Chapter 1155: Devil Heart

Chapter 1155: Devil Heart

Deep under Boluo Realm.

The Abyss Devil Atkins's enormous body was divided into three parts by the Soul Beast, Acarus, and Curtis.

One piece was given to Acarus to aid in his breakthrough.

Qin Lie froze the other piles of flesh with frost power to give to Lieyan Wang to trade for God Race merit points.

Qin Lie took out the Flesh Filling Tombstone.

The Flesh Filling Tombstone floated into the air, seven godly lights shooting out and landing on the enormous piles of blood and flesh.

Blood-colored rays of energy visible to the naked eye streamed into the Flesh Filling Tombstone.

In the dim underground, Qin Lie's expression was dark as he watched the Flesh Filling Tombstone refine a third of Atkins's flesh.

He could feel the Flesh Filling Tombstone immediately pulse with refined flesh and blood energy.

The energy was so rich and pure that it surpassed his wildest estimates.

"Master, there is also the blood of these Abyss Devils."

Curtis walked from the side with the head of a rank eight Abyss Devil and threw it into the light of the Flesh Filling Tombstone.

The other Asura clansmen also threw the pieces of the Abyss Devils they had taken with them into the range of the Flesh Filling Tombstone’s godly lights.

These limbs also contained fleshly energy that was swiftly drained by the Flesh Filling Tombstone.

"The lost Flesh Filling Tombstone of the Blaze Family..."

Acarus's eyes shone brightly. He licked the corner of his lips with a strange expression.

As a high rank Abyss Devil, and one who lived in the Extreme Flame Abyss, he had an understanding of the Blaze Family.

He knew the reason that the Blaze Family had declined in the last twenty thousand years was due to the loss of the last patriarch and also because of the loss of their Flesh Filling Tombstone.

The God Race had five Flesh Filling Tombstones. Each Flesh Filling Tombstone could contain almost endless fleshy energy.

If the Blaze Family still had the Flesh Filling Tombstone, they wouldn’t need to cut the Abyss Devils they hunted into pieces. Through a Flesh Filling Tombstone, they could extract all the energy from the flesh.

A Flesh Filling Tombstone could refine all the Abyss Devils of an Abyss level and store their fleshly energy.

If the five Flesh Filling Tombstones were gathered together, supposedly, they had an even greater power that could make Great Lords of the Abyss cower in fear.

But the Flesh Filling Tombstone belonging to the Blaze Family had been lost for a long time.

Today, Acarus was shocked at seeing the lost Flesh Filling Tombstone of the Blaze Family appear in Qin Lie's hands.

"God Race bloodline, Soul Beast avatar, Flesh Filling Tombstone..."

Acarus looked at Qin Lie's true body, and then at the Soul Beast avatar with a thoughtful look.

Under the power of the Flesh Filling Tombstone, the flesh of the Lord of the Abyss as well as the limbs of the rank seven and eight Abyss Devils were refined.

All of their refined flesh and blood energy had been extracted. The corpses under the Flesh Filling Tombstone rotted as though they had gone through millions of years of decay.

"Master, these are the most valuable parts of Atkins."

As he put away the Flesh Filling Tombstone, Curtis once again came forward, and presented a golden horn, an enormous golden eye, and a devil heart.

"The horn of the Golden Horned Brute Devil, and this eye all contain the sharpness essence of metal, they are worth cities."

"The heart of the Abyss Devil is the source of their bloodline, and where the blood essence is stored. Blood essence is imprinted with a bloodline latent ability and contains endless power."

As Curtis spoke, the golden horn, eye, and the enormous heart floated in front of Qin Lie.

The golden horn was a dozen meters long, and shone with blinding golden light like a long golden spear.

The golden eye was the size of a head. The inside was covered in mysterious golden patterns that seemed to contain fundamental laws of the Abyss.

The heart, as large as a millstone, gave off faint purple light.

Qin Lie looked at it. In the middle of it, there was a pool of extremely potent energy.

At the side, Acarus looked at the golden horn, the golden eye, and the purple heart, his breathing speeding up.

He shook his head, and did not dare to continue looking, afraid of having other thoughts.

Qin Lie glanced at him and said, "Which among the three is the most valuable?"

Acarus turned around and answered respectfully with his head low, "The heart."

Pausing, he explained, "The heart of a Lord of the Abyss is the source of their bloodline, and contains astounding power. If a rank eight Golden Horned Brute Devil was able to eat this heart, barring no accidents, it would quickly reach rank nine bloodline and become a Lord of the Abyss. The lifeblood essence within the heart contains the best traits of Atkins’s bloodline, as well as its latent abilities."

Qin Lie nodded and looked towards the Soul Beast avatar.

The Soul Beast avatar suddenly shook and turned into another Qin Lie with a bloodline secret art.

This Qin Lie flashed next to the enormous heart.

He stretched out a finger to point at the heart. Green light wrapped around that finger to form a pulling force.

A drop of dark purple blood formed from the heart and was pulled out by this finger.

The dark purple blood was sticky, and shone with crystal light, giving off a faint bloody tang.

When he looked closely, he found countless characters floating and disappearing in the purple light.

Qin Lie stared for a while and found those characters were the ones imprinted on the powerful Abyss Devil bloodlines that existed since the abyss existed.

Those characters were similar to the language of Nether Realm.

Qin Lie's true body chuckled as he reached out with his left hand.

The drop of dark purple blood floated onto his palm.

The dark purple blood merged into his body when it touched his hand.

Acarus looked with wide eyes and a shocked expression. He suddenly seemed to think of something, and hurriedly shouted, "You are not of the Abyss Devil Race, you cannot merge Atkins’s blood. Also, you are too weak, you may die!"


As expected, when the dark purple blood touched Qin Lie's palm, he started to scream.

Acarus was even more scared.

"Do not worry, go eat your meat, and prepare to ascend to rank nine bloodline," the avatar Qin Lie said coldly.

Acarus remained dazed for a while, and left silently, confusion in his eyes.

After isolating a single drop of Atkins’s lifeblood essence, the avatar turned back into its Soul Beast.

The golden horn, the golden eye, and Atkins's heart disappeared into the Soul Beast's eye.

In the cave deep under the Boluo Realm, Qin Lie was shuddering violently trying to assimilate the drop of Atkins’s lifeblood essence.

He knew the dark purple drop of blood could merge with his bloodline once it touched his palm.

However, unlike when he merged the bloodline of the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit, assimilation of Abyss Devil Race bloodline was accompanied by heart-tearing pain.

It was similar to the pain he had experienced when he tried to assimilate Nivitt’s blood.

Inside his body, within the blood vessels, his Blaze bloodline boiled and many divine characters flashed.

That droplet of Atkins's blood was like a golden sun in his blood. It gave off burning golden light, countless mysterious Abyss characters flying out and colliding with his bloodline.

With every collision, he endured bone-aching pain, and the feeling of his blood vessels threatening to explode.

In the Extreme Flame Abyss.

Jiang Zhuzhe had left with the Blood Drinkers, and Miao Fengtian was preparing to lead the Corpse Demons back to the Frost Desolation Abyss.

Gray, Gordon, and Luz had left long ago.

Only Miao Fengtian stayed where he was. As Qin Lie's soul beacon, he waited for Qin Lie to return.

Time passed.

Several days later, Lieyan Wang led some God Race clansmen with rank eight bloodline and Gan Xing’s team to the site of former battlefield.

They flew over atop fiery clouds.

"Up ahead! Atkins's territory!" Gan Xing said.

The mountainous Lieyan Wang looked at the collapsed mountain peaks and evaluated, "It was not an easy battle."

"Qin Lie and his followers won in the end," Liu Yang said with a giggle.

"Not easy, not easy at all." Lieyan Wang nodded and said, "The juniors are to be feared."

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