Chapter 1146: The Four Great Transcendent Bloodline Races

Chapter 1146: The Four Great Transcendent Bloodline Races 

Near the lava pool.

Qin Lie looked relaxed, but in reality he was feeling pretty anxious on the inside. Lieyan Wang’s arrival was a worrying one.

He had expended too much bloodline power in order to bring Curtis and the others to Extreme Flame Abyss, then back.

The reason he rushed here was to submerge himself in the lava pool, absorb the flame essence in it and recover his bloodline power.

It was unlikely that he would be able to activate his Star Door latent ability and summon his soul servants to battle until some time later.

He only needed a glance to know that Lieyan Wang, Gan Xing’s companion, was at least rank eight or above.

For now, he knew that there was nothing he could do against Lieyan Wang.

“Gan Xing told me that this is where he found you, is that right?” Lieyan Wang grinned wildly and without restraint. “How did you come over from another Abyss level?”

Qin Lie maintained a silent frown on his face.

“My name is Lieyan Wang. I’m a rank nine bloodline warrior of the Blaze Family and the captain of a one thousand man strong legion,” Lieyan Wang introduced himself.

Qin Lie couldn’t understand why he had introduced himself, so he gave him a slight nod and answered, “I’m honored to meet a rank nine bloodline warrior of the Blaze Family.”

“You have the Blaze Family’s bloodline in you, so strictly speaking you’re a member of our family as well,” Lieyan Wang said seriously.

Qin Lie smiled bitterly. “I’m a little different from you all.”

“There are plenty of mixed-bloods among us. That doesn’t stop the family from recognizing them and giving them the status they deserve.” Lieyan Wang pondered for a moment before continuing, “As long as the Blaze Family blood runs in your veins, and as long as you haven’t done anything that’s a grave breach to our laws, the family will accept you.”

“The Blaze Family will be entering Spirit Realm in the future. When that happens… I don’t know what kind of decision I may make in the future.” Qin Lie said solemnly.

“No one can predict the future.” Lieyan Wang chuckled before continuing, “You’re still in the Extreme Flame Abyss, and the family hasn’t invaded Spirit Realm yet, so I doubt there’ll be any conflicts between us until then.”

“What will my treatment be?” Qin Lie asked suddenly.

“I’m sorry?” Lieyan Wang looked puzzled and confused by the question.

“I have the Blaze Family blood in my veins, but I also hail from Spirit Realm. I had run into Cang Ye not long ago, and she was so curious about my identity that she attempted to capture me and demand a drop of refined blood from me.” Qin Lie’s expression looked dark. “Are you going to do the same thing to me? Are you planning to capture me and figure out the origin of my blood?”

Lieyan Wang leaned lazily against the red hot walls behind him while half his body was submerged inside the lava pool. He shook his head and gave Qin Lie a half smile, “I doubt I can do it even if I want to.”

Qin Lie was caught off guard.

“To be honest with you, I saw you fighting against Floris’s subordinates earlier. I saw you summoning a bunch of Asura Race experts and Corpse Demons to your aid.” Lieyan Wang laughed drily. “Some of those Asura Race experts were at the Void Realm, weren’t they? I may be pretty powerful, but I dare not claim that I can take them all out myself.”

Qin Lie immediately understood.

Lieyan Wang and Gan Xing had already arrived while he was fighting against Enos. They had gotten a clear picture of his strength without him noticing.

However, they didn’t know that he couldn’t open the star door right now...

“I was drawn into this place by accident by my bloodline. If there are no further accidents, I should be able to return pretty soon,” Qin Lie said.

Lieyan Wang’s eyes suddenly shone brightly like the sun. “Say, would you like to stay in the Extreme Flame Abyss for now?”

Qin Lie’s mind went blank for a second.

Lieyan Wang straightened himself a little before explaining seriously, “I can give you an identity in the family—you can join us in conquering the Extreme Flame Abyss as a mixed-blood.”

Qin Lie clearly looked very puzzled.

Lieyan Wang let out another dry laugh before explaining a bit embarrassedly, “To be honest, our war in the Extreme Flame Abyss isn’t going too well. We haven’t been able to obtain an overwhelming advantage over the Lords of the Abyss.”

Now Qin Lie understood his reasoning a little as he exclaimed, “You wish to borrow my strength?”

“Exactly,” Lieyan Wang said honestly and sincerely, “I’d lost more warriors than I expected during the war, and I wasn’t able to suppress Floris despite that. If you are willing, I can make you a mixed-blood in the family and an official member of my legion. All your contributions during the war will be recorded and imprinted eternally in the merit tablet, and the more contributions you earn the bigger the rewards you gain after the war is over.”

“Rewards? But what can I possibly use them for?” Qin Lie asked in astonishment.

“When our race invades Spirit Realm in the future, you may use the merits you’ve accumulated to save your realms from war. You may even use it to save some people that we would normally kill without question.”

“Moreover, our race has accumulated plenty of precious treasures over the years. You may use the merits on your merit tablet to exchange them as well.”

“You may even exchange for the right to rule entire realms, should you have enough contributions!”

Lieyan Wang explained smilingly.

“The right to rule entire realms?” Qin Lie exclaimed before asking with an odd look on his face, “Doesn’t that mean that I can demand Spirit Realm from the God Race after it’s been conquered?”

Lieyan Wang laughed loudly before continuing, “If you can aid our race and severely damage both the Soul Race and the Spirit Race, it may actually be possible for you to take possession of Spirit Realm!”

“Seriously?” Qin Lie looked stunned.

“Nothing is impossible,” Lieyan Wang said in a tone that indicated clearly that he wasn’t joking at all. “The Soul Race and the Spirit Race are just like us. We are the three strongest races of the entire galaxy. They are our enemies, and we’ve had our ups and downs during our engagements with these two great races in recent years.”

“If you really did manage to deal a heavy blow the Soul Race and Spirit Race, it’s definitely possible for you to exchange for the right to rule Spirit Realm after we’ve conquered that place!”

“Of course, this is all just a pipe dream right now.”

“However, if you manage to accumulate a sizable amount of merits in the Extreme Flame Abyss, you may exchange for a couple of small or middle-sized realms after we’ve conquered Spirit Realm.”

Lieyan Wang continued his explanation seriously, “This way, you could at least ensure that the safety of those closest to you by sending them into those realms you own. Our army will not invade the realms you’ve claimed for yourself.”

Qin Lie was definitely moved by his proposal.

He pondered for a moment before asking, “How many rank ten bloodline warriors do the five great families possess?”

Realm wise, a rank ten God Race bloodline warrior was the equal of a Genesis Realm human expert or a rank ten bloodline expert of another race.

However, a rank ten God Race warrior was naturally stronger than most other races at the same level. A single warrior like that was equal of several Genesis Realm experts.

If the God Race were to invade Spirit Realm at full force, he wanted to know if it was possible for the human race to ultimately seize victory.

Qin Lie had a rough idea that the total number of Genesis Realm experts in Spirit Realm didn’t exceed twenty, even if all eight great Gold rank forces of the Central World were put together.

However, there were a couple of rank ten bloodline experts among the Giant Dragon Race, Asura Race, Ancient Beast Race, Sea Race, Wood Race, Giant Race, and other foreign races too.

Therefore, the total number of Genesis Realm experts and rank ten bloodline experts in Spirit Realm should be close to fifty.

This was the rough estimation he had arrived at after conversing with Ji Yao.

A single rank ten God Race bloodline warrior could probably fight five Genesis Realm cultivators or five rank ten bloodline experts of Spirit Realm head on.

If the God Race had even ten rank ten bloodline warriors within their midst, they were probably strong enough to wipe out the entire Spirit Realm already.

It was because the foreign races of Spirit Realm were extremely dissatisfied with the human race’s invasions and provocations for the past ten thousand years or so. There was simply no way they could work together.

If the hundred races were to fall apart the moment the five great families started invading, the races of Spirit Realm might surrender to them again just like thirty thousand years ago.

Spirit Realm would collapse on all fronts if that were allowed to happen.

“Currently, the Blaze Family is the weakest out of the five great families. We only have six rank ten bloodline warriors among us. All the other families have around ten rank ten bloodline experts or so,” Lieyan Wang answered with obvious shame etched on his face.

Six rank ten bloodline warriors in the Blaze Family!

Around ten rank ten bloodline warriors in each of the remaining four families!

In total, there were almost fifty rank ten bloodline warriors in the five great families!

The fact that one rank ten God Race bloodline warrior was about as strong as five human or foreign expert at the same level meant that the God Race was at least five times stronger than the entire Spirit Realm combined!

Worse, the five great families were forever united as one when they were dealing with foreign enemies!

Could the Human Race and the other races of Spirit Realm work together sincerely to resist the God Race?

Could they do it when a total collapse was a real risk since the start of the war?

Suddenly, Qin Lie felt the blood rush to his head. His breathing felt a little uneven. Lieyan Wang’s words had shattered the even the last vestiges of his dream.

A sense of forlorn, despair and helplessness gripped Qin Lie suddenly, he realized that the races of Spirit Realm probably couldn’t do anything against the giant that was the God Race no matter how hard they tried.

Barring outside interference, Spirit Realm was a lamb waiting to be slaughtered. They might even crumble under the God Race’s might a lot faster than they did thirty thousand years ago.

Qin Lie couldn’t find a shred of hope anywhere. He was at a complete loss as to their future.

Lieyan Wang noticed that Qin Lie’s expression was odd. Instead of pushing him, Lieyan Wang waited for Qin Lie to recover himself.

A long time later, Qin Lie finally spoke up again in a difficult tone, “Are the Soul Race and Spirit Race this powerful too?”

“Just like us, the Soul Race and Spirit Race have conquered many galaxies.” Lieyan Wang turned serious. “We are lucky that the Abyss Devils cannot get used to the world beyond the Abyss. If they could travel across realms, they might’ve become the fourth race capable of sweeping through the entire galaxy on their own. Our race, the Spirit Race, the Soul Race and the Abyss Devil Race are known as the four great transcendent bloodline races.”

“Why are you called the transcendent bloodline races?” Qin Lie asked in a daze.

Lieyan Wang chuckled, but didn’t answer Qin Lie’s question immediately. Instead, he said, “When you’ve become one of us, when you’ve decided to help us conquer the Extreme Flame Abyss, you’ll naturally understand why we’re called transcendent bloodline races.”

“Qin Lie, please fight with us. Just think of it as leaving yourself a way out in the future.” Gan Xing said sincerely.

Qin Lie pondered to himself for a long time. In the end, he nodded and agreed to their proposal helplessly, his eyes filled with infinite fatigue.

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