Chapter 1153: Slaughtering the Devil

Chapter 1153: Slaughtering the Devil

The chain of volcanoes started to explode and shatter.

Within the mountain valley, the Abyss Devils below rank nine were fighting with the Blood Drinkers led by Jiang Zhuzhe and the Corpse Demons of Miao Fengtian.

Atkins's descendants were also within the fiery mountain valleys as they fought Gan Xing’s team and the Imperishable Realm Asura clansmen.

The entire place was a huge battleground.

However, the most eye-catching battle was still the bloody battle between Atkins and the party created to kill him.

Curtis and the other Asura Race Void Realm experts, Gordon, Luz, Gray, You Ye with the Moon Tear, the fire spirit, and Qin Lie were all targeting Atkins.

Atkins howled madly, his rank nine bloodline's terrifying power exploding like an erupting volcano.

The glittering golden light rippled all around, shattering mountains and crushing bodies.

The burning light drowned the surroundings and seemed to burn the sky and earth.

Curtis sat on his six-level Soul Altar, his expression dark, as black fire burned in his eyes.

He howled, sending invisible soul chains snaking towards Atkins.

The Void Realm Asura clansmen around Curtis worked together to cast their race’s secret arts.

They all released similar soul chains.

The soul chains which could only be felt with the soul stretched out from the Soul Altars under Curtis and the others, and locked onto Atkins's soul.

At the same time, the light from Gray's nine eyes disrupted Atkins's power field and caused the golden light in Atkins's eyes to dim.

Gordon's curved horns spewed out dark purple energy which formed an enormous whirlpool that surrounded Atkins.

Luz manipulated his five-level Soul Altar and created countless shadows that drowned Atkins.

Above his head, You Ye stayed in the Moon Tear as he poured the light of the nine moons onto the enormous body of the Lord of the Abyss.

The waterfalls of moonlight were like cold blades that stabbed viciously into Atkins's bloodied body.

The furious Atkins gave off a scream of pain.

After the fire Spirit of Void and Chaos turned into its tangible fire qilin form, it suddenly contracted. It turned into a wisp of flame and streaked in the direction of Atkins’s eye.

It easily entered, as if it was submerging into a lava pool.

The liquid flame flowing in the Abyss Devil’s eyes gradually dried up. The fire energy seemed to be have been absorbed.

The berserk Lord of the Abyss roared and fought fiercely, causing the sky and earth to twist and shake.

Gray, Gordon, Luz, Curtis and the others working together to suppress him shouted to motivate themselves.

The chains released by Curtis and the others tensed, broke, and reformed.

The black flames coming out of their Soul Altars were being slowly extinguished.

Blood seeped out of Gray whose nine eyes were releasing light of nine different colors

Gordon's nine curved horns were trembling as though they were going to crack.

Luz who had created a sky full of soul-infused shadows had dim eyes and his aura was slowly fading.

The various experts all released their secret arts, using their souls, and their powers to suppress and subdue Atkins. Yet still, they were unable to achieve ultimate victory and kill the Lord of the Abyss..

Above Atkins's head, Qin Lie's blood-red hair floated in the air as he looked down.

Under everyone's power, the rank nine Lord of the Abyss was still stubbornly holding on, the golden light he gave off still so strong and ferocious.

He turned to look at Gan Xing and the others.

At this moment, the God Race team led by Gan Xing was occupied by the high rank devils and had no time to spare for their surroundings.

They had no attention to spare for him.

"The last attack..."

Qin Lie murmured, and activated his bloodline power to use his Star Door latent ability again.

From behind the star door, the enormous Soul Beast avatar reached out with a vicious hoof covered in spikes.

The hoof suddenly came out of the star door and hit the bright golden horn on top of Atkins's head.


Under the Soul Beast's full powered attack, the golden horn finally cracked.

Thick blood flooded out of Atkins's eyes, mouth and wounds.

The wild Atkins finally lost his fighting power after the golden horn cracked.

Gray, Gordon, and Curtis who were almost unable to continue saw his golden horn crack and became energized again.

They immediately felt that this Lord of the Abyss was done.

Therefore, everyone who was already tired once again charged up and drowned Atkins.

Almost at the same time, that enormous hoof which came down from the sky retreated back into the star door.

The star door immediately closed.

The high rank Abyss Devils fighting against Gan Xing and the others did not know that Qin Lie had opened the star door again.

They had not seen the Soul Beast's horn attack.

"Father! Father is almost dead!"

That rank eight bloodline Abyss Devil knew that the source of his bloodline was at its wits’ end from the furious pulses of his bloodline.

He screamed in fear.

More rank six and seven high rank devils were descendants of Atkins and knew the situation from the resonance of bloodlines.

They cried and attacked Gan Xing, Jiang Zhuzhe, and the Blood Drinkers in almost a self-crippling fashion.

But stopping them were the Corpse Demons who did not have souls.

The Corpse Demons used their hard and cold bodies to endure the mad, bloodline-burning attacks.

After they used up the last threads of their bloodline power, Jiang Zhuzhe, Gan Xing, and the others slowly came out to clean up.

In the chain of volcanoes, Atkins's subordinates knew from the screams of his descendants that he had died.

Many of the Abyss Devils chose to flee this place after their master had been killed.

In a flash, the volcanic valleys were filled with the fleeing figures of the Abyss Devils.

Qin Lie floated in the sky, his expression dark as he watched Atkins fall down like a mountain of meat.

He had no joy in his eyes, only wariness and great seriousness.

Just a Lord of the Abyss caused him to move all of his soul slaves, use dozens of Blazing Profound Bombs, the Divine Grade Two spirit artifact Moon Tear, the Spirit of Void and Chaos, Gray, Gordon, and Luz.

In the battle, many of the Corpse Demons had been damaged, Curtis and the soul slaves were also injured.

Gordon and Gray were bleeding from their eyes.

In the end, he had to summon the Soul Beast avatar to shatter Atkins's golden horn in order to achieve victory.

He had won this hunt against the Lord of the Abyss, but it was a pyrrhic victory.

This was the worst battle in his life.

"Lord of the Abyss! Rank nine Lord of the Abyss!"

"We finally killed a Lord of the Abyss!"

"Finally, we finally succeeded..."

Gordon, Luz, and Gray watched as Atkins’s enormous body fell down. They howled madly.

Their faces were filled with excitement and joy.

Curtis and the others surrounded Atkins's enormous body, their cold eyes filled with excitement.

"Blood! Gather the blood of the Lord of the Abyss!" Gray suddenly shouted.

Gordon, and Luz suddenly reacted and flew down from the sky. They carefully used enormous vessels to contain the blood flowing out of Atkins.

"Master, any part of the Lord of the Abyss is treasure. Each piece of flesh contains great power," Curtis drove his Soul Altar to float near Qin Lie and said in a low voice, "However, the most valuable part of the Lord of the Abyss is his heart. The heart is the power source of the Lord of the Abyss. Also, the two eyes of this Lord of the Abyss, and the golden horn are all Divine Grade spirit materials capable of being forged into Divine Grade spirit artifacts!"

"Qin Lie! We only need some blood!"

As Luz used the vessels to hold the blood, he seemed to realize it was not appropriate and shouted towards Qin Lie.

Looking at Atkins's body which was almost two hundred meters tall, Qin Lie thought and said, "Take what you need."

"Qin Lie! We need a bit of the blood of the Lord of the Abyss! A third of the Lord of the Abyss's flesh and blood can get you a million merit points!" Gan Xing shouted.

"A million merit points!" Qin Lie's eyes lit up.

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