Chapter 1136: Leave!

Chapter 1136: Leave!

The peak rank eight Abyss Devil was called Acarus. His tall body was hidden in the enormous ball of fire as he excitedly awaited the arrival of Moon Tear.

Recently, as the Blaze Family invaded the Extreme Flame Abyss, the Lords of the Abyss were engaged in fights against the experts of the Blaze Family.

The area that Acarus was living at earlier had been in the midst of a contested area, and the battle would not stop for a moment.

Even though his bloodline had finished transforming, he, who was advancing into the realm of the Lords of the Abyss, was forced to leave his home.

In the end, he chose this area far from the battlefield.

Acarus was a high ranking Abyss Devil and his bloodline originated from a First Devil. He was born with extremely high intelligence and he knew how to avoid danger.

Also, the Extreme Flame Abyss was connected to other realms.

Every once in a while, some merchants from deep within the universe would come to the Extreme Flame Abyss to do business with high ranking Abyss Devils like him.

As long as he could bring enough to trade with these merchants, he could acquire valuable materials suitable for the advancement of his bloodline.

But while he was a high ranking Abyss Devil, he was not wealthy.

The materials he had gathered in his life were not worth very much. The merchants from other realms did not want them.

This caused his bloodline advancement to not be very smooth.

The Moon Tear Qin Lie released this time appeared to be a Divine Grade artifact judging from its aura, and therefore, had to be extremely valuable.

If he could obtain Moon Tear, he would be able to trade for many valuable materials to advance his bloodline.

He was extremely excited.

"You still will not leave?!"

Qin Lie released the Moon Tear and prepared to use the bloodline of the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit to open the star door when Gan Xing and the others left. Qin Lie, who was summoning the soul servants to fight, saw Gan Xing and the other turn back and shouted urgently.

He did not want to reveal himself so early. He did not want to summon the soul slaves in front of Gan Xing and the others.

"We cannot watch by as you die," Gan Xing said gravely.

As he spoke, this group of ten had formed a formation and were heading towards him.

"Come between us!" Liu Yang shouted.

Qin Lie grimaced inside.

"Release all the power of the Divine Grade artifact. With all of us together, we might have a chance!" Wu Sha shouted.

He and Yan Feng had summoned their fire souls. A vermillion bird and a dragon burst out of their bodies.

At the same time, Gan Xing activated Flame World and enveloped all of them.

Within the Flame World, the strength of this ten person squad immediately increased greatly.

Even the fire souls became energetic and ferocious within Flame World.

At this time, Moon Tear, which had turned into a moon blade shot onto that flame ball like lightning.

"Boom boom boom!"

The moon blade fell on the flame ball like a giant stone on a drum. The flame ball gave off ear-deafening rumbles but did not shatter.

Within the flame ball, Acarus laughed wildly and said, "You have a Divine Grade artifact, but it doesn't match your bloodline power at all. You cannot manifest the true power of this artifact!"


Beside Acarus, an enormous dead volcano suddenly exploded.

Qin Lie looked and seemed to see that a cold moon light flashed through that erupting volcano.

His mind shifted, and he mentally communicated with You Ye to ask what the situation was.

You Ye's soul was hidden inside a moon blade as it charged towards the flame ball.

After receiving the mental message, You Ye immediately responded and explained the situation.

"This guy's bloodline power seems to be greatly connected to the earth of Extreme Flame Abyss. He uses an unknown method to move the momentum of Moon Tear to the surrounding dead volcanoes."

"Boom boom boom!"

Another dead volcano explode next to Acarus, also with the aura of Moon Tear.

This meant that Acarus was using his mysterious bloodline power to transfer the great power of Moon Tear into those volcanos.

"Come back!" Qin Lie ordered.

The nine teardrop moon blades suddenly turned into nine rays of light that flew back from the ball of flame.

Floating in the air, Qin Lie's expression darkened. He shouted again at Gan Xing and the others," Go first! Do not worry about me!"

"You refused to leave! Now, you can forget about escaping!" Acarus laughed.

The flaming ball which was like a meteor flew above them in the sky.

"Come here, quick!"

Liu Yang called to Qin Lie from the ground, wanting Qin Lie to join their group.

"Enter my Flame World!" Gan Xing shouted.

Qin Lie looked down deeply at them and said, "You refuse to leave, then I will!"

Gan Xing and the others were stunned.

At this time, Qin Lie's body flashed with lightning, and thunder roared inside his body.

A bolt of lightning flashed into the distance.

When Gan Xing and the others reacted, they found that Qin Lie's figure had disappeared after the lightning appeared.

"Damn it!" Yan Feng cursed.

The reason that they had dared to remain was mostly they saw that Qin Lie possessed a Divine Grade artifact.

They wanted to use the power of the Divine Grade artifact along with their secret techniques to seriously injure Acarus.

They definitely had not expected Qin Lie to suddenly flee.

Acarus also stilled.

He thought that Qin Lie and Gan Xing's group belonged to the same God Race team had a close relationship.

But Qin Lie suddenly left.

"No! The Divine Grade artifact is in his hands!"

Acarus only hesitated slightly before deciding to abandon Gan Xing and the others to chase Qin Lie.

One reason being Qin Lie possessing Divine Grade artifact, the other being Qin Lie himself.

He thought that Qin Lie, who had a Divine Grade artifact, would have an outstanding status in the Blaze Family, and could bring him the greatest benefits.

He chased after Qin Lie's aura.

The ten person group, led by Gan Xing, watched dazedly at he immediately disappeared from their sight just like Qin Lie.

On the other side, Qin Lie, who had used the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit's bloodline and the Blitz Thunder Escape to flee, moved further away.

He slowly grew further away from Gan Xing and the others.

As he used Blitz Thunder Escape, he deliberately controlled his power. He continued to remain in Acarus's perceptive range.

He was purposefully luring Acarus.

After a dozen times, he stopped above a dead volcano and waited calmly.

The Divine Grade artifact Moon Tear hung clearly above his head and released its sharp aura.

He waited silently for Acarus to arrive.

Ten minutes later, Acarus came ferociously in his flame ball.

He suddenly stilled.

Above the volcano, Qin Lie was smiling without any fear, and even mockery in his eyes.

Acarus suddenly felt that something was not quite right.

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