Chapter 1160: Sun Palace

Chapter 1160: Sun Palace

In another part of the Frost Desolation Abyss.

The experts of Boluo Realm were laid out on the ground, many of them covered in wounds.

Teng Yuan, Nivitt, and the rank nine Vermillion Bird were all in their true forms.

Teng Yuan, who had turned into a yellow ape, had deep wounds on his abdomen. Nivitt's enormous snake body also had traces of blood on it.

The rank nine Vermillion Bird's usually blazing eyes were dim.

Aside from them, the gold giant Banderas, the demon dragon Barett, the evil dragon Calvert, and the Black Jail Race's Tyler were all depressed.

The group of rank nine bloodline experts of Boluo Realm’s races was silent.

"Who is it?"

A hint of panic flashed through Barett's eyes as he shouted.

A trail of white corpse energy floated in.

The corpse energy landed and slowly turned into Miao Fengtian. He looked at the strongest of Boluo Realm and asked in shock, "What happened?"

"We failed in our ambush on a Lord of the Abyss." Teng Yuan's body shrank back into the form of an old human. His waxy yellow face was dispirited. "All of us together did not manage to kill that Lord of the Abyss close to Barthez. He is only seriously wounded. We used up all of our energy, and several of us are seriously wounded, we had to retreat."

"We all have rank nine bloodlines, why are the Lords of the Abyss here so powerful?" Barett shouted.

Miao Fengtian did not immediately recover.

He examined these experts of Boluo Realm. Then he said, "Nether Realm gathered their forces but were also unable to kill Barthez. They also had to retreat."

"We are stronger than the races of Nether Realm!" Nivitt screamed.

"Not long ago, master gathered all the soul slaves, my Corpse Demons, Jiang Zhuzhe, the Blood Drinkers, Gray, Gordon, Luz, and used dozens of Blazing Profound Bombs. In the end, it still took an attack from the Soul Beast avatar of master to kill a Lord of the Extreme Flame Abyss."

Miao Fengtian's expression was dark as he said, "These forces should be stronger than you?"

When he said this, the strongest experts of Boluo Realm were all astounded.

"Such a remarkable force and you barely managed to kill an Lord of the Abyss?!" Barett was shocked.

The remaining Boluo Realm experts grew speechless.

They knew that Curtis and the others were not any weaker than them gathered together.

The Asura Race Void Realm experts that frequently fought in the Abyss and feasted on the Abyss Devils were all like poisonous snakes.

They felt anxious at the auras that came from those people.

This terrifying group, Miao Fengtian's Corpse Demons, Jiang Zhuzhe and the Blood Drinkers, Gordon and the other two, the Blazing Profound Bombs, and the Soul Beast avatar were all needed to kill a single Lord of the Abyss.

How strong and terrifying was a rank nine Lord of the Abyss?

Suddenly, the strongest experts of Boluo Realm had a new understanding of the strength of Lords of the Abyss.

"Do not be in a hurry to kill the Lord of the Abyss. You should first attack the rank eight Abyss Devils and slowly gather experience in fighting with the beings of the Abyss," Miao Fengtian said.

Teng Yuan and the others nodded thoughtfully.

"Master told me to give this spatial ring to you. Inside is the blood and flesh of some rank eight Abyss Devils. It should help you recover." Miao Fengtian took out a spatial ring and handed it to Teng Yuan. He said, "Try to recover as soon as possible. In the near future, do not try to fight another Lord of the Abyss. Master may need your strength to fight on another Abyss level."

"Thank Qin Lie for me," Teng Yuan said seriously.

"I will," Miao Fengtian responded.

He left and went to where the gathering place of the human race.

The alliance formed from the major forces of the Land of Chaos were situated between pillars of ice.

The human race had learned their lesson and did not hunt powerful Abyss Devils. They only attacked lone targets and had made some gains.

Many of those who had halted in their cultivation gradually showed signs of a breakthrough after pressure from the powerful Abyss Devils.

Some people, who were on the verge of a breakthrough, smoothly entered a new realm through fighting.

Others that cultivated physical arts grew stronger through eating the flesh and blood of the Abyss Devils they hunted.

That was the case for martial practitioners of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain.

Almost all of them advanced in their body refinement arts after using the Abyss Devils’ flesh. Using Beast Manifestation, their already explosive power had increased greatly and their bodies became as hard as stone.

But what excited the forces of the human race the most was Duan Qianjie managed to step into the Void Realm after his earlier loss against a rank eight Abyss Devil.

At this time, Duan Qianjie used resources of Li Mu and Flaming Sun Island to build the fourth level of his Soul Altar.

Duan Qianjie's breakthrough caused all the leaders stuck in the Imperishable Realm to become envious.

They obtained Blazing Profound Bombs from Flaming Sun Island and after gathering their forces, they were eager to act.

At this time, Miao Fengtian found the person from Flaming Sun Island in charge here—Tang Beidou, and handed the other spatial ring to him.

"These are all frozen corpses of rank seven and eight Abyss Devils? Where did they come from?!"

Tang Beidou took the spatial ring and swept it with his soul consciousness. Then, he shouted.

"Master's hunt on another level.” Miao Fengtian's head was lowered as he said, "A large part of the flesh is suitable for your fire spirit art. Master hopes you will use it to get stronger."

Tang Beidou said excitedly, "All for me?"

"Mn," Miao Fengtian said calmly.

"Many of the bones of the rank eight Abyss Devils are valuable spirit materials for building the fourth level of a flame Soul Altar! Also, the blood of these rank eight Abyss Devils contains rich fire energy, and will also be of great help to me!" Tang Beidou was overjoyed.

"Master also hopes you can build a four-level Soul Altar," Miao Fengtian said.

"I understand," Tang Beidou chuckled.


Underground of Boluo Realm.

After Acarus ate a third of the Lord of the Abyss's flesh, Qin Lie immediately opened the star door and sent him back to the Extreme Flame Abyss.

Over in that territory that originally belonged to Atkins, there was abundant abyss devil energy around. The landscape was filled with volcanoes and the earth was full of magma. These were of help to Acarus’s ascension to a rank nine Lord of the Abyss.

After sending away Acarus, he had Curtis and the others return to the Frost Desolation Abyss.

Only his true body and the Soul Beast avatar were left in the dim underground.

"Delay the refinement of the first voodoo creature. With Atkins's golden horn, we need to take back the white bone scythe and refine it again," Qin Lie murmured.

Strange green light appeared in the eyes of the Soul Beast avatar. Countless soul presences seemed to stretch out.

Qin Lie's true body sat underneath the avatar. He slowly closed his eyes and probed with his mind.

His soul seemed to cross the void, and floated along the soul threads of the avatar, into the space where the white bone scythe was.

It was still in the chaotic streams of space outside Spirit Realm.

Miao Yizi, in her white robes, used spatial power to pull that enormous white bone scythe to leave her private secret realm.

The six-level Soul Altar she had was a strange one. Space and time seemed to interweave. Her body was sitting silently on the six-level Soul Altar. She used her Soul Altar to control the white bone scythe and floated through the chaotic streams of space.

Skilled in spatial arts, she was like a fish in water in the chaotic streams of space. She was unaffected by the storms, black holes, and windstorm outside the realm.

A long time later, she maneuvered the white bone scythe to an unknown black hole.

She stopped.

She looked into that black hole. Her brow furrowed and she seemed hesitant.

Within that black hole, a halo of sunlight appeared. A handsome and tall middle-aged man floated out of the light in the black hole.

He had a harmonious smile. He bowed from within the light and made a gesture of invitation.

Miao Yizi looked calmly at him. Looking at the sunny and harmonious smile on his face, she stepped into the black hole, holding the enormous white bone scythe.

Her presence disappeared from the chaotic streams of space.

In a plaza under the sunlight filled with vast palaces, many stern-looking martial practitioners were scattered around the secret realm entrance at the center.

They all stared at that secret realm entrance.

The curtain of light twisted and an enormous white bone scythe came out first.

The wave of vicious and bloody energy came from the white bone scythe and turned the atmosphere of the plaza heavier.

Then, Miao Yizi appeared out of the secret realm entrance.

When she walked out, the secret realm entrance abruptly shattered behind her.

Miao Yizi's beautiful face changed as the secret realm entrance shattered.

In the next moment, she found that space around her seemed to be controlled by an unseen force. She could not use spatial arts.

Her eyes turned icy.

She looked around her and found the experts of Sun Palace and Lunar Temple were all gathered here.

The palace master who had invited her smilingly to the black hole wore a slightly awkward smile.

She looked coldly at him, her heart feeling as though it had been stabbed by a blade. "Jun Tianyao, you fooled me in the chaotic streams of space, and have come with these people. Do you want to kill me?"

She, who cultivated the spatial arts, had a six-level Soul Altar filled with spatial power. As long as she was in the chaotic streams of space, even if it was a Genesis Realm expert, she could easily retreat.

It was almost impossible for someone of her level to kill her in the chaotic streams of space.

Because of this, her private secret realm was also deep in the chaotic streams of space.

She had come this time because the palace master of Sun Palace, Jun Tianyao, had messaged her and said that he knew what the white bone scythe was. He asked her to come for an evaluation.

She did not feel much affection for this handsome man who had pursued her for many years, but she did have a thread of good feeling towards him.

Because of that thread of good impression, she agreed to go to Boluo Realm and help Sun Palace rebuild the secret realm entrance. 

Because of this thread of good feeling, she still came to Sun Palace knowing the impending crisis.

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