Chapter 1151: The Power of the Lord of the Abyss

Chapter 1151: The Power of the Lord of the Abyss

Atkins stood atop the remnants of the crumbled ancient palace, his mountainous body towering over the area.

The golden horn on his forehead released ripples of golden light. Wherever those ripples passed, the mountains split, the earth cracked, and the air wailed.

The Void Realm experts led by Curtis faltered under the golden ripples.

The Corpse Demons that Miao Fengtian had forged were rank eight, and could not withstand a single blow from the golden ripples.

The bodies of Corpse Demons seemed to have been stabbed. The golden light escaped from the gaping holes, so bright that others’ eyes hurt.

"Too strong!"

Jiang Zhuzhe had originally wanted to lead the Blood Drinkers to charge. Seeing Atkins display his power, he frowned.

He raised his hand and made a motion.

The Blood Drinkers saw that motion and immediately stopped.

He turned to look at Qin Lie, a hint of bitterness on his face. He said, "We are no match for a Lord of the Abyss."

Qin Lie's expression was dark. He nodded and pointed to the mountain valleys below. "Go fight those people."


Jiang Zhuzhe turned into a bloody light and led the Blood Drinkers to charge down into the valley from the mountain peak.

Below, beside the lava streams, many rank six, seven, and eight Golden Horned Brute Devils were active and gathering towards this place.

The group was swiftly intercepted by Jiang Zhuzhe and the Blood Drinkers under Qin Lie’s orders.

"Have the Corpse Demons go down as well," Qin Lie ordered.

Miao Fengtian nodded. He shook the corpse-controlling bell.

The Corpse Demons had not lost their ability to fight despite being riddled with holes.

The Corpse Demons had no soul and did not use vitality as their power source. As long as their limbs and heads were not cut off, they still had the power to fight.

As the bell sounded, the Corpse Demons jumped off the mountain peak. Controlled by Miao Fengtian, they charged towards the Abyss Devils below.

Suddenly, over by Qin Lie's side, only Gan Xing and the others were left in midair and Curtis and the others who were charging towards Atkins.

"Come out!"

Qin Lie's long crimson hair floated in the wind as he roared into the sky, his left shoulder shining blindingly bright.

Nine balls of moonlight appeared in the red sky like crescent moons.

"I leave this to you," Qin Lie communicated with You Ye.

In the Abyss, there were no sun, moon or stars. Only endless void, and the other Abyss levels above and below them.

Yet when Moon Tear appeared in the void of the Abyss, the flaming Abyss level transformed into the night of Boluo Realm.

It had nine moons in the sky.


Qin Lie exclaimed softly and looked towards Moon Tear, a strange expression on his face.

The moment Moon Tear floated into the sky, he keenly felt that the aura of the artifact soul, You Ye, and Moon Tear itself seemed to have grown much stronger.

The light the previous Moon Tear released was definitely not so bright.

This time however, it truly felt like nine moons.

"The Moon Tear ranked up..."

At this time, You Ye's soul thought formed in Qin Lie's mind.

Qin Lie immediately understood.

Within the chaotic streams of space, he had found Moon Core. You Ye consumed them and, after a very long time, became a Divine Grade Two spirit artifact.

This caused Moon Tear, and You Ye, its artifact soul, to become even stronger.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

You Ye controlled the nine moons and floated above Atkins in the sky.

The silver moonlight fell from each moon and draped onto the golden ripples.

Countless gold and silver lights collided viciously, and sparked off blinding lights.

The silver moonlight falling from the Moon Tear seemed to weaken the golden ripple's power, relieving some pressure off Curtis and the others.

Originally, under the attack of the golden ripples, the Soul Altars of Curtis and the others had been unstable.

After Moon Tear’s interference however, the Soul Altars under Curtis and the Void Realm experts became as steady as a mountain.

Having regained stability, the Soul Altars streaked towards Atkins, penetrating the golden ripples.

"Weak outsider, you dare to come to the Extreme Flame Abyss to die!"

Atkins snarled, his enormous hoof rising as he chaotically attacked through Soul Altars.


Curtis's six-level Soul Altar suddenly cracked after it was hit by the golden hoof.

Curtis gave a muffled grunt. Blood leaked from the corner of his mouth. His hands swung around as he pulled countless black flames from the Soul Altar underneath him.

Those eerie black flames landed on Atkins's body like black flowers.

"Crack! Riiip!"

The black flames burned fiercely on Atkins’s body as though they were weakening the defense of the Abyss Devil.

The other Void Realm experts also unleashed black flames from their own Soul Altars.

Those black flames carried a kind of dark and cold presence that caused Atkins to wail in pain when they fell on his body.

Qin Lie's eyes flashed with bloody light.

A blue bolt of lightning formed where he was and instantly disappeared.

So did his body.

When the blue lightning appeared again, Qin Lie was already above Atkins's head. Without a word, he threw down all the Blazing Profound Bombs he had in his spatial ring.

The metallic balls covered in lightning and fire fell like a storm from the sky.

Each metal ball contained the power of lightning and fire. They were inscribed with mysterious spirit diagrams and imprinted with a thread of the laws of the universe.

The dozens of Blazing Profound Bombs descended from the sky, their target Atkins.

Atkins, who was roaring as he fought with Curtis and the others had to split his attention to deal with the Moon Tear. Suddenly, he felt unusual vibrations coming from the thrown bombs.

Atkins suddenly lifted his head.

The golden horn on his head shot out a ray of light.

That ray of light was like a golden spear that could pierce through the sky. It turned the entire sky crimson gold.

"Boom boom boom! "Boom boom boom!"

The dozens of Blazing Profound Bombs were prematurely ignited and exploded.

Above Atkins's head, that sky which had been filled with fiery clouds seemed to collapse.

Thousands of bolts of lightning curved like electric dragons as they dove down.

The balls of flame were like meteors that smashed down.


Atkins's angry howl was drowned out by the dragons of electricity and the countless balls of flame. His enormous body trembled.

"Boom boom boom!"

This tallest mountain started to furiously sink due to his violent shuddering.

The descendants behind Atkins, and the rank eight Abyss Devils all started to shout in shock.

Some rank eight bloodline Abyss Devils were struck by the lightning and wailed as their flesh split apart.

Weaker Abyss Devils fled in fear when they saw the change in the sky.

"Fire spirit!"

As the mountain collapsed, Qin Lie secretly released the fire Spirit of Void and Chaos.

The fire qilin suddenly appeared and immediately went into its incorporeal state.

Like a ghost, the fire spirit secretly sneaked towards Atkins through the earth-shattering explosion.

Curtis and the others, because they were mentally connected to Qin Lie, had quickly retreated before the Blazing Profound Bombs exploded.

In but a flash, they watched as Atkins's enormous body fell together with the tall mountain peak, and became consumed by countless bolts of lightning and attacked by countless balls of flame. They paled.

The power of dozens of Blazing Profound Bombs exploding together was astounding.

In the past, Qin Lie had used this to blast Boluo Realm's Lunar Temple and Sun Palace’s secret realm entrances to dust.

Many Imperishable Realm experts had died in that explosion.

The power of the Blazing Profound Bombs destroyed the mountain peak and drowned Atkins.

The mountain peak collapsed, the lightning flashed and the fire burned each piece of rock in the vicinity.

Completely blackened, Atkins roared in that pile of stone as he madly shook his head.

The enormous stones flowing with liquid gold rolled off his body. He stood up, covered in wounds.

Seriously wounded, Atkins seemed even stronger. One of his eyes flashed with golden light, and the other flowed with lava like an erupting volcano.

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