Chapter 1142: Lieyan Wang

Chapter 1142: Lieyan Wang

In the ancient palace of the Ji Family.

The Ji Family duo walked out of the ninth teleportation formation.

They both grimaced, their frowns hiding deep shock.

They were not in a hurry to leave the ancient palace.

"What do you think of Qin Lie now?" Ji Yao suddenly asked.

Ji Yuan closed her eyes and thought of a while. She said, "The forces he gathered really belong to him and him alone? He gathered them in these years? Really without relying on the Qin Family?"

Ji Yao nodded gently. "I think so. Boluo Realm and the two Abyss levels are things that the Qin Family cannot touch."

Ji Yuan sighed and said, "Looking at this, he may become another Qin Hao. Maybe, after a few centuries, the force under him will surpass the Qin Family!"

"I also think so," Ji Yao said with a grimace.

"So did you secretly leak the path of the Void Realm martial practitioners from Lunar Temple and Sun Palace that were travelling to Boluo Realm? Did you also tell him the spatial coordinates of this teleportation formation? You want to sow seeds of good karma with the kid?" Ji Yuan seemed to understand a bit.

"I feel that he, at present, is worthy of me treating him seriously!" Ji Yao said solemnly.

Ji Yuan thought and slowly nodded. She said, "This person has a method to enter and leave the Abyss at any time. We do not even know of this place. The Abyss Devils that live there are as powerful as the God Race, it is unimaginable."

"He took the Boluo Realm races, the Nether Realm races, and the human martial practitioners from the Land of Chaos into the Abyss. If they can achieve success there and feast on the flesh of many Abyss Devils, they will be getting stronger at a rate we cannot possibly match.” Ji Yao took a deep breath and continued, “In the future, some rank ten bloodlines will appear in his forces. So will Genesis Realm practitioners. At that time, his force will truly surpass the Qin Family!"

"Qin Hao was able to transform the Qin Family into a Gold rank force because he relied on the old patriarch, Qin Shan's outstanding artificing skills and the Qin Family's terrifying wealth." Ji Yuan was slightly emotional. "If he manages to develop into a Gold rank force just by himself without relying on the Qin Family, then he... will have surpassed Qin Hao."

"Compared to Qin Hao, he has the God Race bloodline which has awakened and is quickly transforming. In terms of individual power, his potential is better than Qin Hao’s..." Ji Yao said.

"Maybe, in the near future, he and the Qin Family will be the force from the human race that will fight the God Race." Ji Yuan sighed.

While she had no good feelings towards Qin Lie, through the trip to the two Abyss levels and after seeing Qin Lie's strength, she had to admit that the power that Qin Lie had gathered was astonishing.

Also, Qin Lie himself also possessed endless potential.

"I will go see the elders in a while and have them consider getting closer to the Qin Family. As for the six forces... "Ji Yao snorted and said, "Let them do as they wish."

Ji Yuan nodded to show her agreement.

Qin Lie led them around the two levels of the Abyss. They had a relatively clear understanding of Qin Lie's forces.

Due to this, they saw the Qin Family did not just have those forces in outer space.

The third generation leader of the Qin Family that possessed the God Race bloodline was using his own means to quickly accumulate an astounding force.

Qin Lie's present accomplishments let them see another titan slowly growing.

They had to treat everything concerning Qin Lie seriously.


On the other side, after seeing the two Ji Family members back to Spirit Realm, Qin Lie returned to the Extreme Flame Abyss again.

Curtis, under his orders, had returned once again to the Frost Desolation Abyss to supervise, and was responsible for finding more materials required for Miao Fengtian’s corpse refining.

In the skies of the Extreme Flame Abyss, a figure flashed by. Qin Lie was using Blitz Thunder Escape, headed towards Gan Xing’s ten-man team.

Not long ago, he lured Acarus away from Gan Xing and the others, and then summoned Curtis and the others to capture Acarus alive.

He felt that Gan Xing and the others had not gone far.

After he obtained the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit's bloodline, he could travel far with each Blitz Thunder Escape. After a few flashes, he appeared at the volcano where Acarus had been cultivating in.

The strange formation Acarus had made was still present.

Yet when he released his soul presence and felt for a while, he did not feel any signs of Gan Xing and the others.

"Where did they go?"

He was puzzled. He flashed around checking the surroundings.

Alas, after making a circle, he still did not feel Gan Xing and the others.

Out of helplessness, he could only temporarily give up so he sat down in the dead volcano Acarus had been hiding in.

He did not know that Gan Xing and the others had chased in the direction he fled in for a while and then given up after they felt they had no hope.

As he searched for Gan Xing and the others, this ten person squad had returned dispiritedly to where the Blaze Family was gathered.

In an enormous volcanic valley with many boiling lava pools, many half-naked Blaze Family members were cultivating.

Teens with fiery red skin and the mark of the Blaze Family were scattered around the mountain valley, coming in and out.

This was a thousand strong legion of the Blaze Family.

To the Blaze Family, ten formed a squad, a hundred formed a company, a thousand formed a legion, and ten thousand for an entire corps.

This thousand strong legion was led by the rank nine bloodline God Race elder Lieyan Wang. He had just fought with a Lord of the Abyss, and had returned to the valley covered in wounds. He was tearing apart and chewing on flesh of a rank eight Abyss Devil.

There were wounds covering his tall and large figure. Through the wounds, one could make out bones.

However, as he ate the flesh of the Abyss Devil, the blood inside the wounds wriggled like earthworms, flashing with divine characters as the wounds quickly healed.

Lieyan Wang shouted and said he would immediately return after he recovered.

At this time, Gan Xing walked over and bowed respectfully. He said, "Uncle, I encountered a human here."

Lieyan Wang raised his head and stilled. "A human from Spirit Realm?"

Gan Xing nodded.

"How could they enter the Abyss? This isn't very likely," Lieyan Wang said in bewilderment.

"That human... has the Blaze Family bloodline," Gan Xing said.

Lieyan Wang thought for a moment and seemed to react. "Was it the little guy that you and Cang Ye saw last time in the chaotic streams of space?"

"It's him." Gan Xing nodded.

"How did he come to the Extreme Flame Abyss?" Lieyan Wang was shocked.

"Maybe guided by his bloodline? Maybe by other means. I don’t know," Gan Xing replied.

"Where is he?" Lieyan Wang frowned.

"Ugh..." Gan Xing’s face was overcome with shame. He narrated in detail how they had encountered the rank eight Acarus, and how Qin Lie had drew Acarus away.

"Idiot! That guy held the Divine Grade artifact and obviously fled to lure the Abyss Devil away from you!" Lieyan Wang shouted.

Gan Xing had a conflicted expression and said, "I understood that, so I led them back. I know that we are not a match for a rank eight Abyss Devil. In order to avoid more fatalities, I could only do this. Also, I feel that he will only be captured alive at the most. That rank eight Abyss Devil may not truly kill him. It seemed to be extremely greedy. He may capture him for ransom."

"Go! Lead the way, I will go see the situation!" Lieyan Wang shouted.

Gan Xing's eyes lit up. He immediately said, "Alright!"

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