Chapter 1141: Show of Strength

Chapter 1141: Show of Strength

"The five God Race families will invade Spirit Realm together? Where did you get this information?!"

The woman of the ancient Ji Family, Ji Yuan, paled. She was extremely shocked and frightened.

Qin Lie glanced at her and said, "This place is called the Extreme Flame Abyss. The Blaze Family members are already fighting here!"

Ji Yao inhaled deeply and shouted, "The five families will really come at the same time?"

"Maybe not at the same time, but least least the Light Family, Darkness Family, Bloodthirst Family, and Profound Ice Family." Qin Lie looked in the direction of where Gan Xing was, thought for a moment and said, "The Blaze Family may be a bit slower. However, the present Blaze Family is the weakest among the five families."

Ji Yuan, who was dressed in ancient robes, seemed unable to adjust to the high temperature of the Extreme Flame Abyss. She was sweating heavily.

She had to channel spirit power in order to create a bright shield to fend off the high temperature.

"I think... even if the six forces sincerely work with us, we will not be a match for the five families." Bitterness and helplessness appeared on Ji Yuan’s face. "Also, the six families still want to make trouble for the Qin Family. The Qin Family has been developing in outer space for three centuries. According to our intel, the Qin Family is stronger than three centuries ago. If the Qin Family, our Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace were to fight against the six great forces and the five God Race families suddenly appear, I cannot imagine how disastrous the consequences would be."

"Just the human race alone is not a match for the five families!" Ji Yao said coldly.

Ji Yuan sighed and grimaced. "In the recent years, the human race has fallen out with other races. According to what I know, many races even feel the arrival of the God Race… may be a good thing."

"Some race do hope for the arrival of the God Race," Qin Lie said with a sneer.

The ancient races of Boluo Realm had no positive feelings towards the human race. They wanted the God Race to invade again.

After the God Race had been exiled, the major human forces followed the ways of the God Race and started to invade the other races.

In the last twenty thousand years, the human race had exterminated many small races.

Even the Sea Race, Wood Race, and Demon Dragon Race had suffered great losses when fighting against the human race.

Therefore, it was no surprise that they did not have one iota of positive feeling towards the human race.

Qin Lie did not think that when the God Race came, the human race could unite with the other major races and fight back against the God Race like they did twenty thousand years ago.

"Does the Qin Family have any relations to the Blaze Family?" Ji Yao suddenly asked.

Qin Lie's brow furrowed. He shook his head and said, "Honestly speaking, I am not sure."

Ji Yao stilled and said, "It appears you have not communicated with your grandfather."

Last time, on Seven Spirits Island, he had talked with Qin Lie and knew of Qin Lie's situation.

"You came to this place using the resources of the Qin Family?" Ji Yuan said in shock.

"No." Qin Lie thought for a moment. He indicated for Curtis to remain and then opened the star door. He led Ji Yao and Ji Yuan into the Frost Desolation Abyss.

He came to the place where Miao Fengtian was refining the corpses.

Among the enormous pillars of ice, a dozen rank eight Abyss Devils absorbed corpse energy, their fur turning white, and their bodies brimming with corpse power.


Miao Fengtian and the dozen Asura Race Soul Altar experts bowed when they saw him appear.

In the plaza divided by the ice pillars, a Corpse Demon from a rank eight Silver-eyed Snake Devil was fighting a Sharp Claw Devil Corpse Demon.

Ji Yao and Ji Yuan first examined Miao Fengtian in shock. A moment later, they shouted, "The inheritor of the Corpse Progenitor's legacy?"

They could feel after a moment of observation that Miao Fengtian had taken over the Corpse Progenitor's body and Soul Altar, and would inherit everything from the Corpse Progenitor.

This meant that if Miao Fengtian did not die and continued to develop, one day, he would become another Corpse Progenitor.

The most terrifying aspect of the Corpse Progenitor was not his cultivation, but his skill in refining corpses.

The Corpse Progenitor had refined many Corpse Demons in the past and almost was undefeated.

The art of refining corpses allowed Qin Lie to have many powerful Corpse Demons under him that he could use to fight the six forces.

Soon, their attention fell onto the plaza.

The two Corpse Demons had just been refined, they were both rank eight Abyss Devils and were extremely powerful.

Brother and sister only watched for a while before their expressions changed.

"What level of existence is this race?" Ji Yao couldn't help but ask.

"Rank eight Abyss Devils. They are equivalent of rank eight giant dragons but their true combat prowess surpasses five or six giant dragons with the same rank bloodline," Qin Lie said coolly.

When he said this, a hint of fear appeared in Ji Yao and Ji Yuan's eyes.

They then looked at the Asura Race experts.

The dozen Asura clansmen had called Qin Lie master. They had heard it clearly.

They looked over each of the Asura Race experts and found several among them were in the Void Realm, and the rest were all in the Imperishable Realm.

The brother and sister were terrified..

Qin Lie narrowed his eyes and said coolly, "The major races of Boluo Realm are fighting in Frost Desolation Abyss under my guidance and quickly growing strong. Other than this, the experts of the major Nether Realm races are fighting here..."

Ji Yuan was shocked. "These are all the Qin Family's hidden forces?"

A dozen Void Realm experts, many Imperishable Realm experts, many Corpse Demons. She felt wary at this force.

"This is only Qin Lie's, not the Qin Family’s." Ji Yao sighed.

He knew that Qin Lie had been managing everything here himself, and it did not have much to do with the Qin Family. He was also shocked at the power that Qin Lie showed.

"Only his?" Ji Yuan was shocked.

Ji Yao grimaced and nodded at Qin Lie. He said, "You do not have to display your power to me. Do not worry, I will not go into cahoots with the six forces, and act against you."

Qin Lie's expression was aloof as he said calmly, "Soon, I will have an army made out of high rank Abyss Devils, and many Void Realm and Imperishable Realm martial practitioners. Compared to the Gold rank forces of Central World, I will only lack Genesis Realm experts in my forces. However, that will soon change. Also, these are only my personal forces, not the Qin Family’s."

"I understand." Ji Yao nodded softly.

"Please keep everything here a secret." Qin Lie smiled and said, "I will send you back."

When he finished, he used Zhuang Jing as a soul beacon. He opened the star door again and sent the Ji siblings back to Soul Summoning Island.

The Ji Family duo returned through Evil Infant Island's teleportation formation back to the Ji Family.

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