Chapter 1164: Feud

Chapter 1164: Feud

Qin Lie stood on the Soul Beast’s head, the star door shining above him.

The Asura Race soul servants led by Curtis, the Boluo Realm experts led by Nivitt and Teng Yuan, and the Abyss Devil Corpse Demons controlled by Miao Fengtian spread out in single line behind the Soul Beast.

The sheer intimidation brought by these powerful beings was like a fiendish pillar that connected the sky and the nine hells together.

Qin Lie’s indifferent gaze swam from Miao Yizi to Jun Tianyao and Liu Xianzhe. Suddenly, a chilly smile spread across his face.

He shook his head and spoke in a mocking tone, “You all seem very surprised?”

Miao Yizi stared at him from afar with hatred and disdain. She maintained her frigid appearance and didn’t answer.

Both Jun Tianyao and Liu Xianzhe wore serious expressions on their faces.

Both of them had more or less heard about Qin Lie from the six great forces. They knew that Qin Lie was no longer the failure he was from three hundred years ago.

In fact, the six great forces had even told them to “watch out” when dealing with Qin Lie.

However, both Jun Tianyao and Liu Xianzhe’s heads failed to shake off their impression of Qin Lie from three hundred years ago.

They didn’t believe that the biggest joke of the entire Central World could turn over a new leaf completely after three hundred years.

They definitely didn’t expect Qin Lie to be so bold as to arrive in Sun Palace!

After all, Sun Palace was located inside the Central World!

Qin Lie’s presence here was much contradictory to the Qin Family’s movements, who had hidden themselves deeper inside the galaxy and avoided direct conflict against the six great forces.

What was even more shocking was the sizable power Qin Lie had gathered for himself!

“You guys wanted to know where the Qin Family is, don’t you?” Qin Lie’s grin grew wider and wider. “Well, I’m here. Aren’t you guys going to do something about it?”

Jun Tianyao measured their strength against Qin Lie’s instead of answering the latter’s taunts immediately. After examining the powerful beings floating beneath Qin Lie carefully, he quickly came to the conclusion that he and Liu Xianzhe were completely outmatched.

Jun Tianyao had never been a reckless person.

After confirming that his and Liu Xianzhe’s strength was completely outmatched by Qin Lie’s, he immediately tried to contact Pei Tianchong of Ninth Heaven.

As fellow late stage Void Realm martial practitioners, both him and Pei Tianchong shared a close relationship with each other. He was hoping to summon the Genesis Realm monsters of Ninth Heaven through Pei Tianchong to eliminate all of the foreign races’ experts who had accompanied Qin Lie to Sun Palace.

The red gem ring Jun Tianyao wore on his forefinger abruptly glowed a red wine color.

A snake-shaped message imprint flashed from inside the gem. It was almost as if a snake’s soul was screeching from inside it.


Suddenly, a dark red smoke rose from his ring.

The snake imprint turned into dust inside the smoke in an instant.

Jun Tianyao turned to glance at Miao Yizi after he was done staring at the shattered gem of his ring. His expression grew darker and darker.

Sitting on top of her six-level Soul Altar, Miao Yizi looked like a cold, white-dressed immortal of a moon palace.

She looked calm and collected despite Jun Tianyao’s gaze. Sharp, spatial blades were slithering in and out of her fingers like spirit snakes.

The six-level Soul Altar beneath her was densely covered in mysterious spatial patterns. The patterns filled the interior of her Soul Altar like a wild growth of vines.

Jun Tianyao was quite familiar with her spatial secret art. He knew that her unpredictable power had spread just like her spatial secret art into the space of the real world after the Sun Holy Light Formation was torn apart. 

That was why the snake-shaped message imprint on his ring had suddenly exploded.


Jun Tianyao moved his lips, but didn’t say a word. He had sworn at her inside his head.

However, Miao Yizi seemed to notice his slight.

Her face turned cold, and she pressed her left hand against her six-level Soul Altar.

Light abruptly burst out of her five fingers.

The densely-packed mysterious patterns six-level Soul Altar rippled like tidewater and turned into a dazzling light web.

Miao Yizi was at the center of the web as spatial rifts appeared all over the place. They screeched and charged towards Jun Tianyao and Liu Xianzhe.

Qin Lie chuckled from beneath the star door. “I’m not really afraid of you contacting Ninth Heaven.”

Jun Tianyao was caught off guard.

“Genesis Realm monsters often cultivate in seclusion for years. They’re not going to join a battle immediately even if they did get your message.” Qin Lie’s smile didn’t fade in the slightest. “By the time they’ve arrived, we would’ve already ended the battle and left this place.”

He looked down at Teng Yuan and the others before saying, “For the past thousands of years or so, Boluo Realm had been the prey of Lunar Temple and Sun Palace. You were all forced to endure the incredibly unfair prices they pay you for the gigantic volume of precious spirit materials you trade them.”

“Even so, Sun Palace and Lunar Temple’s greed was never satisfied. They had schemed to wipe out all foreign races in Boluo Realm.”

“Do you guys think it is time to settle your grudge with Sun Palace and Lunar Temple once and for all?”

Teng Yuan and the others nodded strongly and solemnly.

“It is time.” Nivitt screeched.

Silver glow covered his human body, and he abruptly swelled and transformed into a Silver Streak Heavenly Snake.

Others experts of Boluo Realm also roared and revealed their beastial forms above Sun Palace.

“Attack,” Qin Lie ordered through his soul.

Curtis, Miao Fengtian, the soul servants and the Corpse Demons screeched and attacked all at once.


The terrifying, combined power erupted and destroyed all the remaining palaces in an instant.

Not long ago, the great races of Boluo Realm were still cowering under the shadow of Sun Palace and Lunar Temple’s arrival.

They were afraid that these two forces would succeed in building their realm entrances on Boluo Realm and send their experts right into their homes.

In fact, the six great factions were going to reinforce them and send their own experts into Boluo Realm.

At the time, the races of Boluo Realm weren’t able to unite as one force just yet.

Teng Yuan and everyone else had zero confidence that they would be able to stop Sun Palace and Lunar Temple from killing them all.

However, this fear and anxiety had vanished thanks to the death of Zhuo Weidan and his companions, and the return of Miao Yizi.

Moreover, the peak experts of Boluo Realm had joined forces to conquer the Abyss after Qin Lie gave them passage.

Their fear towards Lunar Temple and Sun Palace grew thinner and thinner after they had witnessed the terrifying strength of the Abyss Devils.

Moreover, the Abyss was a way out even if the worst case scenario were to happen.

They could enter the realm entrance Qin Lie gave them passage to and hide inside the Abyss.

That was why they no longer had anything to worry about.

This was without mentioning the hope of evolving their bloodline to rank ten through fighting and consuming the Lords of the Abyss.

In private, they all thought that it was a matter of time before a rank ten bloodline warrior would rise among them, as long as they chased Qin Lie’s footsteps and continue fighting inside the Abyss!

A rank ten bloodline warrior was as strong as a human Genesis Realm martial practitioner. If even one or two rank ten bloodline warriors were to rise among them, they would have no reason to fear the human race of Spirit Realm.

This change of mindset was what gave them the courage to respond to Qin Lie’s summon and attack Sun Palace directly.


The Soul Beast avatar looked up and howled, causing the huge, white bone scythe to float suddenly into the air.

Thick abyss devil energy spilled out of the murder tool that was refined carefully from the bony wings of a Lord of the Abyss the moment it reached a certain height.

The red sky turned dark as if nighttime had suddenly overtaken the day.

The Soul Beast’s cool, emotionless eyes stared at the the master of Lunar Temple, Liu Xianzhe from the dark sky.

Shaken, his six-level Soul Altar made from a Crystal Moon Core shook violently all of a sudden.

At the same time, a new, glowing shadow appeared from the star door behind Qin Lie.

It was an old, Serene Moon clansman with a moon core etched on his glabella. His clothes danced to the wind.

“You Pu!”

Liu Xianzhe screamed involuntarily the moment he spotted You Pu. Then, anger crawled up his throat as he shouted, “How dare you collude with the Qin Family and turn against me?!”

As the leader of the Serene Moon Race at Boluo Realm, You Pu had interacted with Liu Xianzhe a lot. Many Lunar Temple martial practitioners had acquired the Serene Moon Race’s bloodline by copulating with their women.

The martial practitioners who cultivated Lunar Temple’s secret art and acquired the Serene Moon Race’s bloodline were the core of Lunar Temple’s main force.

In the past, Boluo Realm’s Serene Moon Race was very weak. They grew stronger only because their clansmen were given the opportunity to copulate with the people of Lunar Temple.

Liu Xianzhe had always thought that he was the benefactor of the Serene Moon Race.

The Serene Moon Race had risen to power only because of Lunar Temple. He never expected them to collude with his enemy and turn against him.

It was why You Pu’s appearance had felt like a hammer strike to Liu Xianzhe.

His chest felt heavy, as if he was suffocating.

“There was never equal ground between the Serene Moon Race and Lunar Temple. It has always been your martial practitioners claim the young and beautiful clansmen of our race for your own gains,” You Pu said calmly and indifferently. “To Lunar Temple, the Serene Moon Race is nothing more but a tool to acquire the Serene Moon Race’s bloodline. Not only did you give us none of the respect our race rightfully deserved, you practically treated us as your slaves. Do you really think I had no idea what kind of life the girls you’ve taken led in Lunar Temple?”

There was obvious pain and sadness in You Pu’s eyes when he said this.

Every once in a while, the young warriors of Lunar Temple would visit the Serene Moon Race to claim the young and beautiful for themselves.

These girls mostly had terrible endings and were abandoned quickly after their children were born.

The martial practitioners of Lunar Temple had never treated these women who had given birth to their children as real wives.

They were nothing more but beautiful playthings to these people.

“It’s true that Lunar Temple’s aid had allowed us to live very well in Boluo Realm, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t feel like crying everytime I recalled the terrible price we had paid!” You Pu said in tears.

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