Chapter 1145: Corpse Controller

Chapter 1145: Corpse Controller

In the air, the high rank Abyss Devil coming towards Qin Lie like a meteor seemed to explode into pieces of flesh.

The Abyss Devils which had been refined into Corpse Demons did not eat the corpse of this high rank Abyss Devil. For Corpse Demons, the vast vitality contained in physical bodies was of no help to their growth.

Therefore, the pieces of flesh fell from the sky like torrential rain.


A thick bloody arm landed in front of Enos like a punch to her chest.

The Asura Race experts that flooded out of the star door behind Qin Lie were like slaps to her face.

Now, she knew just how laughable her agreement with the Extreme Flame Abyss Devils had been.

Qin Lie, who they thought was a lamb awaiting slaughter, was a bloody crocodile wearing the hide of a lamb. Once he opened his mouth, he would consume all of their pride and presumption.

"Ding ding ding!"

Miao Fengtian shook the corpse-controlling bell, his eyes flashing with strange light.

The Corpse Demons refined from rank eight Abyss Devils charged towards Floris's remaining subordinates like bloodthirsty wolves.

Curtis snickered and led the Asura clansmen to methodically surround Enos and the other attackers from the Frost Desolation Abyss.

Within the fiery clouds, Lieyan Wang and Gan Xing's eyes were filled with shock.

Especially Lieyan Wang. His mountainous body suddenly shuddered.

"Uncle, he... is able to form a realm entrance with his bloodline?" Gan Xing asked in disbelief.

Lieyan Wang nodded heavily, his expression unusually serious and said, "That corpse controller ... I recognize him."

"What?" Gan Xing shouted in shock.

"He is one of the five progenitors of the human race, called the Corpse Progenitor. Back then, when I was fighting in Spirit Realm, I only had rank six bloodline. The Corpse Progenitor can refine corpses into puppets. These puppets are dead, so they do not fear death or pain, yet are extremely strong."

"After the Corpse Progenitor died, the Blaze Family placed him in a Graveyard of Gods. I think... this Qin Lie had gone to the chaotic streams of space previously. He found this secret realm where the Graveyard of Gods was and took the remains of the Corpse Progenitor that had been placed there."

"This Corpse Progenitor is an inheritor that had merged with the remains, not the actual Corpse Progenitor."

"The Corpse Demon army of the past Corpse Progenitor had dominated for a time in Spirit Realm, and was overwhelmingly powerful."

"I had not expected someone who can refine Corpse Demon to be lurking in the Abyss. If during our invasion on Spirit Realm we had to face an army of Corpse Demons refined from powerful Abyss Devils, it surely would not have gone so smooth."

Lieyan Wang’s expression was dark as he looked at Curtis and the Asura Race experts. He felt their presences.

"Those people belong to Spirit Realm's Asura Race. The Asura Race is a very battle-hungry race. When we entered Asura World back then, it took some effort."

"This mixed-blood Qin Lie, has the Corpse Progenitor, and many Asura Race experts. It seems that he has a certain status in Spirit Realm."

"If... we can pull him to our side, and have him be loyal to the Blaze Family... when we enter Spirit Realm, it will be much smoother."

Lieyan Wang rubbed his chin, thinking as he said to Gan Xing.

"He may not be willing to help us defeat the human race." Gan Xing grimaced.

Lieyan Wang snorted and sneered, "When the armies of the five families descend on Spirit Realm together, the races of Spirit Realm will quickly collapse. Once they collapse, those races will fight to join, and kneel obediently in front of us."

“Will it really be so easy?" Gan Xing did not quite believe it.

"The five families working together will flatten Spirit Realm. There is no doubt to be had." Lieyan Wang was full of confidence. He frowned and said, "I am curious about... Qin Lie's bloodline."

"Is there a problem with his bloodline?" Gan Xing was shocked.

Lieyan Wang's eyes were complicated, as though they suddenly held many secrets. He said, "There are some things which even I do not know. I only know our former patriarch launched a project in Spirit Realm. This project was… very secret. Even the Darkness Family wasn’t privy to its details. However, after former patriarch’s disappearance, no one has ever mentioned it again. I don’t know if the project still proceeded after our retreat. I don’t know if it had succeeded."

"What project?" Gan Xing asked curiously.

Lieyan Wang shook his head and did not speak.

Gan Xing could only look down on Qin Lie with curiosity.

At this time, the Corpse Demons controlled by Miao Fengtian had already torn Floris's five subordinates into pieces.

However, the Asura Race experts led by Curtis had encountered misfortune when attacking Enos.

When Enos saw the state of the situation, she called to her father with a bloodline secret art to ask for help.

Her father immediately locked onto her location through the blood connection.

In an instant, the natural laws in the volcanic chain suddenly changed.

The high temperatures dropped, ice coming out of nowhere and covering the entire area.

The fiery clouds were frozen into white frost. The dead volcanoes became glaciers. The burning wind became sharp ice blades, and the entire world turned white.

The frost fundamental laws formed in this small space and affected the surroundings.

An enormous ice mirror formed from cold power and hung in front of Enos, Klaus and the others.

At the same time, a voice that reached their souls sounded in their minds.

The invaders from the Frost Desolation Abyss glared hatefully at Qin Lie and entered that ice mirror.

They disappeared.

Curtis and the other scattered around the ice mirror and did not dare to act rashly.

They knew that a being that could twist the laws of the Abyss would be a Great Lord of the Abyss, with rank ten bloodline.

Beings of that level were much stronger than even the rank nine Soul Beasts. They had no power to fight back.

They could only watch Enos leave.

When Enos left, the force that had forcibly altered the laws quickly retracted.

The burning heat once again took over the world. The ice, the glaciers, and the frost immediately melted.

Everything seemed as if nothing had just happened.

"Return immediately!"

Qin Lie's expression changed. He hurriedly opened the star door, and sent away Curtis, Miao Fengtian, the Asura clansmen and the Corpse Demons.

He himself used the Blitz Thunder Escape to quickly leave this area.

Within the clouds, Lieyan Wang's expression changed. He stared in Qin Lie"s direction and left with Gan Xing.

"The Great Lord of the Abyss of another level affected the laws of the Abyss. That will surely alert the three Great Lords of the Extreme Flame Abyss. Soon, their soul consciousness will descend upon this place to investigate. We must also leave as soon as possible," Lieyan Wang explained.

Another level’s Great Lord of the Abyss suddenly came to disrupt Extreme Flame Abyss. This would attract attention.

The three Great Lords of the Extreme Flame Abyss would not be ignorant of this. They would definitely come to investigate.

Leaving before their soul threads stretch into this place was definitely a wise decision. Otherwise, they would be soulsearched and forced to give up their secrets.

Qin Lie and Lieyan Wang both knew the unwritten rules of the Abyss, so before Great Lords of the Abyss could come, they hurriedly left.

Qin Lie flashed until he reached the flame crystal mine he had first arrived at.

He landed at the volcano’s mouth, and immersed himself entirely in the lava pool. He calmed down and used the fire energy in the lava to recover.

"I hope I will not be a target," he thought to himself.

Suddenly, two figures appeared at the mouth of the volcano.

One of them was Gan Xing.

The other was a large man with red hair and burning eyes that looked downwards.

He immediately realized this God Race man knew of his existence.

Within the lava pool, he hesitated and then slowly floated up.

Like soaking in the hotspring, most of his body was in the lava pool. He revealed his head and said to Lieyan Wang and Gan Xing, "You came specifically for me."

Gan Xing smiled coolly, nodded and said, "I feared you would be killed by that rank eight Abyss Devil so I went to invite uncle."

Qin Lie also laughed. "I am living well."

Lieyan Wang looked deeply at him and then slowly descended with Gan Xing downwards until the two of them were in the lava pool.

The three with the Blaze Family bloodline immersed themselves in the lava pool.

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