Chapter 1157: New Bloodline Latent Abilities

Chapter 1157: New Bloodline Latent Abilities

At the underground of Boluo Realm.

Qin Lie’s Soul Beast avatar pondered as he stared at Acarus consuming the flesh of the Lord of the Abyss.

The Asura soul servants led by Curtis were currently scattered at different corners of the cavern. They too were tearing some rank eight Abyss Devil’s flesh into bits, giving them a quick roast over a Heavenly Flame Crystal before feeding on them to their hearts’ content.

A rank eight Abyss Devil’s flesh contained a tremendous amount of refined flesh and blood energy. A trace of intoxication passed through their faces.

The Asura soul servants could clearly sense the Abyss Devil’s meat transforming into flesh and blood energy as it slid down their throats.

Curtis and his people might be Asura clansmen, but their true strength surpassed those so-called nobles at Asura Realm.

They were also clearly stronger than Teng Yuan and Nivitt. One might call them an unusual group in Spirit Realm.

The reason they were this powerful was because they used to fight alongside the Soul Beast Cadak and hunt down many Abyss Devils at the Frost Desolation Abyss.

The battle against the Abyss Devils was a bloody baptism that improved everyone’s strength.

Moreover, they had all consumed a lot of Abyss Devil flesh. The body of every Abyss Devil contained a shocking amount of flesh and blood energy.

Curtis and the Asura soul servants used this energy to refine their own bodies. As a result, their physical bodies were stronger than those of most races in Spirit Realm.

A powerful physique and rich stamina had also contributed to the rise of their battle prowess.

They knew very well that the source of their improvement originated from the flesh of the Abyss Devils. That was why they cherished every opportunity to feed on them.

The Asura soul servants continued to tear the Abyss Devil’s flesh into edible bits and chew at them slowly, enjoying the energy surging into their bodies. Occasionally, they would shoot glances at Acarus.

There was obvious envy in their eyes.

Acarus had been given one third of a Lord of the Abyss almost immediately after he was transformed into a soul servant. This was a treatment none of them could imagine receiving until now.

Curtis thought that he would become much stronger if he was the one who given the chance to devour one third of the Atkins’s body.

In fact, he was certain he could accumulate the basic strength necessary to construct the seventh level of his Soul Altar.

“I need a high rank Abyss Devil to watch over the Extreme Flame Abyss and gather information for me.”

Qin Lie’s Soul Beast avatar acutely detected Curtis’s inner thoughts.

The Soul Beast avatar turned to stare at Curtis with intelligent eyes before saying, “Once his bloodline reaches rank nine, he’ll become a Lord of the Abyss and take over Atkins’s territory. In the near future, the Extreme Flame Abyss will become our main battlefield. Our movements will be observed by the Blaze Family, and we’ll be fighting more Lords of the Abyss. We will need a place to rest our feet, and it is Acarus’s mission to transform Atkins’s territory into one that’s suitable for us.”

Curtis knelt respectfully on one knee and bowed his head. “Please forgive me, master.”

He felt envious after he had compared his own treatment to Acarus’s.

The fact that the Soul Beast had detected his thoughts and explained the reasoning behind its actions both surprised and scared him.

“You all are soul servants, but you have your own independent souls. If your soul grows stronger, my Soul Tree will grow as well and reach greater heights. Therefore, the growth of your souls is intricately tied to the evolution of my Soul Tree.” Qin Lie’s Soul Beast avatar stared at Curtis. “The feedback works both ways. As I grow stronger, you will learn more about the secrets of the soul and the in-depth powers and laws I’m familiar with. From the moment you became a branch of my Soul Tree, we have become inextricably linked.”

“I understand.” Curtis nodded.

“After Acarus becomes a Lord of the Abyss, I’ll be able to learn the secrets of the Abyss through him. You all will also benefit from this exchange and understand the Abyss more and more over time,” the Soul Beast avatar said.

“I understand,” Curtis answered softly.

The Soul Beast avatar stared at Curtis for a moment before it slowly closed its eyes and stopped talking.

The Asura soul servants also fell silent and focused on consuming the rank eight Abyss Devil’s flesh.

The only sound that was left inside the dark underground cavern was Qin Lie’s true self screaming on top of his lungs.

Large patches of golden patterns had appeared on its body. As time went on, they actually started to take on a physical form.

Atkins’s dark purple blood was slowly but surely merging together with his boiling bloodline.

Not long after, a latent ability born from the blood of a Lord of the Abyss was revealed to him.

It was called “Golden Armor”.

Large patches of golden patterns began to grow on his chest, back, arm, stomach and so on. They slowly condensed and formed a suit of armor.

It looked like Qin Lie was covered in a golden-colored full body armor. A golden light was emitted by the golden war armor, and it seemed sharp enough to cut.

That wasn’t all.

Not long after Golden Armor appeared, Qin Lie’s voice suddenly became shriller and shriller.

Visible ripples of golden light spread out and attacked everything that happened to be in the way.

It was like a fan of golden swords was suddenly fired to the surroundings.


Many holes suddenly appeared on the tough stone walls of the underground cavern.

Some of the holes were as small as a finger, and some were as large as a fist. However, they all went several hundred meters deep at minimum.

It was the other bloodline latent ability Atkins possessed—Golden Light.

He had awakened two completely new bloodline abilities after he had absorbed Atkins’s lifeblood essence—Golden Armor and Golden Light.

Atkins himself had unlocked these abilities only after he had become a Lord of the Abyss.

Atkins was slightly accomplished in the laws of fire in the Extreme Flame Abyss. That was why Qin Lie’s Blaze Family bloodline also improved after the blood essence had been absorbed.

Qin Lie was very sure that both his bloodline abilities, Flame World and ignition had gotten a massive boost in power.

With a thought, he summoned the Flame World and watch the fire spread nearly twice as far as it did before.

His bloodline boiled like an erupting volcano while he was inside the Flame World. It was almost as if a more powerful bloodline power was awaiting its awakening.

Even his Soul Beast avatar was staring at him with surprise.

At this point, both his true self and his Soul Beast avatar knew which body was the focus of the future.

The Perfect Blood ran in Qin Lie’s veins, enabling his true body to fuse with powerful bloodlines and manifest all kinds of bloodline latent abilities. It was obviously the ultimate path of strength he should focus on.

Although his true body was much weaker compared to the Soul Beast right now, his Perfect Blood gave it infinite potential.

If his true body achieved rank ten bloodline in the future and awakened many extraordinary bloodline abilities that a normal Blaze Family member would never be able to awaken, its combat strength would definitely surpass a Rank Ten Soul Beast’s!

Moreover, bloodline power wasn’t the only thing his true body possessed. The fact that it possessed a dantian and a spirit sea meant that it could construct a Soul Altar as a second source of power.

“This body is where my true future lies,” muttered Qin Lie as he stared at his own glowing body. He then closed his eyes slowly and focused on stabilizing his bloodline.

A very, very long time later.

The golden light and Atkins’s aura vanished completely from his body. He looked just like a normal Blaze Family member with red hair and red eyes.

Qin Lie immediately activated the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s bloodline and opened the Star Door.

Together with Curtis, he went through the star door alongside the remaining pile of meat that was Atkins’s flesh.

The meat pile was still frozen, of course.

The star door had appeared above Miao Fengtian’s head. Qin Lie had walked out of the portal immediately.

The frozen pile of meat was suspended above Qin Lie’s head. The star door swiftly closed behind him.

Lieyan Wang and his clansmen immediately rushed over the moment they saw the star door.

Qin Lie smiled and put the frozen pile of meat into a spatial ring. Then, he tossed the ring to Lieyan Wang.

“I’d like to exchange all of that for merits points,” he declared.

Lieyan Wang caught the spatial ring with his hand and scanned its interior with his soul consciousness. He immediately discovered that there were a lot of rank eight Abyss Devils’ flesh inside the spatial ring as well.

He carefully tallied everything.

A while later, Lieyan Wang grinned in satisfaction, “This is worth one million three hundred thousand merit points.”

“Do you have any Thunder Emperor’s artifacts for exchange?” Qin Lie asked solemnly.

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