Chapter 1147: Return

Chapter 1147: Return

At a burning valley beneath the dark red sky.

Many bare-chested, impressive-looking men were lying lazily inside the lava pools scattered across the ground. They were tearing the Abyss Devil’s flesh and chatting loudly with one another.

A certain nine-man squad was doing the same inside a pool of molten lava. They chatted amongst themselves while eating roasted Abyss Devil meat.

“Where is Gan Xing? It’s been a long time already,” Yan Feng muttered.

“Sigh, that Qin Lie has probably passed away.” A trace of irritation and worry passed Liu Yang’s charming face. “Technically, he had saved our lives.”

The moment she said this, Yan Feng, Wu Sha and the rank six bloodline warriors suddenly fell silent.

Qin Lie wielded a Divine Grade artifact. Although he had run away seemingly due to his cowardice, it was a fact that he had lured Acarus away from them and saved them from danger.

Qin Lie was undeniably the reason they were able to escape safely.

If Qin Lie hadn’t pulled Acarus’s attention away from them, they would’ve been dead already. Not even Yan Feng could deny this fact.

That was why he maintained his silence, whatever grievances he might have felt toward Qin Lie.

“That guy is full of mysteries. Personally, I think he’ll be fine. Plus, that rank eight Abyss Devil cares more about his Divine Grade artifact and his identity than his life, right?” The equally charming, but mild-tempered Wu Sha played with her own wine-red hair for a bit while speaking softly, “At worst, I think he’d only be captured by that Abyss Devil.”

The frown on Yan Feng remained, however. “The fates of those fallen clansmen… are normally the same as the cooked meat we’re holding.”

Both Wu Sha and Liu Yang’s expressions changed slightly.

They were aware that the devils of the Extreme Flame Abyss held zero sympathy towards the Blaze Family. Any God Race clansman caught by the Abyss Devils would normally be eaten, just like they were devouring killed Abyss Devils’ flesh at that moment.

The two women couldn’t help but imagine Acarus tearing Qin Lie into shreds and devouring him alive.

They suddenly felt distraught with anxiety.

It was only now did they truly feel regret towards Qin Lie.

They both wished that Qin Lie would survive the encounter so they might repay the favor in the future.

However, they were also aware that most of their clansmen didn’t return alive after they had fallen into the hands of high rank Abyss Devils.

—They didn’t know Acarus though.

The nine-man squad quickly fell silent after Qin Lie was brought up in the conversation. The atmosphere actually felt a little oppressive for a moment.

“What are you guys talking about?” Gan Xing’s voice suddenly came from nearby.

Liu Yang and Wu Sha turned around to look.

“Qin Lie!”

The two girls abruptly exclaimed as their eyes lit up in joy. Their pretty faces were covered in excitement and pleasant surprise.

Yan Feng trembled once. Then, he let out a snort, looked down, and went back to his meat.

The rest of the squad also chuckled in relief. Qin Lie’s appearance had lessened the regret in their hearts and eased up the atmosphere considerably.

“Quickly, come over and tell us what happened after we got separated! How did you manage to escape from that peak rank eight high rank Abyss Devil?”

Liu Yang waved while smiling at Qin Lie. Her arm looked very pretty when accentuated by the fiery background.

She lifted her round butt and shifted away a little. Then she motioned for Qin Lie to sit next to her.

Qin Lie shot her a glance and rubbed his nose once. He was feeling a little embarrassed.

“Go.” Gan Xing chuckled before giving him a push behind his back. He even teased Qin Lie a little. “Liu Yang’s the one who begged me not to give up on you after you had left. She’s the only reason I went to look for uncle.”

Qin Lie laughed in response and sat down right beside Liu Yang.

A fragrant scent came from Liu Yang’s direction. He immediately felt a little frisky.

“You went to the commander for help?” Wu Sha exclaimed in surprise.

Even Yan Feng looked surprised by this.

Gan Xing sat down beside Yan Feng and accepted a piece of cooked meat from a rank six clansman. After he had taken a bite, he said, “Qin Lie was already out of danger after uncle and I found him. He was sitting right inside the lava pool where we first met him. Uncle thinks very highly of Qin Lie, and he has accepted him into our thousand-man legion. He’ll be given his mixed-blood identity tablet pretty soon.”

Gan Xing narrowed his eyes slightly and declared to everyone, “From hereon, he is one of us no matter what happens in the future.”

Gan Xing turned around and shot Yan Feng a look.

Yan Feng snorted and went back to his food. He didn’t give Gan Xing an answer.

Liu Yang continued to speak with Qin Lie with a smile on her face, “That’s how he is, you can just ignore him. Oh right, how did you manage to escape that rank eight high rank Abyss Devil?”

Qin Lie rubbed his nose and gave her a random excuse, “I have a spirit artifact that allows me to teleport very quickly.”

Understanding dawned upon Liu Yang, but surprise quickly overtook her. “Didn’t you come from Spirit Realm? I heard from the elders that the artificers of Spirit Realm are pretty terrible. If that’s true, how  did come into possession of a Divine Grade artifact and a spirit artifact capable of teleportation?”

“The God Race has left Spirit Realm for more than twenty thousand years, and a lot of things can happen in that time frame, including the human race’s ability to forge artifacts.” Qin Lie smiled. “The humans’ artifact forging abilities aren’t the only thing to have reached completely new heights. They’ve also learned how to steal the other races’ bloodlines and overcome their natural weaknesses.”

“Oh, I see. I guess Spirit Realm has developed pretty rapidly after we invaded that place,” Liu Yang said in amazement.

“When Qin Lie gets his identity tablet, he’ll officially become a member of our squad. We’ll set out on another hunt then.” Gan Xing looked to be in a pretty good mood. “Our next target will be a rank eight Abyss Devil at minimum. If possible, we may even target a Lord of the Abyss.”

When he said this, everyone including Yan Feng suddenly turned pale with fright.

Yan Feng looked at Gan Xing in shock and broke his long standing silence, “Have you gone insane? What on earth can we do against a rank eight Abyss Devil? Are you trying to lead us to a dead end?”

Gan Xing smiled and replied, “Qin Lie will give us the help we need.”

“How much help can he possibly give that we can hunt down a rank eight Abyss Devil, or even a rank nine Lord of the Abyss?” Yan Feng’s expression was ugly to say the least. “Not even our legion was able to claim victory from the hands of the Lord of the Abyss, Floris. What on earth can our ten-man squad do against a high rank Abyss Devil like that?”

Liu Yang and Wu Sha were surprised beyond words too. They kept looking back and forth between Gan Xing and Qin Lie with puzzled looks on their faces.

“Qin Lie isn’t a loner. He has subordinates and vassal forces who serve under him.” Gan Xing lowered his voice as he spoke, “Most importantly, he can bring his subordinates into the Extreme Flame Abyss anytime he wants to and make them fight for him.”

“But you only have a rank seven bloodline… how powerful can your subordinates possibly be?” Liu Yang looked at Qin Lie with deep curiosity.

“Most of my subordinates are at the Imperishable Realm. There are also a few who’re at the Void Realm,” Qin Lie clarified.

Everyone except Gan Xing suddenly looked dumbstruck. They were speechless until a long time later.

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