Chapter 1163: Across Realms

Chapter 1163: Across Realms

The white bone scythe that Miao Yizi had taken from the chaotic streams of space gradually showed a vicious beastial figure on the surface.

At the same time, clear soul vibrations were released from the white bone scythe.

In a flash, the nine Void Realm experts about to attack Miao Yizi turned their gazes.

Even Miao Yizi turned her head in shock and looked at the white bone scythe.

She inspected this weapon several times after she had taken it from the Dark Soul Beast.

But she had detected no abnormalities.

She thought that this was a weapon made from a special material and nothing else was special about it.

Until this moment.

The vicious beast figure on the surface of the blade was clearly the Dark Soul Beast.

She felt a thread of anxiousness.

"This thing..."

Liu Xianzhe showed shock and pondered, his curiosity piqued.

He moved his six-level Soul Altar to float above that white bone scythe. Silver ray of light fell onto the Soul Beast shadow on the scythe.

The shadow suddenly twisted, as it let out a beastial roar that seemed to have come from the deepest abyss.


A wave of vicious energy that could tear apart the world spread outwards.

"Snap snap snap!"

The Sun Holy Light Formation that Sun Palace spent millennia to make shattered like glaciers.

At this moment, countless small pieces of sunlight flew above everyone's heads, dazzling like fireworks.

"Boom boom boom! Boom boom boom!"

The vast palaces underneath the sunlight seemed to be stomped on by an enormous beast and exploded unnaturally.

Time twisted, space collapsed. A light that seemed to be made out of pure starlight appeared.

A golden horn suddenly shot out like a golden spear from the star door.


The golden horn carried thick abyss devil energy, and was imprinted with the laws of metal as it stabbed into the main palace of Sun Palace.

That vast and holy palace shattered under the attack of the golden horn.

Within the golden light, a vicious beast slowly stepped out of the star door.

The star door which formed above everyone's heads ignored the spatial restraints, and remained open, countless figures still hiding within.

"Dark Soul Beast!"

Miao Yizi was shocked and she subconsciously moved her six-level Soul Altar away from the Soul Beast.

Her Soul Altar moved as she wished and flew ten thousand meters away in a flash.

A hint of joy appeared in her eyes.

In this moment, she found that the Sun Palace's restrain on the space had been destroyed by the arrival of the Soul Beast.

This meant that she could enter the chaotic streams of space at any time.


She murmured inside. When she looked at the Soul Beast again, she had no terror or anger, but a thread of gratefulness.

She knew that the Soul Beast crossed realms and broke the Sun Palace's restraint on her.

No matter what the Soul Beast intended, she was released, and did not have to worry that Sun Palace and Lunar Temple would capture her alive.

Just as she was thinking about whether she should go into the chaotic streams of space or remain to watch, another figure walked out of the flashing star door.

That was an unfamiliar young person.

Miao Yizi looked closely at this young person, at his highly defined face, and found it familiar.

"I seem to have seen him before..."

She was puzzled. She tried to recall as she looked closely.

Seconds later, her body shook. "Qin Hao..."

The young person in front of her was very similar to the second generation patriarch of the Qin Family.

She did not want to leave after this discovery.

"Qin Hao had another son?"

Miao Yizi felt very complicated. Her gaze changed. She seemed to think of something, and her expression turned cold.

"Come out."

The young person grinned and called back.

Asura Race Void Realm experts came through the star door and lined up behind him.

Just as Jun Tianyao and Liu Xianzhe were shocked, enormous beings with potent corpse energy flashed through the star door.

Jun Tianyao and Liu Xianzhe frowned slightly.

Those Asura Race Void Realm experts were more than ten in number and had strange presences.

They, who possessed six-level Soul Altars, felt strangely panicked after seeing the Asura clansmen that were of equal cultivation.

However, before they could react, another group of people came out of the star door.

"Teng Yuan!"


"Tong Yan!"




When each person passed through the star door, the Lunar Temple and Sun Palace experts gathered at the plaza couldn't help but scream out their identities.

Lunar Temple and Sun Palace had been working in Boluo Realm for many years and interacted with the experts of the races in the past.

They recognized the human forms of these people.

Seeing the experts of Boluo Realm pass through the star door, Jun Tianyao and Liu Xianzhe's expressions grew uglier.

At the star door, the unfamiliar young person smiled peacefully and said politely, "You tried to invade Boluo Realm and set up a secret realm entrance in Boluo Realm in an attempt to eliminate all non-human races from Boluo Realm. Haha, but you were unable to reestablish secret realm entrances in Boluo Realm and invade. I think you felt great regret. So, to resolve your regret, we came, and have entered your Sun Palace to allow you to handle us."

"Who are you?" Jun Tianyao said coldly.

In his view, this young person only had Nirvana Realm cultivation, and his strength was nothing of importance.

He did not think a person like this was qualified to talk to him.

The young person grinned and then laughed.

As he laughed, his wild long hair turned from black to blood red!

His eyes seemed to burn with blood, as hot as lava.

"My name in Boluo Realm was Yao Tian, I personally destroyed the Lunar Temple and Sun Palace secret realm entrances." The young man with red hair and eyes gradually stopped laughing as he floated in the star door. He first glanced at Miao Yizi who frowned and then said coldly, "Three hundred years ago, I had another name in Spirit Realm’s Central World!"

"Qin Lie!"

“You are Qin Lie!"

Miao Yizi, Jun Tianyao, Liu Xianzhe, and the others almost shouted in unison.

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