Chapter 1135: Fighting Together!

Chapter 1135: Fighting Together!

Qin Lie examined his surroundings while spreading out his soul thought in the form of a ripple.

The ten-man squad led by Gan Xing also stopped advancing and gathered around each other quickly.

Right now, they were surrounded by a range of extinct volcanoes.

Dark red volcanoes were everywhere, looking almost like giant tombs.

The ground looked as red as blood, and there were plenty of reddish brown rocks and dried lava ponds on the ground. However, not a single plant or traces of life could be seen anywhere.

The sky above their heads were red. It was as if the clouds themselves were burning alive.

Everyone heeded Gan Xing’s warning seriously and probed the area for any life signs.

Wisps of invisible soul thoughts swept through the area while spreading further and further away.

Qin Lie’s soul thoughts were the fastest of them all. It took him only an instant to spread it to the furthest area.

His soul thought was powered by thunder and lightning, and his soul was more powerful than normal because he had the Soul Beast avatar. Both his soul energy and coverage far exceeded Gan Xing and the others.

“How do you know there’s a high rank Abyss Devil nearby?”

After observing the surroundings for a moment, Liu Yang walked over from the back and threw the question at Gan Xing.

Gan Xing didn’t say anything. He simply pointed to the middle of an extinct volcano.

There were a pile of dark reddish bones in the middle of that extinct volcano. The bones were not easily identifiable because their color was the same as the mountain itself.

Liu Yang noticed that the bones were aligned in a strange way only after Gan Xing had pointed it out to her.

A serious glance told her immediately that the bones were aligned to form some sort of secret formation.

A high rank Abyss Devil had made the secret formation based on a First Devils’ understanding of the laws of the Abyss.

Liu Yang immediately knew that Gan Xing’s decisions were spot on.

Qin Lie turned to look at the pile of bones that had been aligned into a formation.

He also sent a wisp of soul thought down that direction at the same time.

His soul thought had just gotten close to that strange formation when a thick fiery aura spilled out all of a sudden.

An orange flame quietly appeared from within the formation.

Bit by bit, a human-shaped high rank Abyss Devil materialized into existence from the flame that was only as big as a fingernail.

When the high rank Abyss Devil had appeared completely, the geocenter of the surrounding volcanoes suddenly trembled a little.

Gan Xing’s expression changed drastically as he yelled, “That devil is evolving its bloodline using the geocenter of the volcanoes!”

Qin Lie abruptly came to realization.

It was incredibly likely that a high rank Abyss Devil was hiding in this mountain range and evolving its bloodline in secret.

The Abyss Devil had also left behind a strange formation in the middle of the volcano so that he could observe his surroundings and be warned of any intruders as soon as possible.

Qin Lie and everyone in the squad had spread their soul thoughts outward.

Since everyone was scanning for activity as far away from their current area as possible, no one had checked underground and noticed the anomaly.

The strange formation made of dark reddish bones had probably been operating all this time. The high rank Abyss Devil might very well have noticed them the moment they arrived.

When Qin Lie extended his soul thought towards the strange formation earlier, the Abyss Devil thought that he was planning to destroy it. That was why he had manifested his own soul to stop it and inadvertently exposed himself.

“Retreat!” Gan Xing’s yelled. “This devil is trying to evolve its bloodline to rank nine! Even if he fails the attempt, he’s still a peak rank eight Abyss Devil! He’s not someone we can beat as we are!”

Yan Feng and the others looked obviously frightened by this revelation.

A peak rank eight high rank Abyss Devil was the equal of a rank eight God Race warrior. Since this particular devil was trying to evolve to rank nine, he should be even stronger than that.

A high rank Abyss Devil this powerful wasn’t something their ten-man squad could handle. That was why Gan Xing’s reactive command was for them to retreat immediately.

Qin Lie was still examining the strange formation curiously. He didn’t panic like the rest of the God Race squad.

“Come on, let’s go!”

Liu Yang was standing close to Qin Lie. When she noticed that he was blanking out where he stood, she anxiously grabbed his arm and tried to drag him into the air.

A stumble later, Qin Lie finally awoken from his thoughts and flew steadily behind her.

He didn’t want to reveal his trump cards or summon his soul servants and Soul Beast avatar. He didn’t want to part ways with the God Race squad so soon either.

Also, he was only at rank seven bloodline right now. Even if with the cooperation of the ten-man God Race squad, it would still be very difficult for them to kill a high rank Abyss Devil that was about to reach rank nine.

That was why he wisely decided to leave with Liu Yang and the others.

However, as they were moving away from the strange formation, the strange orange flame at the center of the strange formation was growing bigger and bigger.

The devilish shadow of the high rank Abyss Devil inside the flame grew bigger as well.

At the same time, a fiery energy spread out from the center of the formation.

“This is bad! He’s already awakened! He’s decided to stop his evolution temporarily!” Gan Xing shouted.

Qin Lie abruptly looked behind him.


The tiny flame at the center of the formation had grown into a huge fireball.

After the orange fireball had pulled free from the strange formation, it floated away from the middle of the extinct volcano and flew straight towards the squad like a giant, burning meteor.

The devilish shadow inside the fireball slowly grew clearer and clearer.

It was obviously the physical body of the high rank Abyss Devil.

It had successfully crawled out of the geocenter of the extinct volcanoes using the flame.

“Your luck is truly terrible, younglings of the Blaze Family. You shouldn’t have ventured into the place I’ve chosen to evolve my bloodline.”

The high rank Abyss Devil could be seen stretching its body leisurely inside the fireball. It was obviously getting ready for slaughter.

Although Gan Xing’s ten-man squad had reacted in time, they obviously weren’t as fast as a peak rank eight Abyss Devil.

It was only a matter of time before they were caught up by him.

Suddenly, Qin Lie struggled free from Liu Yang’s grasp and came to a stop.

“Go! I have a way to delay him and escape later!” Qin Lie yelled.

He immediately activated the silver moon imprint on his shoulder and summoned the Divine Grade spirit artifact, Moon Tear.

Nine crescent moons flew out of the silver moon imprint.

Pure, cool moonlight spilled from the crescent moons. They looked and felt incredibly sharp.

The Moon Tear transformed into eight moon blades that could cut through anything. He controlled them with his soul and fired them straight at the high rank Abyss Devil.

“A Divine Grade artifact!”

The peak rank eight Abyss Devil suddenly grew excited when he saw the frosty light emanating from Moon Tear.

High rank Abyss Devils like him normally had unique uses for high rank artifacts. He also knew that high grade artifacts were extremely precious.

Intelligent Abyss Devils like him had connections in other realms. Even if Moon Tear didn’t match his power, he could always trade with other races for something else.

Every Divine Grade artifact was invaluable to say the least. He could easily exchange it for a large amount of precious materials that didn’t exist in the Abyss.

He was certain that the Divine Grade artifact could be traded for an ultimate treasure that was useful for the evolution of its bloodline.

Moreover, the owner of this Divine Grade artifact was just a rank seven God Race brat. If he could capture Qin Lie alive, he might even be able to ransom him for even more precious items.

His excitement swelled when he thought up to this point. He thought that his decision to stop the evolution temporarily was incredibly wise.

“A Divine Grade artifact! He actually has a Divine Grade artifact!”

The Abyss Devil wasn’t the only one who was surprised. Gan Xing and his squad were absolutely shocked to find Qin Lie wielding a Divine Grade artifact.

They all knew how precious a Divine Grade artifact was.

“What do we do, Gan Xing?!” Liu Yang yelled, “The ten of us, him and a Divine Grade artifact! Is it possible for us to beat that devil?”

His squadmates looked at him and awaited his decision too.

A heavy look visited Gan Xing’s handsome face. A moment later, he yelled, “We’ll stay and fight together with him!”


Everyone, even Yan Feng had turned around and moved into position. They quickly formed a formation meant to be used during a hard fight.

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