Chapter 1152: Working Together

Chapter 1152: Working Together

"Lowly worm!"

Atkins stood up from the pile of stones and roared into the sky. A pillar of gold and a burning flame shot out of his eyes.

The golden pillar of light was unstoppable as it crushed all that barred its path. An Asura Race expert with a four-level Soul Altar was struck by the golden pillar and exploded into pieces.

His four-level Soul Altar turned into nothingness.

The flames that came out of Atkins's other eye was aimed at Curtis.

The six-level Soul Altar Curtis frowned upon seeing the flames heading his way.

The burning flames contained bright light, and Abyss language characters that exploded soon after forming.

In the sky, many of the fiery clouds and fire energy seemed to have been pulled in by that flame.

At this moment, with Atkins as the center, only two colors existed beneath the skies—gold and red.

"Sss sss sss!"

Curtis was terrified and immediately released black flames from his Soul Altar.

He prepared to welcome the ray of flames.

At this time, an illusory flame suddenly flashed past Curtis's eyes.

Curtis stilled.

The incorporeal fire spirit flew into the blazing ray of flame.

That ray which contained the laws of the Extreme Flame Abyss suddenly twisted violently as though something had invaded it.

Within the flames, the shadow in the shape of the fire qilin quickly turned tangible.

The ray of flame which came from Atkins's flame eye contracted visibly when the fire qilin appeared as though its power had been robbed.

At this time, Wu Sha, Yan Feng and the others felt the terror of the fire souls within them.

They looked in shock at the barely discernible figure of the fire qilin. Their expressions changed and they gradually realized the fire spirit in the shape of the fire qilin was what the fire souls in them had been afraid of all along.

"Spirit of Void and Chaos!"

Gan Xing shook, his handsome face covered in shock.


Curtis also shouted. He looked at the fire spirit in the flames, and watched as the flames slowly disappeared with great astonishment.

He clearly recognized the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

"Move! Go away!"

Atkins shouted. With him as the center, a wave of golden light propagated.

Everywhere the golden light passed, the earth cracked as though it had been cut by sharp weapons. Cracks appeared in the sky, and the nearby mountains collapsed.

Under the golden light, this part of the world seemed to be coming to an end. Even Atkins's subordinates were hiding in terror.

In the sky, Gan Xing and the others saw Atkins go mad, and perceptively hid away.

They knew how terrifying a berserk Lord of the Abyss would be after being angered.

Qin Lie's face shook, his expression dark. He was also intimidated by Atkins's vicious flames.

The Void Realm soul slaves, led by the late Void Realm Curtis, were unable to go near Atkins's true body.

Curtis and the others barely managed to go near Atkins with the protection of Moon Tear’s silver moonlight to offset the golden ripples.

The power of dozens of Blazing Profound Bombs going off together, which was enough to kill many Void Realm human practitioners, was only enough to seriously injure Atkins.

Atkins stood up from the ruins. He became even more vicious after being wounded.

The fire spirit was only able to stop the fire coming from one of Atkins's eyes. It couldn’t deal with the ray from the other eye.

The rank nine Lord of the Abyss showed exceptional power.

"Lord of the Abyss..."

Qin Lie's smile became bitter. He also felt some regret. He was getting an increasingly deeper understanding of the strength of Lords of the Abyss.

He felt that if Lords of the Abyss like Atkins stepped into Spirit Realm, and came to the human second-tier Gold rank factions, they could do as they pleased at Lunar Temple, Sun Palace, and Blue Flame Manor, and flatten them.

Unless a Genesis Realm practitioner appeared, no Void Realm human could stop such vicious Lords of the Abyss.

"Fortunately, the Abyss Devils do not like the environment outside and rarely leave the Abyss." He secretly rejoiced.

"Qin Lie! This Abyss Devil is too strong. If you have a way, summon the foreign races’ experts into the Frost Desolation Abyss!" At this time, Miao Fengtian communicated mentally and said, "The three races of Nether Realm have just returned to camp. Try to invite them!"

Qin Lie's brow rose. He immediately formed a soul connection, and communicated with the soul slave with the Nether Realm races.

In the Frost Desolation Abyss, where the Nether Realm races had gathered, the Horned Demon warrior with nine horns, Gordon, the nine-eyed Ghost Eye clansman Gray and Luz of the Dark Shadow Race were all looking dispirited, their heads hung low.

Ling Yushi was exhausted, her purple eyes dim as she leaned powerlessly against the stone pillar.

The experts of Nether Realm were scattered around with dark expressions.

Their hunt against the Lord of the Abyss Barthez had failed.

Gray, Gordon, and Luz were all rank nine bloodline experts of the three races. Adding on the Dark Nether Race's Ling Yushi and Ling Xuanxuan as well as the many clansmen of the three races, they thought their forces were so strong they could kill Barthez.

However, just like Qin Lie, they found they had underestimated the terrifying power of the Lord of the Abyss.

They gathered the entirety of Nether Realm’s power but still fell short in face of Barthez’s faction. Ling Yushi had also expended too much soul energy, resulting in her own soul being wounded.

They were forced to flee from Barthez.

Barthez had originally given chase but after finding the territory they entered belonged to the Soul Beast Cadak, Barthez turned back.

—Barthez was also wounded and had used up energy. He did not want to fight the Soul Beast Cadak a second time.

Clearly, the one that Barthez was truly wary of was Qin Lie's Soul Beast avatar.

At this time, Gordon and the others were licking their wounds dispirited, and thinking about their shortcomings in their fight against Barthez.

Suddenly, that Asura clansman who had been silent all this time said, "Master hopes you can help kill a wounded Lord of the Abyss."

"Another Lord of the Abyss!" Luz couldn't help but curse.

"A wounded Lord of the Abyss?" Gordon's eyes lit up.

"What is the situation?" Gray hurriedly asked.

"Curtis and my other clansmen have surrounded him with some Void Realm experts,” the Asura clansman hurriedly explained the situation. "The Lord of the Abyss has been attacked by the Blazing Profound Bombs, and is covered in wounds. He had entered a berserk state, but should not be able to maintain it for long..."

Luz, Gray and Gordon all became energized.

"Do you dare?!" Gordon shouted.

"Fuck it! He’s already wounded, what is there to fear!?" Gray shouted.

"Let us go!" Luz said.

After the three rank nine experts shouted, they looked towards Ling Yushi.

Ling Yushi had an exhausted expression. She waved her hand and said softly, "Be careful."


They all looked towards the Asura soul slave.

He closed his eyes and mentally sent a message before waiting for the star door to appear.

Seconds later, the star door slowly manifested above his head.

Gordon, Luz, and Gray gritted their teeth as they roared and charged into the star door.

The three came out and saw the terrifying and earth-shattering scene. They saw Atkins, who was almost two hundred meters tall, rippling with golden light as he fired attacks in all directions.

Curtis and the Asura Race experts, the Divine Grade artifact Moon Tear, and the fire spirit were clearly at a disadvantage.

But in a berserk state, Atkins was burnt black, and bleeding from many places.

At a glance, they could see Atkins was already at the end of his rope.

"Kill him!”

Gordon's expression turned grave as he charged first towards Atkins. The nine curved horns on top of his head suddenly started to tremble.

Balls of deep purple abyss devil energy flooded out of them and made Gordon appear like an enormous black whirlpool.

Gray's nine eyes released rays of nine different colors.

A strange field of power that could twist all power covered Atkins, and caused the golden light around him to dim.

Luz took the opportunity to charge in.

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