Chapter 1161: The Truth Is Revealed

Chapter 1161: The Truth Is Revealed

Standing in the middle of the sunny plaza, Miao Yizi's features were as cold as ice, and her heart felt as though it was being frozen.

On the vast plaza, including Jun Tianyao, there were nine Void Realm experts.

Of the nine, six were palace masters of Sun Palace, and the other three came from Lunar Temple.

The leader of the Lunar Temple’s experts was the hall master Liu Xianzhe.

The master of Sun Palace, Jun Tianyao, did not dare to meet Miao Yizi's gaze, his smile failing to cover the guilt on his face.

Facing Miao Yizi's cold and sharp gaze, he kept his head down. He clearly felt guilt, so he did not answer.

But Liu Xianzhe who had come from a long way off and been enemies with Jun Tianyao for many years laughed softly and said, "We have done this not to kill you, but to clarify a matter."

Liu Xianzhe and Jun Tianyao were the same. They all were both in the late stage of the Void Realm, and six-level Soul Altar experts.

The two of them ruled Lunar Temple and Sun Palace respectively. They were the second-tier Gold rank factions, and had maintained close ties with the six factions.

The two frequently fought against each other in auxiliary realms.

Boluo Realm had been one of their most ferocious battlefields.

Yet as the signs that the God Race was about to return grew clearer, the forces who had fought frequently gradually stopped.

Restrained by the six forces, Liu Xianzhe and Jun Tianyao managed to work together for their mutual interests in Boluo Realm.

Jun Tianyao invited Miao Yizi, and sent Zhuo Weidan. Liu Xianzhe sent Ma Feng and Gong Shengyuan.

Alas, their plan against Boluo Realm failed in the end.

Other than Miao Yizi, Zhuo Weidan, Ma Feng and Gong Shengyuan, disappeared and no news of them ever came back.

Because of pressure from the Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace, the six factions stopped their plans against Boluo Realm.

Their careful plan ended with a loss. They were puzzled and suspected Miao Yizi.

"What do you want to know?" Miao Yizi's tone was cold.

"Are Ma Feng and the others dead?" Liu Xianzhe asked coolly.

Miao Yizi frowned and said impatiently, "After I returned, I explained to you that Ma Feng, Gong Shengyuan, and Zhuo Weidan did not come to help me when I was being attacked. When I was caught by a Dark Soul Beast and sent a message for help, they did not reply. At that time, they should have been, like me, attacked by another force. And I, knowing that I was no match for that Dark Soul Beast, returned to chaotic streams of space in fear of death."

"In other words, you do not know what happened to them?" Liu Xianzhe asked again.

"Yes," Miao Yizi said coldly.

"I speculate that the Qin Family sent people to ambush them," Liu Xianzhe suddenly said.

When he said this, the Void Realm experts of Sun Palace and Lunar Temple became serious.

Even Jun Tianyao shook his head. He sighed softly.

"I heard that you have never stopped your communication with your senior brother?" Liu Xianzhe’s eyes looked like two cold moons.

A cold dark moon presence spread like mist and drowned Miao Yizi.

Beside Liu Xianzhe, the two Lunar Temple hall masters narrowed their eyes.

Rays of silver moonlight flashed off their bodies and seemed to resonate with Liu Xianzhe's presence.

After Liu Xianzhe and the duo used Lunar Temple's "Cold Moon Forbidden Art", they locked the space around Miao Yizi and restrained her movements.

"Communication with my senior brother? What are you implying?" Miao Yizi said coldly.

"You may have leaked information and told the Qin Family our plans for Boluo Realm, and then they sent people for an ambush. Did Zhuo Weidan, Ma Feng, and Gong Shengyuan die because of you?" Liu Xianzhe's face was dark as he said, "Otherwise, why did the three of them get killed, but you remained alive?"

Pausing, Liu Xianzhe's voice grew sharp and harsh as he shouted, "Should you not have died with them?"

"I have a six-level Soul Altar and I’m skilled in spatial arts. Why did I have to die with them?" Miao Yizi's expression was cold. She did not look at Liu Xianzhe but at Sun Palace's Jun Tianyao. She said coldly, "I agreed to go to Boluo Realm because of your pleadings. I am not a member of Lunar Temple or Sun Palace, I only acted for payment. After the matter failed, I immediately returned the payment to you. What else do you want?"

Jun Tianyao's expression was pained.

Under Miao Yizi's cold and sharp gaze, he raised his head slightly, and said helplessly, "Ninth Heaven and Starry Hall thinks you are connected to the Qin Family."

Miao Yizi's body shook slightly, her eyes filling with shock. "I stopped contact with the Qin Family three hundred years ago!"

"You just said that you and your senior brother are in contact. And your senior brother... is loyal to the old Qin Family patriarch! Does this not prove your contact with the Qin Family has never stopped?" Liu Xianzhe sneered and said impatiently, "The six factions will destroy the Qin Family before the God Race returns. Recently, the six factions have been attacking the Qin Family. You should have heard of this, right?"

Miao Yizi remained silent.

While she had been inside her private secret realm, she learned about the changes in the outside world through other methods. Therefore, she knew that the six factions had been attacking the Qin Family in various places in the universe.

Many of the gathering places that the Qin Family had set up outside the Spirit Realm had been attacked by the six factions.

However, after those gathering places were destroyed, the Qin Family seemed to disappear.

Amidst the stars existed countless realms. If the Qin Family truly wanted to hide, the six factions would not be able to find them.

And she, due to her connection to Chen Lin, would be a breakthrough in their investigation.

As expected, Liu Xianzhe spoke again and confirmed her speculation.

"You only have to tell us where the Qin Family's base in outer space is. We will not make things difficult for you."

At this time, Jun Tianyao also urged, "You know that the third generation patriarch of the Qin Family, Qin Lie, has the God Race bloodline. This proves that the Qin Family is in cahoots with the God Race! More and more signs are suggesting that the God Race is coming, the Qin Family is a spy that the God Race had left in Spirit Realm! We have to deal with the spy before God Race comes and we get stabbed in the back!"

Pausing, he said sincerely, "Yizi, since you are in contact with your senior brother, you should know where he is."

"Shut up! You do not qualify to call me that!" Miao Yizi said harshly.

If not for Jun Tianyao, she would not have put herself in danger. She would not have left the chaotic streams of space when the situation was unclear.

Because Jun Tianyao promised again and again he knew the origins of the white bone scythe, she came to Sun Palace.

Yet when she arrived, the truth was far different.

In this moment, she gradually understood what had happened.

The six factions, after not finding the Qin Family, finally targeted her, who had been close to the Qin Family in the past.

The six factions thought of her as a breakthrough in their search for Qin Family.

Jun Tianyao and Liu Xianzhe had always listened to the six factions. Maybe the six factions had sent orders, or the two wanted to garner favor with them, so they trapped her at Sun Palace.

In Miao Yizi's eyes, no matter if Jun Tianyao was listening to orders or acting of his own accord, from the moment he lied to her, she labelled him as a lowly villain.

She would never have good impression of lowly villains, and she never learned how to pretend.

Therefore, she wouldn’t give Jun Tianyao any face.

After her uncourteous lecture, Jun Tianyao's expression froze. He frowned and fell silent.

Jun Tianyao looked at Liu Xianzhe.

That gaze clearly gave the right to speak to his enemy, Liu Xianzhe.

—He put Liu Xianzhe in charge.

Liu Xianzhe laughed darkly. He nodded and said, "Brother Jun, since you lured her here, why are you so cowardly? Hehe, never mind. If you are not willing to do this, then leave it to me."

He and Jun Tianyao were originally enemies so he was not polite in words. He pointed out Jun Tianyao's hypocrisy.

Jun Tianyao's handsome face trembled slightly, his expression ugly.

Despite the insults, he still remained silent.

"Miss Miao, until you tell us the location of Qin Family’s hideout and until six factions have won, we can only imprison you." Liu Xianzhe did not waste words and ordered, "Everyone, do not be rough. Miss Miao is a grandmaster of spatial arts. Her life is valuable."

"At least, we can use her life to threaten Chen Lin! Hehe, maybe if we release the news we are going to kill Miss Miao, her senior brother will come back to rescue!"

When he said this, Liu Xianzhe's eyes lit up as new ideas came to his mind.

"Yes, yes, this is a good idea! I heard the old man of the Qin Family paid attention to you in the past, and treated you like daughter. Maybe the Qin Family will come out of their turtle shell for you!"

Liu Xianzhe laughed.

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