Chapter 1149: Lord Hunting

Chapter 1149: Lord Hunting

In the Extreme Flame Abyss, all kinds of flaming Abyss Devils could be seen roaming around mountain ranges filled with molten lava.

Abyss Devils of all ranks were scattered across the region. They were either copulating, feeding or using their bloodline power for certain purposes.

At the peak of the tallest mountain, there was a grand and sinister-looking palace.

The palace was enveloped in flaming clouds that looked like it would never fade for eternity. A dozen or so giant rank eight Abyss Devils stood guard at the entrance of the palace.

From time to time, human-like high rank devils would walk in and out of the palace or engage in conversations using the language of the Abyss.

This was the land of the Lord of the Abyss, Atkins.

All Abyss Devils, including the First Devils could undergo a life-changing transformation if they successfully upgraded their bloodline to rank nine.

The evolution boosted both their bloodline power and intelligence tremendously.

There was an old saying in the Abyss. “There is no such thing as a foolish Lord of the Abyss.”

Every Lord of the Abyss was an Abyss Devil that had reached rank nine. They had tremendous strength, and they were as smart as any highly intellectual races out there.

Rank nine was what they called the peak form of an Abyss Devil. Even the weakest Abyss Devil would be reborn and awakened to their purpose of living after they evolved into a Lord of the Abyss.

Atkins was a low rank First Devil who lived for more than ten thousand years and slowly evolved into a Lord of the Abyss.

The descendants of a rank nine Lord of the Abyss were high rank Abyss Devils who looked like humans. They were born with the fundamental laws and secrets of the Abyss imprinted in their bloodline.

Many of Atkins’s descendants were gathered inside the palace right now.

The high rank Abyss Devils who shared a very similar appearance to humans and God clansmen were mostly at rank six or rank seven. Only a very few of them were at rank eight.

Unlike the low rank Abyss Devils, the high rank Abyss Devils were born with great intellect. They didn’t have to cultivate to rank nine to become smart.

“Father, I just received news that both Floris and the commander of the Blazing Army, Lieyan Wang had been severely wounded in battle. This is our chance to invade Floris’s domain.”

A rank eight devil with a lanky body and curved horns on his head said excitedly as he knelt before Atkins’s giant form.

“You can challenge Floris into battle and consume him. You can use his body to improve your bloodline and find the opportunity to evolve into a Great Lord of the Abyss!”

The rank nine Lord of the Abyss, Atkins was almost two hundred meters tall. He was so huge that he nearly filled up the entire palace.

Atkins had one golden horn above his head. It looked like a giant scarlet golden pillar.

The interior of the palace had dim lightning, but Atkins himself was glowing golden. A terrifying aura of sharpness and heat covered his entire body.

Atkins was originally a Golden Horned Brute Devil. It took him nearly ten thousand years of slaughter and feeding to reach his current state.

After he had become a Lord of the Abyss, nearly all the nearby Golden Horned Brute Devils had sworn their loyalty to him and came under his banner.

As of that moment, he was the only Golden Horned Brute Devil in the Extreme Flame Abyss that had ever managed to evolve to rank nine. Naturally, he became the king of this particular region.

All of his descendants had the blood of a Golden Horned Brute Devil in their veins. Although they looked human, they all had golden horns on their heads.

“Are you all ready?” Atkins’s voice rumbled like a crashing mountain.

His grin revealed an unbelievably long row of sharp teeth. Fist-sized mince meat could actually be seen between his teeth.

Most of the time, the Great Lords of the Abyss didn’t interfere with the battle between the rank nine Lords of the Abyss.

On the contrary, their silence was a tacit nod of approval to their bloody ways.

—Their stance didn’t change even when they were being invaded by foreign forces.

At the very least, no Great Lords of the Abyss in the Extreme Flame Abyss had ordered any Lords of the Abyss to stop fighting each other.

From Atkins’s point of view, it meant that the war against the Blaze Family was still within controllable limits.

It also meant that he could attack Floris however he liked.

For a Lord of the Abyss to evolve, they need to kill many other Lords of the Abyss and feed on their flesh. It took countless years of effort and immeasurable difficulties to earn that one glimmer of hope.

If Atkins wished to become the fourth Great Lord of the Extreme Flame Abyss, he had to battle the other Lords of the Abyss and obtain the ultimate victory again and again.

Atkins was definitely tempted when he heard that Floris and Lieyan Wang had both been injured in battle.

After he was spurred by his descendants, he discarded the last vestiges of hesitation and made up his mind to attack Floris. 


However, just as he was about to send out a soul storm and order all of his men into action, he suddenly heard an earthshaking rumble from above his domain.

Atkins immediately yelled violently, “Those damnable God clansmen must be targeting us!”

His domain was some distance away from the God Race’s battlefield. It was why his domain remained relatively calm even though Floris and Leiyan Wang had engaged in battle multiple times already.

However, he knew that it was only a matter of time before his domain became the God Race’s target.

Atkins’s domain was so remote that the other Lords of the Abyss normally glossed over him.

That was why he knew without thinking that the invaders were members of the God Race.

“Father! We’re heading out to take a look!”

The high rank devils with the blood of the Golden Horned Brute Devils exited the grand palace and looked towards the distance.

These rank eight Abyss Devils stood up one after another and roared angrily towards the distant sky, showing off their ferocious might.

Meanwhile, a ball of flaming cloud slowly made its way towards Atkins’s territory.

A dozen or so Blaze Family youngsters could be see standing inside the flaming cloud. These youngsters looked uneasy and shifty-eyed, almost as if they were afraid of what was coming next.

“These people aren’t even rank eight yet, and they dare start a hunt in our domain? They’re practically delivering themselves to us!”

A rank eight high rank Abyss Devil suddenly burst out in laughter.

His golden horn looked like a short, golden spear under the flame’s illumination.

“We haven’t come here to die, right captain?”

“We’re a ten-man squad that is forcing our way through a Lord of the Abyss’s territory. What’s even worse, we’ll be meeting the devil himself and his subordinates at any moment… the mere thought terrifies me.”

“Not even our commander had managed to beat Floris when he attacked that devil with his army.”

The rank six members of the squad were terrified to say the least. Their legs were literally shaking in fear as they glanced back and forth between Gan Xing and Qin Lie.

Even Yan Feng, Wu Sha, and Liu Yang glowing red faces looked riddled with uncertainty.

“Captain, this isn’t a trap, is it?” Wu Sha asked uncertainly.

Gan Xing spread open his arms, shot a glance at Qin Lie and shrugged. “Why would I hurt my own squadmates?”

Wu Sha smiled wryly at the response.

Meanwhile, Liu Yang was growing anxious as she pressed against Qin Lie. While looking at the countless number of Abyss Devils beneath their feet, she asked, “When are you summoning your followers over?”

Qin Lie smiled and asked carelessly, “What? Even you don’t trust me?”

“I’m just a little afraid.” Liu Yang pointed towards the front. “Atkins is right at that mountain peak in front of us. That palace is something his descendants had built for him. Not only does he have many rank eight bloodline warriors, they should all be in that palace right now. Plus, he’s not Floris, he is perfectly unharmed…”

“Oh, so he’s right there?” Qin Lie laughed. “But we’re not even there yet, are we? So why are you so afraid?”

“I’m afraid that he’ll kill us all in one hit after we get close, duh.” Liu Yang shot a glare at him.

“He won’t, he won’t. I’ll protect you,” Qin Lie said recklessly as they got closer and closer to mountain peak. He narrowed his eyes and stared at the palace and the rank eight Abyss Devils circling above it. “Relax. Let’s get a little closer.”

“Let them come!” Meanwhile, the rank eight high rank Abyss Devils laughed sinisterly on the peak.

Many large-sized Abyss Devils had wanted to pounce towards Qin Lie’s group and smash them to pieces immediately, but they heeded the descendants’ order and paused in midair.

They stared at Qin Lie’s group coldly and waited for them to arrive.

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