Chapter 1156: Corpse Summoning Bell, Corpse Storing Coffin

Chapter 1156: Corpse Summoning Bell, Corpse Storing Coffin

The rank eight bloodline warriors who had come with Lieyan Wang walked around the remnants of the crumbled mountains and volcanoes. Even they could see how terrible the fight had been.

These rank eight bloodline warriors had to hide their own surprise. They now had a more direct understanding of the strength of Spirit Realm’s races.

“Are the participants all locals of Spirit Realm?” a rank eight bloodline warrior asked Gan Xing seriously.

Gan Xing nodded. “There were humans, Asura clansmen, and Corpse Demons. There were also some…”

He hesitated for a second before he looked at their leader, Lieyan Wang, “Uncle, the three people who came later had abyss devil energy in them. In my opinion, they were pretty similar to high rank Abyss Devils…”

“Describe them,” Lieyan Wang said.

“One of them had nine eyes, while the second one had nine horns. The third one had a Soul Altar that looked like it was made of countless shadows.”

Gan Xing thought for a moment before describing Gray, Gordon and Luz’s external characteristics to him.

“Nine eyes, nine horns. Are they…” The rank eight bloodline warrior looked surprised. He seemed to have recalled something.

“It’s the Ghost Eye Race, Horned Demon Race and Dark Shadow Race. They are all races of Nether Realm.” Lieyan Wang pondered for a moment before a mysterious smile reached his eyes. He spoke to the rank eight bloodline warrior, “It is as you think. They are connected to the ancient devils of the Abyss by blood. The strongest race in Nether Realm is called the Dark Nether Race. A rank ten Dark Nether clansman has the ability to transform into an Evil God. A so-called Evil God is in fact a manifestation of their true self hidden inside their bloodline, and you might say that a rank ten Dark Nether clansman is the equal of a Great Lord of the Abyss.” 

Every Blaze Family member turned pale with shock.

None of these people had participated in the invasion of Spirit Realm twenty thousand years ago except Lieyan Wang.

That was why they knew little about Spirit Realm.

When they heard that a realm auxillary to Spirit Realm called the “Nether Realm” had races that were physically connected to the Abyss Devils, and when they heard that the Dark Nether Race would evolve into an Evil God after they reached rank ten and awakened their bloodline origin, they were all very surprised.

“Back then, those rank ten Dark Nether Race experts sure gave us a lot of trouble.”

Lieyan Wang grinned before continuing, “Unfortunately for them, these so-called Evil Gods weren’t able to study the laws of the Abyss because they had never been there before. So their true power was far weaker compared to a real Great Lord of the Abyss even though they all had awakened bloodlines.”

“Their combat strength is comparable only to that of a Genesis Realm human cultivator or a rank ten giant dragon.”

“Well, that’s good…” Gan Xing said.

“Indeed. They managed to give us some trouble, but they weren’t the main reason we chose to leave Spirit Realm.” A deep frown suddenly appeared on Lieyan Wang’s face.

Everyone was staring at him in confusion.

“But things may be different now.” Lieyan Wang sighed.

They were surprised by his outburst.

“What’s different, uncle?” Gan Xing asked.

“Things are different now, because they have come to the Abyss,” Lieyan Wang said solemnly.

“So what?” Gan Xing failed to follow Lieyan Wang’s train of thought immediately.

Lieyan Wang shot him a glance before explaining, “All the powerful races of Nether Realm have the blood of Abyss Devil Race in their veins. That means that they’re like any other high rank Abyss Devil. The Dark Nether Race especially are born with purple hair, purple pupils, and purple blood. All these signs indicate that they are the descendants of one of the most ancient Abyss Devils.”

Finally, everyone realized what he was talking about and paled slightly.

“You understand now, don’t you?” Lieyan Wang looked very serious, “Had they stayed in Nether Realm, they wouldn’t have come into contact with the richest and purest abyss devil energy of the Abyss. Their bloodline would’ve grown and awakened at a very slow pace. But that has changed now that they’re in the Abyss. They will have become as deadly as any other high rank Abyss Devil. The Dark Nether Race especially will become a terrible threat because they possess the most ancient of Abyss Devil bloodlines. They will grow many times faster and stronger than when they were still at Nether Realm.”

“Do you mean that this race will become a threat to us in the future?” Gan Xing asked seriously.

“Maybe, maybe not.” Lieyan Wang shook his head and conjectured uncertainly, “Now that they’re at the Abyss, they may not want to return to Nether Realm, right?”

“They are very close to Qin Lie,” Liu Yang said suddenly.

Caught off guard for a second, Lieyan Wang burst out laughing. “Qin Lie is a member of the God Race, and the races of Nether Realm are ultimately Abyss Devils. To think that they would share a tight connection with each other, how interesting…”

It was at this moment Miao Fengtian saw them from the distance.

Miao Fengtian floated into the air from a nearby ruin and spoke to Lieyan Wang, “Qin Lie is still cutting Atkins’s body apart. It may take some time before he is able to bring you your share.”

Lieyan Wang waved a hand carelessly and answered, “No problem, we can wait.”

“Thank you for your trouble.” Miao Fengtian relaxed.

Ever since he fused with the Corpse Progenitor’s body and was brought into the Abyss, every day felt like an interaction with a whole new world.

The Abyss, the powerful Abyss Devils, different Abyss levels, the God Race...

Races and things that he never knew existed or only existed in legends kept appearing before his eyes one after another. The barrage of new experiences threatened to overwhelm his senses.

At the same time, his impression of Spirit Realm, the human race and other minor races kept growing blurrier and blurrier everyday.

There were many times he found himself unable to differentiate who he truly was.

One thing was clear though. If he wished to survive and prove his own worth, he had to keep up with Qin Lie’s footsteps as much as possible.

It was at this moment Lieyan Wang suddenly turned his sun-like eyes at him.

“The Corpse Progenitor used to carry two spirit artifacts with him. One of them is called the Corpse Summoning Bell, and the other the Corpse Storing Coffin. Both of these items are perfectly compatible with the Corpse Progenitor’s inheritance. Surely you are aware of this?” Lieyan Wang started suddenly.

Miao Fengtian shook before answering, “Yes, I am aware.”

Lieyan let out an odd laugh before asking, “If both spirit artifacts were to come into your possession, your corpse refining techniques and dark arts would be greatly improved, am I right?”

Miao Fengtian nodded strongly.

“Both of these spirit artifacts are in our possession right now. However, very few people in our race have actual use for them.” Lieyan Wang smiled. “They’re pretty unpopular among our race, so together they cost five hundred thousand merit points only.”

Miao Fengtian clasped his hands together and thanked Lieyan Wang. He didn’t say anything after that.

His mind had flown many, many miles away.

“We don’t just have the Corpse Progenitor’s spirit artifacts, the Blood Progenitor, the Voodoo Progenitor, and the Curse Progenitor’s spirit artifacts should be in our possession as well,” Lieyan Wang continued indifferently.

“I will inform my master of this,” Miao Fengtian answered softly.


Beneath Boluo Realm.

Thanks to the soul connection he shared with Miao Fengtian, Qin Lie learned of the conversation between Lieyan Wang and Miao Fengtian almost instantly after they were done talking.

Meanwhile, his main body was still shaking and screaming on top of his lungs.

Layers of golden light could be seen rippling across the surface of his main body.

They looked exactly the same as the golden patterns unleashed by Atkins when he was going berserk earlier.

Right now, Qin Lie was still stuck in the difficult process of fusing Atkins’s bloodline.

However, his Soul Beast avatar had the leisure of staring at Acarus devouring Atkins’s flesh and pondering coldly in his mind.

Acarus was a high rank Abyss Devil, and he was barely larger than a normal human being. On the other hand, Atkins was as big as a hill even after he had been cut into three portions.

However, Acarus never paused once while he was devouring the Lord of the Abyss’ flesh. It was as if he had a black hole for a stomach.

Qin Lie kept staring at Acarus as he mulled about something.

“To think that every progenitor except the Soul Progenitor had lost their spirit artifacts to the God Race, and that I can acquire them using merit points. If I can exchange five hundred thousand points for the Corpse Summoning Bell and Corpse Storing Coffin, what else can I exchange for with my remaining five hundred thousand points?”

Qin Lie—or rather Qin Lie’s avatar—was wondering if he should spend all his remaining merit points on the Five Progenitors’ artifacts.

There was also his Heavenly Thunder Eradication. He wondered if the God Race had come by the Thunder Emperor’s spirit artifacts.

The Thunder Emperor Mark, Thunder God’s Hammer, and the Heavenly Lightning Pool were three ultimate treasures that belonged to the Thunder Emperor many years ago.

His grandfather had given him the Thunder Emperor Mark. He had imprinted it on his skin and unclogged his acupoints with it.

The Thunder Emperor Mark was also the Thunder Emperor’s inheritance.

However, the Thunder Emperor’s spirit artifacts, the Thunder God’s Hammer, and the Heavenly Lightning Pool had vanished along with the Thunder Emperor.

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