Chapter 1162: You Are Worse Than Qin Lie...

Chapter 1162: You Are Worse Than Qin Lie...

The nine Void Realm experts landed around Miao Yizi, and released their Soul Altars as Liu Xianzhe laughed.  

Despite being evening, the clouds above the Sky Palace were still red. The glittering Soul Altars were like bright crystals.

Only the palace master of Sun Palace, Jun Tianyao, had a pained smile and did not release his Soul Altar.

Even so, the eight Soul Altars that appeared on the plaza were still eye-catching.

The Soul Altars created by the martial practitioners of Sun Palace were all refined from sun crystals. The glittering Soul Altars released burning light.

The Lunar Temple martial practitioners had Soul Altars as silver as ice, and released cold energy.

The eight Soul Altars resonated with each other, and caused the air to be filled with killing intent.

The eight Void Realm experts all sat on their Soul Altars with grave, serious, or disdainful expressions.

Everyone's gaze gathered on Miao Yizi's figure.

Miao Yizi looked at Liu Xianzhe and the others, her brow furrowed. Her eyes turned cloudy.

As her thoughts changed, her six-level Soul Altar was released.

"Crack! Crack!"

When her six-level Soul Altar appeared, the space around her which was restrained gave off a strange sound as though ice was cracking.

Above everyone's heads, light flashed and exploded in a dazzling display.

In the sky, the red clouds trembled slightly.


Liu Xianzhe raised his head and exclaimed softly. He seemed shocked by Miao Yizi's tactic.

He frowned and looked at Jun Tianyao. He said, "Brother Jun, is something wrong?"

Jun Tianyao shook his head and indicated nothing was wrong.

"Good." Liu Xianzhe smiled slightly.

At this time, the vast palaces of Sun Palace bathed in the sunlight suddenly released curtains of light, as if a sun was rising.

The curtains of light crossed and formed a net that sealed off the place.

The strange sound of space cracking stopped, and the trembling clouds also halted.

The Sun Holy Light Formation” of Sun Palace displayed its power as Jun Tianyao activated it.

Miao Yizi who had been trying to shatter the surrounding space shook as an unhealthy flush appeared on her face, the Soul Altar beneath her showing visible cracks.

That was a sign she was receiving a backlash.

The moment she released her six-level Soul Altar, she used a secret art to shatter the spatial restrain before Liu Xianzhe and the others could gather their full power. She wanted to flee into the chaotic streams of space.

But her secret art only caused the surrounding spatial restraint to crack.

Then Jun Tianyao activated the Sun Holy Light Formation. The light from the palaces were like heavy hammers that dampened her spatial power.

Going against the sunlight that Sun Palace had been gathering for over a thousand years, she had no way of winning.

The flush on her face was a sign she had overreached.

"In order to capture you, Brother Jun invited me from Lunar Temple. How could he let you leave so easily?" Liu Xianzhe shook his head and laughed.

Miao Yizi subconsciously looked towards Jun Tianyao upon hearing this, her eyes cold as ice.

She had thought that Jun Tianyao had been urged on by Liu Xianzhe, persuaded by the six forces and was forced to lure her.

From Liu Xianzhe's words, it turned out that it was Jun Tianyao that had invited Lunar Temple and Liu Xianzhe to Sun Palace.

He wasn’t the puppet, Jun Tianyao was the mastermind!

"Is it really like that?" She looked sorrowfully at Jun Tianyao.

Jun Tianyao's head hung down. He did not dare to look at her and said, "I lack the most important material to build seventh level of my Soul Altar. That spirit material... only Starry Hall has it. Hall Master Hong promised me that if I can learn the hiding place of the Qin Family from you, he will give that spirit material to me."

"All because you want to break through to the Genesis Realm?" Miao Yizi said.

"Close enough." Jun Tianyao's expression was cool as he said, "If I cannot advance to the Genesis Realm, Sun Palace will only ever be a second-tier Gold rank force, and will not reach the level of the six forces. My life goal is to take Sun Palace to the level of top Gold rank forces. For this wish, I can pay any price!"

"I understand." Miao Yizi nodded gently.

She realized that until that day, she never truly understood Jun Tianyao.

She suddenly realized that Jun Tianyao's pursuit of her for many years may have just been for his great goal—taking Sun Palace to the level of top Gold rank forces.

Six-level Soul Altar, late Void Realm, and skilled in spatial arts. She was an expert that all forces would covet.

If she accepted Jun Tianyao and helped Sun Palace with all of her heart, she would have been of great help to Jun Tianyao's plan.

"Give up." Jun Tianyao's expression was calm. "I designed this This Sun Holy Light Formation for you, and added many small spatial formations to restrain spatial power. You know that I am very familiar with your spatial arts. I know how to restrain you."

"Tsk tsk, Brother Jun has good moves, good moves! Even I admire you." Liu Xianzhe clapped.

Jun Tianyao's expression turned cold. He said, "We are about the same."

"No no, I am worse than you, at least in this aspect!" Liu Xianzhe shook his head and smiled grimly with a humble expression. "I really cannot compare to you in scheming and pursuing a single woman."

The other two Lunar Temple hall masters all wore sarcastic smiles as though they felt this was very amusing.

"Jun Tianyao! You are worse than Qin Lie! You disgust me!" Miao Yizi shouted.

At this moment, that white bone scythe which had fallen on the plaza and was ignored by Jun Tianyao and Liu Xianzhe from beginning to end suddenly gave off a ripple of light.

Jun Tianyao and Liu Xianzhe's target was only Miao Yizi from beginning to end.

Evaluating that white bone scythe was only Jun Tianyao's excuse. He actually did not have interest in this unknown weapon.

Therefore, when Miao Yizi arrived, he did not pay much attention to the white bone scythe. His attention was constantly on Miao Yizi.

Liu Xianzhe was the same.

However, when that enormous white bone scythe heard how Miao Yizi compared Jun Tianyao to Qin Lie, it started behaving strangely.

Inside the white bone scythe, the soul shadow of the Soul Beast that had been hiding within gradually became active, causing a vicious soul shadow to appear on the weapon's surface.

Jun Tianyao, Liu Xianzhe, and the other seven Void Realm experts detected the abnormality.

Everyone's gaze finally moved from Miao Yizi and landed on the white bone scythe for the first time.

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