Chapter 1133: Joining The Squad

Chapter 1133: Joining the Squad

Gan Xing was frank about many things regarding the Blaze Family.

Thanks to him, Qin Lie learned that the Blaze Family had become the weakest family out of all five great families of the God Race.

If the Blaze Family couldn’t resolve the war in the Extreme Flame Abyss soon, they might even be excluded from the invasion of Spirit Realm.

The other four families had become incredibly strong after twenty thousand years of development and evolution. They would unleash the apocalypse the moment they entered Spirit Realm.

Qin Lie felt pressure when he heard this.

“The Blaze Family’s bloodline runs in your veins, so you’re a member of our family too. Even if you decide to stay out of this fight, you may still participate in the Blaze Family’s invasion of other realms. We will treat you just like we treat our own clansmen,” Gan Xing said seriously.

A flash suddenly passed through the gentle Wu Sha’s eyes. “For example, we’re conducting an operation in the Extreme Flame Abyss, right?”

Qin Lie looked surprised for a moment.

“If you contribute to the conquering of the Extreme Flame Abyss, the family will reward you accordingly. We won’t treat you unfairly no matter what,” Wu Sha reminded him.

Gan Xing smiled. “She’s right. If you don’t want to help the family when we invade Spirit Realm, that’s fine. You can join us now if you want to.”

“You can earn a lot of merits by hunting down the Abyss Devils. So, are you interested?” Liu Yang also suggested with a smile.

Earlier, Gan Xing managed to convince both Liu Yang and Wu Sha to recruit Qin Lie.

Perhaps they were a little averse to the idea at the beginning, but after they had given witness to Qin Lie’s true strength, they both decided to acknowledge him in full.

They believed that their ten-man squad would become a lot stronger after Qin Lie joined them.

It would be very beneficial to their plans to kill more Abyss Devils.

“Join you, you say…” Qin Lie frowned before shooting a glance at Yan Feng.

Yan Feng let out a cold snort when he noticed his gaze. “The God Race respects no one but the strong! If you can prove your own worth, you’ll be accepted no matter where you go!”

“Yan Feng benefits too if your participation results in the successful hunting of many Abyss Devils.” Gan Xing smiled. “He won’t object to that.”

Gan Xing knew Yan Feng very well. Yan Feng had a terrible temper and a lot of pride, but he also had some positive traits.

For example, Yan Feng respected anyone who was stronger than him, so if someone took him down and proved their strength, he would know his place and become obedient.

Right now, Gan Xing was the captain of the ten-man squad precisely because he had taken the position from Yan Feng.

Time proved that Yan Feng hadn’t grown jealous of Gan Xing. He hadn’t purposely messed around during operations or gone against his instructions.

“I’ll like to sit on this for a moment,” Qin Lie replied.

“Mn, that’s not a problem. We’ll be there processing the Devil Flame Golden Lions. If you wish to replenish your refined flesh and blood energy, you can come over and share our food if you want.” Gan Xing smiled.

After he said this, he gave his three teammates a look and left the area with them.

Qin Lie remained at the volcano crater alone.

He waited until Gan Xing and his people were completely out of his line of sight before he moved sneakily away from them.

He hid behind a volcanic rock pile some distance away from the volcano.

Then, he tried to activate the Star Door latent ability.

A tremendous amount of refined flesh and blood energy disappeared after he activated Star Door.

A dazzling star-shaped door slowly came into existence.

The outline of his Soul Beast avatar appeared on the other side of the star door. It was currently deepening its understanding of the Soul Race’s secret arts.

“So, I can still use Star Door…”

Qin Lie relaxed as his eyes lit up, and a trace of joy flitted across his face at the same time.

He was in the Extreme Flame Abyss. It was entirely possible that the Frost Desolation Abyss was many, many Abyss levels away, so he was worried that Star Door might not function here.

But his attempt had proven that activating Star Door in the Extreme Flame Abyss was not an impossibility even though it took a lot of bloodline power.

This meant that he could summon his Soul Beast avatar should the need arise.

His Soul Beast avatar was a rank nine Soul Beast. He would be able to defend himself against anything aside from the three Great Lords of the Abyss.

Even if things were more dangerous than he imagined, he still could return to Boluo Realm instantly using Star Door.

Of course, that was assuming that Great Lords of the Abyss didn’t interrupt him like last time.

“It should be fine.” He pondered for a moment until an idea suddenly flashed through his mind.

If he summoned an Asura soul servant to this Abyss level, he could reenter the Extreme Flame Abyss through the Star Door anytime he wanted to in the future.

The soul servant would act as a fixed coordinate.

His soul servants, his Soul Beast avatar, and himself could fight in the Extreme Flame Abyss whenever they felt like it in the future.

He wouldn’t need to limit himself to the Frost Desolation Abyss.

In fact, he could build another realm entrance in the Extreme Flame Abyss and transport the martial practitioners of the Land of Chaos, the races of Boluo Realm and Nether Realm here too.

“This is wonderful!”

Suddenly, he realized just how powerful and mysterious the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s bloodline ability “Star Door” was when used in tandem with the Soul Beast’s soul control secret art.

He cut off the outflow of bloodline power and allowed the Star Door to close.

He had communicated with the Soul Beast avatar during the short period the Star Door was open.

Right now, the Soul Beast at Boluo Realm was transmitting his thoughts to his soul servants.

After Zhuang Jing had received his soul message at Seven Spirit Islands, she continued to supervise the creation of the Blazing Profound Bombs and deliver them into the Frost Desolation Abyss. The spirit artifacts would be used to hunt down the Abyss Devils.

The soul servants at the Frost Desolation Abyss informed Tang Beidou that he was currently in the Extreme Flame Abyss, but he could return anytime he wanted.

Thanks to his connection with his soul servants, he managed to keep everything in order even though his main body was currently at the Extreme Flame Abyss. His avatar would take care of everything else. 

It was only now he realized just how useful it was to have many avatars.

Making up his mind to figure out more regarding the Blaze Family, Qin Lie headed towards the God Race’s camping spot.

At the bottom of the volcano.

Gan Xing and his team cut apart the Devil Flame Golden Lion’s flesh, separated its horns, heat-resistant skin and muscles accordingly and put them into storage.

The Devil Flame Golden Lion’s flesh was frozen inside special containers and stored inside their spatial rings.

The Devil Flame Golden Lion’s flesh was part of the flesh supplies they would use during their future invasion on Spirit Realm.

In battle, all they needed to do was to consume a piece of the Devil Flame Golden Lions’ flesh to swiftly recover their bloodline power. They could keep fighting for as long as their supply held.

Unlike them, the other great families had the Flesh Filling Tombstones. They could refine and store fleshly energy inside the Flesh Filling Tombstone directly.

If their clansmen used up too much bloodline power in battle, they could absorb refined flesh and blood energy from the Flesh Filling Tombstone directly.

The exhausted clansmen would become instantly invigorated, recharged, and be able to fight at full power once more.

If they had the recovery ability, they would be able to recover their wounds as well.

Because the other four great God Race families had a Flesh Filling Tombstone each, they could recover faster than the Blaze Family.

“Sigh, if we hadn’t lost our Flesh Filling Tombstone, we wouldn’t need to stock up on flesh.” Liu Yang sighed.

The ten-man squad was roasting a few chunks of flesh above a lava stream after they were done processing and storing the Devil Flame Golden Lion’s flesh.

It was quite easy to cook the Devil Flame Golden Lion’s flesh once its skin had been stripped away.

The ten-man squad was currently eating a few roasted meat and replenishing their refined flesh and blood energy.

“Gan Xing… do you think he can be trusted?” Yan Feng suddenly asked.

Everyone in the squad stopped chatting and looked at Gan Xing.

“Is he really joining us?” One God Race clansman voiced his suspicions. “We know the mixed-bloods in our family. We know what kind of backgrounds they have, and who their parents are. But this guy, we know nothing about him. So far, we only know that he’s from Spirit Realm… What if he gets close to us because he plans to plot against the family?”

Gan Xing knew what they were worried about, so he gave them a reassuring smile and replied, “If we want to figure out his identity and his true thoughts, then it’s only smart to keep him closer to us.”

A pause later, Gan Xing continued, “Plus, we outnumber him ten to one. Don’t tell me you’re afraid of him?”

“Mn. Once we get to know him, we should be able to figure him out.” Wu Sha nodded.

“Should we notify the family elders?” Yan Feng asked.

Gan Xing thought for a moment before shaking his head, “No, let’s not. This is our first contact with him… we should show a bit of sincerity from our side. We can decide later after we get to know him as a person.”

“Alright,” Yan Feng agreed helplessly.

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