Chapter 1137: Lure

Chapter 1137: Lure

 Acarus did not charge at him. The flame ball he was in floated silently in the air.

He examined Qin Lie from afar.

At this time, Qin Lie stood at the entrance to the dead volcano with a smile on his face. The bright light released by the Divine Grade artifact Moon Tear above his head shone like a star.

Qin Lie did not show any signs of his bloodline reaching the end of its strength.

Without having used all of his power, why did he suddenly stop and wait here calmly?

Acarus's expression was dark as he became wary. He suspected that God Race experts were hiding nearby.

He started to inspect the surroundings with his soul.

Acarus's soul restlessly moved through the dead volcanoes like a spreading carpet.

Dozens of seconds later, a hint of puzzlement appeared in his eyes.

—He did not feel any soul ripple or life sign.

His bloodline was connected to the earth of the Extreme Flame Abyss. As long as a biomagnetic field of a powerful being was nearby, he could feel it.

That is, unless there was a rank ten bloodline expert hiding somewhere concealing their presence.

Of course, people who were of that level did not need to hide themselves and could kill him instantly.

He was certain there were no God Race experts hiding nearby.

After confirming, he immediately sighed in relief. His nervousness and anxiousness faded. "Boy, did you realize you couldn’t run away so you stayed" he snickered.

Qin Lie grinned and said, "Yes."

"Give me that Divine Grade artifact, and then let yourself be captured. I will spare your life." Acarus became excited. "You hold a Divine Grade artifact, you must have high status in the Blaze Family, who are your parents? Haha, I think your life is very valuable!"

Qin Lie stilled and then looked with a strange expression at him. He said, "You are very greedy. According to what I know... the Abyss Devils of the Extreme Flame Abyss are fighting with the Blaze Family. When the two sides meet, they will fight to the death. As a high rank Abyss Devil, you do not immediately kill members of the Blaze Family on sight, you only want to capture them alive to take their possessions. You really are a weirdo among the Abyss Devils."

All the bloodlines of the high rank Abyss Devils originated from rank nine and rank ten First Devils. All Lords of the Abyss were descendants of at least rank nine Lords of the Abyss.

The Lords of the Abyss could be considered rulers of their respective Abyss levels. They ruled over many low rank Abyss Devils and accumulated great wealth.

Lords of the Abyss were not frugal to their direct descendants. Also, this Abyss Devil possessed rank eight bloodline that would soon evolve to the level of the Lords of the Abyss. He was a promising descendant.

His elders would have made preparations for the transformation of his bloodline.

This person chose the most remote place when his bloodline was transforming and did not have the protection of his elders. This was very strange.

Also, he was so greedy. He did not try to fight and kill members of the Blaze Family on sight like the majority of Abyss Devils.

This all seemed strange.

All these points caused Qin Lie to feel a thread of interest in this high rank Abyss Devil.

"Only Abyss Devils whose bloodlines reach rank nine can be called Lords of the Abyss, and only Lords of the Abyss can rule over an area of their own, as well as recruit subordinates." Acarus's expression was not good as he snorted and said, "When my bloodline reaches rank nine and I become a Lord of the Abyss, I will be able to rule over an area in the Extreme Flame Abyss, and summon low rank Abyss Devils to swear loyalty to me. But right now, my bloodline has not reached rank nine, so I can only rely on myself."

Qin Lie casually asked, "What about your elders? The progenitor of your bloodline, should they not help you?"

Acarus's expression dimmed. "Even the Great Lords of the Abyss can die, let alone rank nine Lords of the Abyss? The progenitor of my bloodline was killed in a fight ten thousand years ago against another Great Lord. The other ate his flesh and blood, but died long ago. Should I rely on a dead soul?"

"No wonder." Qin Lie nodded gently.

Because Acarus's bloodline progenitor had died long ago, he could not receive any help.

Maybe because of this, he chose such a remote place for his bloodline to transform and he was so greedy for wealth.

He wanted to use the transformation to rank nine to change his fate.

"If your bloodline reaches rank nine, and you become a Lord of the Abyss, will you go to find the person who killed the progenitor of your bloodline for revenge?" Qin Lie asked curiously.

"Revenge?" Acarus stilled. He shook his head and said, "I have no enmity with him."

"He killed your bloodline progenitor, you were in poverty for almost ten thousand years, and you had to fight for your breakthrough, do you not hate him?" Qin Lie was shocked.

"You do not understand us at all." Acarus's eyes were filled with disdain. "Only bloody battle can stimulate our bloodline to evolve, so we can ascend to higher ranks. The races of the Abyss Devils will forever continue to fight and kill when no outsiders are present. Our battle is not victory and defeat, but life and death. Bodies of the fallen will be eaten, and further strengthen the victor. This is the law of the Abyss."

"We will not hate the victor because this is the bloody law of the Abyss."

"When I reach rank nine, and become a Lord of the Abyss, I will accumulate power. If I want to evolve again, I will challenge other Lords of the Abyss."

"At that time, I may come out victorious, or lose and be devoured."

"If one wants to become the ultimate ruler of this Abyss, to become a Great Lord of the Abyss, you have to be prepared to die."

"The three Great Lords of the Extreme Flame Abyss defeated Abyss Devils of similar rank in countless battles and consumed their flesh to ascend to rank ten bloodline."

"On their path to becoming Great Lords of the Abyss, I do not know how many rank Lords of the Abyss were killed in battle, and eaten."

"This kind of battle in pursuit of bloodline follows the rules of the Abyss, there will not be any hatred."

Acarus looked coldly at Qin Lie, his voice filled with disdain. "We will only feel hatred when fighting against outsiders like you."

Qin Lie heard his explanation. He was about to speak when his mind shifted slightly.

He once again felt that he was being observed.

There seemed to be a pair of eyes in the darkness that would focus on him once in a while.

He did not know that Enos had come to the Extreme Flame Abyss, and could feel his location using her bloodline through the soul thread of the Great Lord of the Frost Desolation Abyss.

"I do not know why I waste time explaining this to you." Acarus felt that he was strange and thought he was wasting words with Qin Lie. "Give me the Divine Grade artifact, do not resist, I will take you to get enough valuable materials from your parents! Whether my bloodline can transform to rank nine will depend on you and your Divine Grade artifact!"

"Your luck is really not good." Qin Lie suddenly laughed.

Among the laughter, he activated the Star Door latent ability in the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit's bloodline. A bright light formed behind him.

"A realm door!" Acarus changed expression.

He finally understood why Qin Lie had no fear.

At this moment, the Asura Race Void Realm soul slaves led by Curtis came out of the star door.

Curtis and the others immediately spread out and surrounded Acarus after passing through the star door.

Before they came, Qin Lie had already given them orders mentally.

Due to that, they immediately released their Soul Altars after surrounding Acarus. They used secret arts to restrain this part of the world to prevent Acarus from escaping.

They anchored the restraining power in the earth.

Through Qin Lie's warning, they knew that Acarus's bloodline had a connection to the earth of the Extreme Flame Abyss.

"How can you easily open a realm entrance? And here! And not the abyss passageway?!" Acarus shouted.

He understood the Blaze Family well as this family came frequently to the Extreme Flame Abyss to hunt. He had interacted with them frequently.

He knew that almost none of the Blaze Family members were skilled in spatial power, and the Blaze Family could not awaken any talent related to space in their bloodline.

Due to this, almost none of the Blaze Family members would waste their energies on spatial arts.

Therefore, he had never imagined that Qin Lie could open a realm entrance.

"I am very different from the Blaze Family members you are familiar with." Qin Lie grinned. He narrowed his eyes and said, "Capture him alive."

The soul slaves led by Curtis received the order and charged at Acarus.

Acarus howled angrily. The flame ball he was in suddenly turned burning hot.

Qin Lie did not look at him, but used his soul perception to find what in the surroundings was making his anxious.

However, when he tried to detect that source of his anxiousness, the feeling of being observed disappeared again.

"Strange..." He was puzzled.

Maybe because he detected something was wrong, he released Curtis and the others early to take care of Acarus as soon as possible.

He had great interest in Acarus, this high rank and intelligent Abyss Devil. He even wanted to have the Soul Beast avatar enslave him.

Only a high rank Abyss Devil like Acarus would be worthy of the Soul Beast wasting soul power to enslave him.

The Abyss Devils with rank eight bloodlines like the Silver-eyed Snake Devils were powerful, but their intelligence was limited, and they did not have enough soul power.

If he enslaved a Silver-eyed Snake Devil, he would only have a vicious monster to fight, but nothing else.

Acarus was different.

This guy was a high rank Abyss Devil. Once he was enslaved, Qin Lie could use him for many things.

Because of this, Qin Lie decided to capture him alive rather than kill him.

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