Chapter 1134: Hunting

Chapter 1134: Hunting

Gan Xing’s group chatted amongst themselves as they ate the Devil Flame Golden Lion’s roasted flesh.

A while later, Qin Lie appeared from the distance and stood amidst them.

Gan Xing smiled and tossed a chunk of meat about five kilograms heavy at Qin Lie from afar. “Come over and eat with us.”

Qin Lie didn’t act coy with him. He caught the cooked meat, sat down with the group and began tearing into the food.

“This is a flame crystal vein, and there are plenty of flame crystals left inside the walls. We’ll collect them after we’re done eating.” Gan Xing looked at the volcano Qin Lie had cultivated at for a long time and said, “Let’s also memorize this place and return here after a couple dozens of years later. We’ll be able to collect more flame crystals from this place!”

“Mn, this flame crystal vein is extremely valuable. It automatically produces flame crystals every once in a while, and they’re probably why those Devil Flame Golden Lions had shown up here. Unfortunately for them, we killed them all first.” Wu Sha said.

“Everyone, focus on recovering your strength. I know a place nearby filled with low rank Abyss Devils, and we’ll be hunting there very soon,” Gan Xing encouraged them.

Liu Yang and the others echoed enthusiastically in acknowledgement.

Yan Feng was the only one who looked a little wary and silent after Qin Lie had shown up.

He never spoke a word to Qin Lie. He simply looked at him as if he was trying to see into Qin Lie’s inner thoughts.

Qin Lie ignored his gaze and chewed the cooked meat of the Devil Flame Golden Lion slowly. He too maintained his silence and said nothing throughout the meal.

An hour later.

Everyone including Qin Lie had a full meal and recovered much of their refined flesh and blood energy.

Gan Xing led them away from the volcano.

They were going to move on to a new hunting spot.

Active volcanoes were everywhere in the Extreme Flame Abyss. There were also plenty of burning ponds, deep ravines and an innumerable amount of giant flaming rocks.

Qin Lie was completely unfamiliar with the Extreme Flame Abyss, so he knew nothing about the terrain, so he followed the ten-man squad without a word.

Gan Xing and his squad had obviously come here for a while. They were very familiar with their surroundings.

Liu Yang, the woman with a sexy body and a bold personality was the only one who actively introduced the Extreme Flame Abyss to Qin Lie.

Yan Feng, Wu Sha, and a couple more God Race clansmen who possessed fire souls in their bodies didn’t dare move too close to Qin Lie.

They didn’t know Qin Lie, so they were probably going to stay wary until they figured out his temperament and true motives.

Moreover, there was also the matter of the fire souls.

They were afraid that the strange thing Qin Lie carried with him would suddenly jump out and devour the fire souls they possessed.

That was why they treated Qin Lie with the utmost cautiousness.

Liu Yang hadn’t awakened the Fire Soul latent ability or nurtured a fire soul inside her body. That was why she wasn’t as worried as the others.

She kept giggling and throwing questions at Qin Lie along the way. She was obviously very curious about Qin Lie.

For example, she wanted to know what other bloodline latent abilities he possessed, when he awakened to them, what level of strength the races of Spirit Realm were currently at, where were the forces located and so on.

She was extremely curious about Spirit Realm, the world that had once defeated the Blaze Family.

Qin Lie answered some of her questions and dodged the more sensitive ones with a smile and a moment of silence.

Liu Yang wisely didn’t push him for any answers he wasn’t going to give.

Of course, Qin Lie had asked a lot of questions regarding the Extreme Flame Abyss and the Blaze Family too.

Her manner of response was identical to Qin Lie’s.

She gave him an answer on everything she could, but smiled and kept quiet about anything that touched on the Blaze Family’s secrets.

And so the duo chatted with each other in this peculiar manner, responding to each other’s needs while following leisurely behind Gan Xing.

Many times, they were at the tail of the squad.

Gan Xing would occasionally turn around and look at them from the vanguard. He didn’t do anything but smile at them when he did so.

Every time Yan Feng looked at them, his face looked a little dark and moody.

“Is he courting you?” Qin Lie pointed at Yan Feng before giving Liu Yang a half smile. “In the past, the two of you often hanged around each other, right?”

“That’s true,” Liu Yang admittedly openly. “He’s a loose guy though. I’m not the only one in the family he’s courting, you know.”

Qin Lie gave his opinion after the small surprise had worn off. “He’s not a bad fighter, and his looks aren’t too bad either. He should be quite popular, right?”

“Not a bad fighter?” Liu Yang’s eyes twirled as she smiled at him. “Unless I’m mistaken, you’re stronger than him, aren’t you?”

“Hehe, say, do you think he’ll hate me for beating him?” Qin Lie asked.

“We, the Blaze Family are straightforward people. We don’t usually use trickery or plot behind someone’s back. Yan Feng may not have a good temper, but he’s a true member of the Blaze Family. He’s a good person, and he’s not likely to stir up trouble behind someone’s back.” Liu Yang looked rather serious when she said this. “Even if he hates you, he’ll challenge you and defeat you fairly by normal means. We’ve always settled our internal conflicts through brute force, you know.”

“So you mean whoever is stronger is right?” Qin Lie looked surprised.

“Of course.” Liu Yang nodded matter-of-factly, “Back then, Yan Feng was the captain of our ten-man squad. Later on, Gan Xing came, challenged Yan Feng to a fight and won, claiming the leadership position from him. Since then, Yan Feng had been the vice captain of our squad. He had challenged Gan Xing three times in the past to reclaim his position, but he hadn’t succeeded thus far.”

“So that’s why he was the vice captain all this time?” Qin Lie laughed.

“That’s right, he took my spot and became vice captain of the squad until today.” Liu Yang snorted as a powerful ripple of fiery energy suddenly spread out from her. “When I can create five Rings of the Burning Sun at the same time, I’ll challenge Yan Feng to a fight and reclaim my position as the vice captain!”

“Is this how the entire Blaze Family decide their duties?” Qin Lie laughed loudly, “Does that mean I can replace Gan Xing as the captain of the squad immediately if I beat him?”

“Sure you can. However… you must first become a member of the Blaze Family,” Liu Yang said meaningfully.

“In that case forget it, hehe. I’m not ready to meet the elders of the Blaze Family just yet.” Qin Lie rubbed his nose and laughed awkwardly.


Gan Xing suddenly raised his hand high and yelled somewhat seriously.

“What’s wrong?” Liu Yang asked loudly from behind.

Gan Xing turned around to look at her and Qin Lie. “There may be high rank devils operating around the area!”

“High rank devils!” Liu Yang’s expression changed slightly.

“Mn. We need to watch out and avoid becoming their prey!” Gan Xing said seriously.

“High rank devils are the descendants of the First Devils. They are…” Liu Yang hurriedly tried to explain things to Qin Lie.

However, Qin Lie cut her off and said, “I know. I know that high rank devils are Abyss Devils whose bloodline is as strong as ours.”

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