Chapter 1165: Cutting a Soul Altar

Chapter 1165: Cutting a Soul Altar

You Pu was practically sobbing in the end.

Even Qin Lie’s eyes were full of sorrow as he listened quietly to You Pu’s confession.

He touched the silver moon imprint on his shoulder.

Nine crescent moons rose to the sky, giving the illusion that it was a night of full moon in Boluo Realm.

A soul figure standing in the middle of the moons gradually became clear.

It was the artifact soul You Ye.

He was the true chief of the Serene Moon Race. If the shadow beings hadn’t invaded his world, they would all be living peacefully in Dark Moon Realm to this day.

He was forced to lead his remaining people and escape from the homeworld they had lived for millions of years after the shadow beings had arrived.

While fleeing, his people were separated by a terrible storm in the galaxy.

They were just a small, second rate race to begin with. The chain of disasters had nearly wiped out his entire race.

At death’s door, You Ye had attempted to find a new world far away from Dark Moon Realm and a sliver of hope for the Serene Moon Race.

Unfortunately, he failed and was sealed by the Moon Crown during his attempt to descend onto Spirit Realm through the Moon Worshipping Cult.

In the end, he became the Moon Tear’s artifact soul.

You Ye wasn’t able to guide his people away from the depths of misery.

He didn’t think that the other Serene Moon Race group who escaped to Boluo Realm would be met with so much suffering as well.

Before today, he didn’t know that You Pu had paid such a terrible price to ensure the survival of his clan in Boluo Realm.

—They traded nearly half of their young women away just to survive.

You Ye—now an artifact soul—was suddenly seized by rage after he learned this fact.

Under his command, the moons abruptly turned into nine brilliant meteors that flew straight towards the Lunar Temple master. It was the secret technique, “Moon Moves, Sky Falls”.

At nearly the same time, Miao Yizi’s sharp spatial web surrounded Liu Xianzhe.

Still crying, You Pu took out the Serene Moon Race’s holy artifact and charged at Liu Xianzhe in response to You Ye’s secret technique. He looked like he would fight the temple master to the death.

“Despicable foreigners! You should be thankful that we even allowed your race to survive, let alone treated you as equals!” Liu Xianzhe stared coldly at You Pu as he ridiculed, “Your race is small and weak. You possess neither the draconic bloodline of the Demon Dragon Race, nor the life spirit energy of the Wood Race. Do you seriously think that Lunar Temple would allow you to become our kin if your bloodline didn’t originate from the moon just like our spirit art?”

“It’s not like the Serene Moon Race is one of the powerful ancient races. Do you seriously think you deserve our respect?”

Liu Xianzhe taunted coldly while manipulating his six-level Soul Altar.

The core of his Soul Altar was made of Crystal Moon Core. The moment it rose up into the sky, the moonlight that spilled from it was brighter than even the Moon Tear.

Moonlight spread out from his Soul Altar like water ripples.

A bright silver jadestone and a sword that looked like it was made of moon essence were suddenly fired towards You Pu.

“Lunar Profound Moon!”

Moons began to appear inside Liu Xianzhe’s Soul Altar.

The moons in every level of his Soul Altar seemed to be connected to one another. They brimmed with pure moon energy.

The silver moonstone and sword that flew out of his six-level Soul Altar suddenly became much brighter.

The sharp web Miao Yizi had created with the spatial power twisted, opening cracks in space.

However, there seemed to be a private secret realm behind the moonlight Liu Xianzhe had created.

The secret realm looked like a pool of moon essence.

Surprisingly, Miao Yizi’s spatial blades couldn’t cut through space the second they came into contact with the pool.

You Pu actually vanished into the pool upon contact. It was as if he was a waterfall that sank into a pool of nothingness.

“Moon in Mirror!”

Liu Xianzhe sneered arrogantly as he unleashed his moonlight powers to its limit.

Beside him stood two temple masters of Lunar Temple.

Their five-level Soul Altars were also overflowing with moonlight.

Suddenly, a gigantic white bone scythe came out of nowhere and slammed heavily into Liu Xianzhe’s six-level Soul Altar.


The attack actually pierced through three levels in a single strike—a Soul Altar that was made from a Moon Crystal Core!

Liu Xianzhe barely avoided the attack, but he screamed like a beast on the verge of death.


Qin Lie threw out the careless comment from beneath the star door.

The Soul Beast avatar—a space predator—fell down from above and rammed heavily into the Soul Altar Liu Xianzhe had spent much effort to refine.

The crystalline body that had become tens of times bigger creaked threateningly under immense pressure.

The white bone scythe continued to slice deeper into the Soul Altar like a living demon despite being controlled by no one.

Veins from every inch of Liu Xianzhe’s body burst open as his Soul Altar cracked, bloodying his entire body.

At the same time, a golden light came from afar.

It was a single horn that looked like a giant, golden spear.

The Soul Beast’s eyes flashed, and the golden horn actually penetrated Liu Xianzhe’s Soul Altar from below.

Countless rays of golden light burst from the horn all of a sudden.


Liu Xianzhe’s six-level Soul Altar shattered in half just like that.

Liu Xianzhe was already bloodied as he was, but the destruction of his Soul Altar caused the light in his eyes to die, and blood to spill uncontrollably from his throat.

“Master, his shattered Soul Altar can be used to upgrade the Moon Tear!”

You Ye’s voice suddenly rang in Qin Lie’s head.

His voice was filled with wild joy and excitement.

“Oh, that’s great. There are still two five-level Soul Altars we can use,” Qin Lie answered.

The Soul Beast that had cut Liu Xianzhe’s six-level Soul Altar in half changed targets, its eyes flashing. The white bone scythe and golden horn suddenly changed directions and flew towards the two Lunar Temple temple masters separately.

Terror-stricken, the two temple masters attempted to escape this place using a secret art.

Miao Yizi expressionlessly pressed her left hand against her Soul Altar again.

Spatial patterns swam inside her Soul Altar like a school of fish.

Countless threads abruptly appeared around the two Lunar Temple temple masters.

They froze the space that the Soul Beast had just torn apart earlier like a gauze.

Neither of the two Lunar Temple temple masters managed to escape.

Caught off guard, Qin Lie shot a glance at Miao Yizi before smiling.

“I’m not helping you. I’m just taking my revenge against them,” Miao Yizi said coldly.

Qin Lie smiled again and let out an “oh”. He didn’t say anything more than that.

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