Chapter 1158: Using the Merit Points

Chapter 1158: Using the Merit Points

Lieyan Wang caught the spatial ring and stood next to Qin Lie. His figure reminded Qin Lie of a great mountain.

Still holding the spatial ring, Lieyan Wang shot an astonished look at Qin Lie, “What do you mean, his spirit artifacts? The Thunder Emperor is still alive.”

“The Thunder Emperor is still alive!?” Qin Lie shook.

The Thunder Emperor, Flame Emperor, and Ice Emperor were the Three Emperors of the human race. Not only were they stronger than the Five Progenitors, they were the strongest martial practitioners of the human race twenty thousand years ago.

Twenty thousand years ago, the Three Emperors had decided to chase after the God Race while the latter was retreating from Spirit Realm. After that, they vanished without a trace.

Many people thought that the Three Emperors were killed by the God Race experts while they were in pursuit. That seemed to be the logical explanation behind their complete disappearance.

That was why Qin Lie had thought too. He instinctively thought that the Thunder Emperor had perished already.

That was why he wanted to retrieve the Thunder God’s Hammer and Heavenly Lightning Pool from the God Race.

However, Lieyan Wang’s answer made him realize that his preconception was actually incorrect.

It was why he turned to stare at Lieyan Wang in shock.

“It is true that the Three Emperors of the human race and the rank ten bloodline warriors of Spirit Realm’s powerful ancient races had chased after us.”

Lieyan Wang explained seriously, “However, we hadn’t engaged them in a battle to the death. We didn’t kill the Three Emperors and the rank ten bloodline warriors either.”

This time, it was Lieyan Wang who looked surprised, “What’s wrong? Aren’t the Three Emperors of the human race present at Spirit Realm right now?”

The look on Qin Lie’s face was unreadable, “They hadn’t returned to us after you’ve escaped from Spirit Realm twenty thousand years ago.”

Lieyan Wang frowned deeply for a very long time before he finally spoke again, “Maybe… maybe something did happen after that.”

“What do you mean?” Qin Lie asked urgently.

Lieyan Wang shook his head with a complicated expression on his face. “I’m not privy to the details, but the previous patriarch of the Blaze Family had vanished suddenly around the same time too…”

Qin Lie’s astonishment was growing by the second.

“The fact that the Three Emperors hadn’t returned to Spirit Realm may mean that something had happened after we left Spirit Realm,” Lieyan Wang guessed.

It was at this moment Liu Yang let out a regretful sigh from the side. “We wouldn’t be weaker than the other families if the patriarch and the Flesh Filling Tombstone were still with us.”

Qin Lie immediately fell silent when he heard about the Flesh Filling Tombstone from Liu Yang. He didn’t want to dwell on this matter if possible, so he changed the subject and said,

“What other spirit artifacts does the God Race have other than the Corpse Summoning Bell and Corpse Storing Coffin? What are their prices exactly?”

Miao Fengtian’s attention was immediately drawn to them.

Lieyan Wang laughed as if he had predicted that Qin Lie would ask these questions. He said unhurriedly, “The Corpse Progenitor’s Corpse Summoning Bell and Corpse Storing Coffin are worth five hundred thousand merit points. The Blood Progenitor’s Blood Demon Eye is worth seven million merit points. The Voodoo Progenitor’s Voodoo God Cauldron is worth five million merit points, and finally the Curse Progenitor’s Heaven Curse Diagram is worth eight million merit points.”

Qin Lie turned pale upon hearing those numbers.

Long time ago, Blood Demon Eye, Voodoo God Cauldron, and Heaven Curse Diagram had belonged to the Blood Progenitor, Voodoo Progenitor and Curse Progenitor respectively.

The successors of the Three Progenitors would be able to gain tremendous power if these spirit artifacts were to fall into their hands.

Xue Li, Jiang Zhuzhe and Jiang An would probably desire these items a lot.

“Why do the Blood Demon Eye, Voodoo God Cauldron, and Heaven Curse Diagram cost so much more compared to the Corpse Summoning Bell and Corpse Storing Coffin?” Qin Lie asked in dissatisfaction.

“It’s very simple. The Corpse Summoning Bell and Corpse Storing Coffin are Heaven Grade Seven spirit artifacts only, but the Blood Demon Eye, Voodoo God Cauldron and Heaven Curse Diagram are all Divine Grade One spirit artifacts.” Lieyan Wang chuckled. “You do know that Heaven Grade spirit artifacts and Divine Grade spirit artifacts are two completely different levels, right?”

Qin Lie looked shocked, “Do the Blood Demon Eye, Voodoo God Cauldron, and Heaven Curse Diagram contain artifact souls?”

“The Voodoo God Cauldron’s artifact soul had escaped us.” Lieyan Wang thought for a moment before continuing, “The Heaven Curse Diagram is a somewhat special case, so it doesn’t hold an artifact soul. The Blood Demon Eye should be the only artifact that contains an artifact soul.”

“Are they really Divine Grade artifacts?” Qin Lie asked for confirmation again.

“We’ve inspected all three spirit artifacts carefully, and we are certain that they are Divine Grade artifacts. That’s why the value of the Corpse Summoning Bell and Corpse Storing Coffin are incomparable to any one of these spirit artifacts,” Lieyan Wang explained.

“Can I really exchange for them using merit points?” Qin Lie asked again.

Lieyan Wang let out a laugh and nodded. “The exchange can be performed as long as you have a sufficient amount of merit points. They’ll be delivered into your hands in at most a few days’ time!”

It was at this moment he held up the spatial ring and shook his head. “It’s unfortunate that this flesh is only worth one million three hundred thousand merit points in total, so you can only exchange for the Corpse Summoning Bell and Corpse Storing Coffin. You’re a still long way from exchanging those three Divine Grade spirit artifacts.”

“Give me a minute,” Qin Lie exclaimed.

He created the star door once more, and Atkins’ golden eye suddenly flew out from the other side.

The golden eye was as big as a human head. Its pupils were etched with many mysterious, golden colored patterns. It was as if they contained a kind of absolute truth.

“Is that Atkins’s eye?” Lieyan Wang looked moved for a second before he grinned at Qin Lie and nodded. “Not bad. His eye contains the power of absolute gold, and it is worth eight hundred thousand merit points.”

“Is that all?” Qin Lie said disappointedly.

“The most precious thing on Atkins’s body isn’t his eye. It’s his golden horn and his heart.” Lieyan Wang thought for a moment before continuing, “His golden horn can be refined into a Divine Grade artifact. It alone is worth three million merit points. Its devil’s heart is even more precious. It can be exchanged for eight million merit points!”

Qin Lie’s eyes lit up.

“So? Do you wish to trade Atkins’ golden horn and heart?” Lieyan Wang asked smilingly.

Qin Lie gave the offer a serious thought, but in the end he shook his head and said, “I have use for these two items.”

The white bone scythe taken away by Miao Yizi was a fearsome weapon that the Soul Beast bad spent a lot of effort on to refine. He could fuse the golden horn and the white bone scythe together to create an even more powerful and indestructible weapon.

That was why he was unwilling to part with the golden horn.

As for the heart, Atkins was a Lord of the Abyss. His blood essence contained an unimaginable amount of power.

The heart could be applied in more ways. He could use it build a realm entrance that connected the Extreme Flame Abyss and Spirit Realm directly. He could let the Soul Beast avatar consume it and strengthen its own blood. He could even give Ling Yushi its blood essence so that her bloodline could become stronger. A rank nine Abyss Devil’s heart was the most precious thing one could find in the Abyss. It had plenty of uses, and it was worth a fortune.

“I’ll trade this eye for an additional eight hundred thousand merit points, which puts me at two million one hundred thousand merit points. For now, I’ll have the Corpse Summoning Bell and Corpse Storing Coffin.” That was his final decision.

Lieyan Wang accepted Atkins’s eye and nodded. He said in a carefree manner, “No problem, the artifacts you requested will be delivered very soon.”

Qin Lie pondered for a moment longer before tossing another spatial ring to Gan Xing. He said, “This is what I’ve promised you earlier. You may split it amongst yourselves.”

Gan Xing accepted the spatial ring and gave it a soul sweep. He discovered that the spatial ring contained three glass containers.

Every container contained a crystal-shaped, faint purple blood droplet. A mysterious halo surrounded the blood droplet, and the ancient characters of the Abyss could be seen flashing across its surface from time to time.

“It’s three drops of Atkins’s blood essence!” Gan Xing’s breathing suddenly grew heavy.

Liu Yang, Wu Sha, and Yan Feng also shuddered upon hearing this. They couldn’t quite believe their eyes.

The most precious item one could get from the body of a Lord of the Abyss was its heart.

The heart held the essence of a Lord of the Abyss’ bloodline.

The blood essence of a Lord of the Abyss contained their latent ability. It had countless uses, and it was the dream treasure of every weaker Abyss Devil.

The heart of a Lord of the Abyss held at most a hundred or so drops of blood essence only.

Therefore, Qin Lie’s gift was seriously generous. It was so generous that they were embarrassed to accept it.

“This is too much! Qin Lie, you only need to give us a few rank eight Abyss Devils’ flesh. This, this is seriously too much, especially when we weren’t of any help at all during that fight.” After Gan Xing had broken out of his reverie, he hurriedly turned down the offer.

“I never take back a gift I delivered. Please, accept it.” Qin Lie smiled.

“I…” Gan Xing stood there blankly, not knowing what to do.

“He told you to take it, so just take it!” Lieyan Wang shot him a glare before he pushed the spatial ring right into Gan Xing’s clothes. Then, he looked at Qin Lie and declared, “You’re an honorable person, kid. You know that it’s not always good to take everything for yourself. That’s very good, hahaha!”

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