Chapter 1132: Eternal Flesh Pasture!

Chapter 1132: Eternal Flesh Pasture!

"Am I correct?" Qin Lie was surprised.

According to Gan Xing, the Great Lords of the Abyss of each level would only be awakened by great changes.

The Blaze Family had fought in the Extreme Flame Abyss yet none of the three Great Lords of the Extreme Flame Abyss had stopped comprehending the Abyss laws.

What did this mean?

It meant that the three Great Lords of the Abyss did not consider Blaze Family a real threat.

"What is it?" Qin Lie asked again.

He found Gan Xing and the others were silent.

"The Blaze Family is the weakest right now among the five families. Our family's Flesh Filling Tombstone had been lost, and the last family patriarch... disappeared twenty thousand years ago in the fight against the races of Spirit Realm."

Gan Xing hesitated and then showed a conflicted expression as he said unwillingly, "Due to all these reasons, our war in the Extreme Flame Abyss is not as smooth as we expected. The Great Lords of the Abyss don’t even feel the need to act."

After he said this, Wu Sha and the others’ expressions became even more downcast.

Qin Lie rubbed his chin and looked deeply at them, not in a hurry to speak.

"Actually, when we invaded Spirit Realm, us and the Darkness Family were the main forces." Gan Xing sighed and continued, "In the last battle that we lost, the Darkness Family left first and was not greatly impacted. Because we did not react fast enough, we had to fight against the hundred races of Spirit Realm and suffered great losses."

"Since leaving Spirit Realm, our family has been far weaker than the other four families."

"In the last twenty thousand years, because of the disappearances of the last patriarch and the Flesh Filling Tombstone, we could not accumulate power fast enough. We have been left behind by the four families."

"That’s why we still haven’t won the war in Extreme Flame Abyss."

Gan Xing explained the situation.

"The other families have already finished their invasions?" Qin Lie said in shock.

"No, but they should be done soon. The four Great Lords of the Abyss in the Darkness Abyss where Cousin Cang Ye is in have been forced to sign a non-interference agreement with the Darkness Family," Gan Xing said.

"What does non-interference mean?" Qin Lie asked curiously.

"In the Darkness Abyss, many Lords of the Abyss have been killed. Many rank eight and seven Abyss Devils have also been killed. As the Great Lords of the Darkness Abyss, the four naturally should come and stop the Darkness Family. They did come out, but they were defeated by the rank ten bloodline experts of the Darkness Family."

"After their defeat, they were forced into signing an agreement and allow the Darkness Family to continue their hunt of the devils on that level in compliance with the rules of the Abyss."

"They know that when the Darkness Family gets enough fleshly energy, they will leave the Darkness Abyss."

"After twenty or thirty thousand years, the low rank Abyss Devils will naturally reach higher level. Many rank seven, eight and nine Abyss Devils will appear before long, and the balance will be restored."

"They will just be in a period of weakness and exhaustion for several dozen thousand years."

Gan Xing explained in detail.

"Why not kill the four Great Lords of the Abyss?" Qin Lie asked.

Gan Xing had a strange expression. He shook his head and grimaced. "They are the Great Lords of the Darkness Abyss. They are the First Devils! It has been difficult enough for Darkness Family to defeat them. On their home turf, Darkness Family alone can’t kill them. Also, to the Darkness Family, the flesh of Abyss Devils of the Darkness Abyss is extremely beneficial. They will come back in twenty thousand years to hunt in Darkness Abyss again. Why would they kill the chicken when they can keep coming back for eggs?"

"They think of the Darkness Abyss as an eternal pasture?" Qin Lie reacted.

The Abyss Devils had astounding reproductive abilities. They constantly fought one another and quickly transformed.

Even if the experts of the Darkness Family won this time in the Darkness Abyss and slaughtered many high rank Abyss Devils, they would not cause the Darkness Abyss's races to become extinct.

After tens of thousands of years, they would become strong again, and many high rank Abyss Devils would appear

At that time, the experts of the Darkness Family may come again to hunt.

For the Darkness Family, the flesh of the Abyss Devils of that level was very helpful to the breakthrough of their descendants’ bloodlines. So they would not completely exterminate the Darkness Abyss Devils.

"Actually, our Blaze Family also uses the Extreme Flame Abyss as an eternal pasture. Thirty thousand years ago, before we first invaded Spirit Realm, we came here to hunt."

At this time, Gan Xing's expression became tinged with pride. "Thirty thousand years ago, the Blaze Family was powerful and had many rank nine and ten bloodline experts. That invasion of the Extreme Flame Abyss was one of absolute dominance. We hunted many high rank Abyss Devils. At the time, Extreme Flame Abyss only had two Great Lords of the Abyss. They were forced to sign agreements."

"The Profound Ice Family was greatly impacted when hunting in the Icestone Abyss. Due to their losses, they did not store enough fleshly energy and left the battle against Spirit Realm."

"The Light and Bloodthirst Families obtained pyrrhic victories."

"By the time the Light and Bloodthirst Families finally managed to achieve victory, we and the Darkness Family had already conquered Spirit Realm."

"The Light Family and Bloodthirst Family could only give up on Spirit Realm."

"As you can see, the five families do not always succeed when we invade the Abyss. Even the Darkness Family has suffered great losses before in the Darkness Abyss. Their rank ten bloodline experts were once defeated by the Great Lords of the Abyss and they were forced to retreat."

Gan Xing explained the details and found a logical explanation for the Blaze Family's current losses in the Extreme Flame Abyss.

For some reason, when facing Qin Lie, a mixed-blood, he did not want his family’s glory to be diminished.

Therefore, he could only use the past glory of the family to disguise their present defeat.

"So this is how it is." Qin Lie listened carefully and nodded. He understood now.

Because of the loss of the last patriarch and the Flesh Filling Tombstone, and the Blaze Family's great losses when fighting the races of Spirit Realm, they were still unable to recover up until the present days.

So their actions in the Extreme Flame Abyss were not so smooth.

This meant...  that maybe the Blaze Family could not make it to the invasion on Spirit Realm.

"If you continue, when the other families store enough fleshly energy, will they wait for you?" Qin Lie asked.

Gan Xing and the other shook their heads with dark expressions.

"So the Spirit Realm may be conquered by the other families?" Qin Lie frowned.

"If there are no accidents, the Light Family, Darkness Family, Bloodthirst Family, and Profound Ice Family will invade Spirit Realm without us." Gan Xing thought for a moment and grimaced. "We and the Darkness Family have proven that Spirit Realm is a super large realm, has many passageways towards other realms, and many races of low rank bloodline but high intelligence. For us, the God Race, super large realms, connections to many small realms, and the intelligent races are very valuable."

"All four families will go?" Qin Lie's expression changed.

"If we are more successful in the Extreme Flame Abyss, our family will also come to Spirit Realm. We will not give the place that we had originally explored for them to rule and become their private domain," Gan Xing said solemnly.

Qin Lie's mood immediately became heavy.

Thirty thousand years ago, just Blaze Family and Darkness Family conquered Spirit Realm.

Today, the five families of God Race all thought of Spirit Realm as a piece of meat. They were going to come together. This was worse than the end of the world.

Also, according to Gan Xing, the other four families had  already succeeded in their Abyss hunts, and stored enough fleshly energies.

This meant the four families would arrive soon!

As the God Race conquered outer realms, they made use of other races’ advantages and became even more powerful.

At this time, the families of the God Race were stronger than thirty thousand years ago!

He couldn’t help but be curious. What would the Gold rank forces of Spirit Realm’s Central World think if they knew the current God Race was much stronger than the force that had invaded thirty thousand years ago?

He didn’t know if they had made any preparations.

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