threads suddenly flew out of the Soul Beast’s pupils.

The moment the flickering threads penetrated Liu Xianzhe’s glabella, the Soul Beast activated its bloodline latent ability soul devouring at full force.

The soul flame at Liu Xianzhe’s glabella slowly faded away.

The Soul Beast had consumed his soul directly.

As long as the soul was intact, a Void Realm expert could revive itself even if their Soul Altar and body had been destroyed.

Their soul flame could even escape into the void in but a flash.

Only those who were well-versed in spatial arts or possessed a Divine Grade artifact connected to soul could cut off this final hope to live.

Originally, the six-level Soul Altar expert Liu Xianzhe could’ve escaped from this place.

Unfortunately for him, the two people here who wanted him dead were none other than Miao Yizi, a martial practitioner who was well-versed in the laws of space, and a Soul Beast that was born with the ability to devour souls.

Either one of them had the power to easily extinguish his soul flame.

That was why he lost even his final chance to live.

“Grand temple master!”

The eyes of the other two Lunar Temple temple masters turned red with fury after they witnessed the destruction of Liu Xianzhe’s Soul Altar, physical body and soul.

“The same fate will befall you all.”

Qin Lie declared unhurriedly from beneath the star door.

The Soul Beast manipulated the white bone scythe covered in fearsome, demonic aura and the golden horn and attacked the temple masters’ Soul Altars.

At the same time, the golden giant Banderas and the demon dragon Barett roared angrily and charged them as well.

Qin Lie shot another glance at them before turning his attention onto Jun Tianyao of Sun Palace.

He knew full well that his Soul Beast avatar was more than capable of killing the two Lunar Temple temple masters.

The rank nine Soul Beast was originally a subsoul of a Soul Race clansman. It had vast experience fighting Abyss Devils on the level of Lords of the Abyss.

A Soul Beast avatar was absolutely the equal of a Lord of the Abyss.

He had just fought against the Lord of the Abyss, Atkins in the Extreme Flame Abyss not long ago. He knew very well how terrifying a Lord of the Abyss was.

A single Lord of the Abyss was equal of at least five Teng Yuans or Liu Xianzhes.

The Soul Beast was about as strong as a Lord of the Abyss.

Now that the Soul Beast was supported by You Pu, the Divine Grade artifact Moon Tear, Barett and Banderas, there was literally no way it could fail to kill the two escaping Lunar Temple temple masters.

That was why he wasn’t afraid to switch his attention onto Jun Tianyao.

On the other side, Miao Yizi seemed to know that the two Lunar Temple temple masters were dead for sure too after witnessing Liu Xianzhe’s death, and the arrival of Banderas and Barett.

She too turned to look at Jun Tianyao.

Right now, seated atop his six-level sun Soul Altar, Jun Tianyao was cutting a sorry figure as he attempted to fend off Curtis, Teng Yuan, and the other cultivators’ attacks.

Before this, Jun Tianyao’s Soul Altar could obtain an infinite amount of divine sun energy from the ancient formation “Sun Holy Light” Sun Palace had spent over thousands of years to build.

If it was noon, he could gather tremendous strength from the bright sun too.

Unfortunately for him, the Soul Beast had executed a Soul Race secret art and forcefully shattered the sky, nullifying Sun Holy Light Formation the moment it arrived.

Crumbled beside it were the grand palaces of Sun Palace too.

As a result, Jun Tianyao couldn’t gather any divine energy from the Sun Holy Light Formation.

At the same time, the white bone scythe had risen to the air and shrouded the sky with an immense amount of abyss devil energy.

Not a single ray of sunlight was able to descend to the ground.

Jun Tianyao’s sun Soul Altar wasn’t able to obtain any power from the sun on his head either.

Consequently, his combat prowess was greatly diminished.

Both Curtis and Teng Yuan were at the same level as he was. Even Nivitt and other Void Realm Asura experts were fighting against him. How could Jun Tianyao possibly win?

Fiery crystals flew out of Jun Tianyao’s Soul Altar and floated above his head.

The crystals were charged with incredible amounts of divine sun energy and looked like pillars of sunlight. They rose to the air and tried to penetrate the abyss devil energy that was blocking the sky.

It was almost as if he could escape danger as long as he manage to break through those dark clouds and form a connection between his sun Soul Altar and the sun above their heads.

“There was a time he cultivated on the sun and left a retreat path there. If his Soul Altar manages to connect with the sun, he can escape despite spatial restrictions and teleport instantly to that sun.”

Miao Yizi suddenly realized what Jun Tianyao was trying to do and let out an indifferent warning.

Curtis, Teng Yuan, Nivitt, and the others were alerted thanks to her.

Although they were surprised by Miao Yizi’s unexpected aid, they didn’t stop to execute all sorts of secret arts and covered the sky in colorful light screens, barriers and walls. Together, they were able to stop the Jun Tianyao’s fiery crystals from penetrating the sky.

One by one, barriers and seals covered the sky and cut off Jun Tianyao’s only hope completely.

No matter how Jun Tianyao’s glaring crystals tried to penetrate the sky, they were simply incapable of tearing through this many seals.

His plan to escape through the sun with his Soul Altar failed just like that.


This time, Jun Tianyao didn’t attempt to hide his emotions. He exploded into a gloomy yell.

For the first time, his bloodshot eyes landed on Miao Yizi’s figure. Terrible fury could be seen circulating inside them.

The escape path on the sun was his proudest work to date. Miao Yizi was the only one whom he had boasted to about it.

The fact that Miao Yizi had leaked his secret meant that Curtis and the others were now aware of his escape plan. It meant that his final chance to live ended right there.

His mask of hypocrisy and false kindness was finally torn apart by the threat of death.

“That word is the best depiction of yourself.”

Miao Yizi taunted happily as she stared down on him. She was clearly proud of what she had done.

“Bitch! Will you claim that you aren’t in collusion with the Qin Family even now?” Jun Tianyao roared savagely, “If you haven’t colluded with the Qin Family, then how do you explain that little bastard Qin Lie arriving to help you in such a timely manner?” 

“It’s been three hundred years! You always say that you hate that little bastard to death, but he’s the one who showed up just before you were about to die!”

“What does this mean? I think it means that you were f*cking that little bastard since three hundred years ago! How dare you act all virtuous and holier-than-thou after that?”

“I thought you were in love with Qin Hao. I thought that his old man wanted you and Qin Hao to get together.”

“But after Qin Hao had conceived to this little bastard with a God Race woman, you chose to f*ck him instead!”

“Hahaha, you used Qin Hao’s son as a replacement because he didn’t choose you, didn’t you?”

“And you tell me you’re not a bitch?”

Jun Tianyao had gone hysterical after his retreat path was cut off due to Miao Yizi’s leak.

That was why he chose this moment to vent all of his resentment.

Miao Yizi’s eyes turned completely cold after hearing his criticisms.

Qin Lie suddenly shivered after hearing this as well. Suddenly, realization dawned upon him as a complicated expression rose to his face.

Many memories that didn’t belong to him suddenly entered his mind. What was blurry turned completely clear.

A trace of bitterness and regret escaped the corner of his lips, and he muttered as he sighed in his mind, “Aunt Miao…”

He now remembered that “he” used to call her that. That “him” had held very complicated feelings for Miao Yizi.

Miao Yizi had admired his father, Qin Hao since she was but a young girl. Qin Hao was the most perfect man in her mind.

Unfortunately, her love wasn’t requited by Qin Hao.

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