Chapter 1130: Cease Battle

Chapter 1130: Cease Battle

The fire lotuses that Gan Xing had formed using bloodline power started to furiously absorb the flames of Qin Lie’s Flame World

Qin Lie's Flame World started to visibly shrink.

On the other hand, Gan Xing’s Flame World started to furiously grow as it assimilated the energy fire lotuses had absorbed.

Gan Xing's Flame World quickly surpassed Qin Lie's in size.

All the while, the fire lotuses kept absorbing even more flames of Qin Lie’s Flame World.

Qin Lie could feel the fire energy that formed the Flame World quickly slip away under the attraction of the fire lotuses.

"This is also a bloodline latent ability?" Qin Lie said in shock.

Gan Xing smiled faintly and said secretively, "Guess."

Qin Lie looked deeply at the crystal fire lotuses and his brow shifted. "It should be a kind of artifact."

Gan Xing chuckled and did not answer.


At this time, the fire spirit hidden in Qin Lie's Soul Suppressing Orb suddenly became extremely excited.

The fire spirit seemed to smell something delicious.

Qin Lie mentally communicated with the fire spirit and asked why it was excited. It quickly received a response.

After receiving the fire spirit's mental response, Qin Lie had a surprised expression. He looked at the fire lotuses in his Flame World, having new understanding of their origins.

They were an item that had been carved from fire attribute Soul Altars.

Human martial practitioners such as Tang Beidou that only cultivated fire energy would start creating their flame Soul Altars upon breaking through to the Imperishable Realm

They would use refined fire attribute spirit materials to create them.

The Soul Altar was the foundation of many intelligent races. It was source of their power, mysterious and magnificent.

Humans would only create Soul Altars when they have reached the Imperishable Realm. Other strong races could only refine their Soul Altars once they reached a certain level of power.

The fire lotuses that Gan Xing received had been formed with secret arts of the God Race by refining Soul Altars they had created.

In essence, the fire lotuses were Soul Altars which had been refined again which was why they were so attractive to the fire spirit.

The Spirits of Void and Chaos had the infamy of being Soul Altar devourers. They instinctively desired items like this made out of pure fire attribute spirit materials.

"Yes, the lotuses are not a bloodline latent ability, but a powerful artifact." Gan Xing could see that Qin Lie had already ascertained their origin and did not continue to conceal it. He said with a smile, "In battle, other than latent ability, physical power, and secret arts, we have to compete with spirit artifacts."

“Spirit artifacts..." Qin Lie's eyes flashed with light.

He knew the concept of "spirit artifacts" started with the God Race. After the God Race conquered the Spirit Realm, they started to call the artifacts the native races of Spirit Realm were using “spirit artifacts”.

According to the God Race, the powerful high rank races also called these tools that.

In the vast galaxy, the name of spirit artifacts was a common term.

"Your spirit artifact is good." Qin Lie grinned, but it was slightly strange. "But it cannot harm me."

"Oh?" Gan Xing clearly did not believe it. "Cannot harm you? Is your Flame World... not slowly contracting?"

The conversation between the two also reached ears of Wu Sha and the others. They also had pleased expressions.

They also thought Qin Lie was boasting.

"You do not believe me?" Qin Lie raised an eyebrow.

Gan Xing said with a smile, "I do not."

"Then I will not be polite."

Qin Lie's mind shifted. Bloody red spears shot out of his body and released dazzling white light.

Among the light, the fire spirit secretly flew out and burrowed into a fire lotus.

When the fire spirit flew out, Yan Feng, Wu Sha, and the other God Race martial practitioners who had fire souls in their bodies felt the terror and anxiousness swell inside them.

They immediately knew that Qin Lie had released the thing that their fire souls had been so afraid of.

Almost at the same time, Gan Xing who felt he had the upper hand on Qin Lie started to shout.

"Stop! Stop!"

Gan Xing shouted, a terrified expression on his handsome face.

Threads of his soul were imprinted on the fire lotuses. When the fire spirit flew amid the fire lotuses and started to consume the refined spirit materials they were made of, he immediately realized something had gone terribly wrong.

Those fire lotuses were spirit artifacts that the family elders had made for him. They were primarily made out of flame Soul Altars.

He treasured them!

Once the fire spirit burrowed into the fire lotus, it damaged this artifact at the very core. Like a locust consuming valuable wood, it was going to completely destroy the spirit artifact.

He felt both shocked and suspicious. He released several soul attacks but did not feel anything in that fire lotus.

But he clearly knew something had entered.

It seemed that thing had terrifying control over the fire lotus made out of Soul Altars. Within the fire lotus, he could not feel the existence of that thing.

This discovery caused him to know that the thing was the bane of the Soul Altars.

Realizing this, he knew he could not win over Qin Lie with the fire lotuses.

He had to surrender.

"I said so," Qin Lie chuckled. He did not continue to attack, and had the fire spirit come back into the Soul Suppressing Orb with a mental order.

When the fire spirit disappeared, the fire lotuses that Gan Xing released immediately recovered. He stopped feeling the corrosion of the fire lotus.

The fire souls in Yan Feng, Wu Sha, and the others calmed down as well.

"Forget it."

Gan Xing shook his head and sighed helplessly. He retracted his fire lotuses as well as his Flame World.

"Maybe Cousin Cang Ye was right. With bloodlines of the same rank, I may not be a match for you." He generously admitted his failure.

Seeing him not desiring to fight, Qin Lie's mind shifted and he also took down his Flame World.

He looked interestedly at Gan Xing and said with a smile, "If I do not have something that subdues your spirit artifacts, you should not admit defeat so quickly. Let me guess... you should have other latent abilities you have not used, no?"

He could see that Gan Xing had not used his full power.

This God Race youth that looked younger than him still hid his true power and did not display all of it.

That was also the case for Qin Lie. He didn’t use lightning, frost, or earth spirit arts in his possession.

"I do have other latent abilities, and other tactics, but I know you are not fighting at full power either." Gan Xing felt slightly helpless. "I truly feel your full power surpasses mine."

Qin Lie did not speak. He looked at him, and then the God Race clansmen at the mouth of the volcano thoughtfully.

"Take care of the corpses of the Devil Flame Golden Lions." Gan Xing looked down and ordered the weaker clansmen. Then, he said to Yan Feng, Wu Sha, and Liu Yang, "You three, come here."

Yan Feng and the others flew into the sky.

"Could we move somewhere else and talk?" Gan Xing asked Qin Lie.

"Of course."

Gan Xing led Qin Lie, Yan Feng, and the others, descended from the sky and entered the volcano before stopping at a crimson rock.

Streams of lava winded around this place, the flames boiled and the temperature was high.

But for them who had the Blaze Family bloodline, they felt comfortable in a place like this.

"The family is invading the Extreme Flame Abyss. Small squads of ten people, medium squads of a hundred and big squads of up to a thousand are spread around the Extreme Flame Abyss as they fight the Lords and Great Lords of the Abyss," Gan Xing explained to Qin Lie. "We are only a team of ten, I am their captain. There are no powerful Abyss Devils in the vicinity. We were pursuing this group of Devil Flame Golden Lions so we split from the bigger group and came here, encountering you."

"Where did you come from?" Liu Yang's eyes moved as she smiled bright and asked Qin Lie in curiosity.

Qin Lie glanced at her, his gaze pausing at her voluptuous chest. He said with a smile, "From Spirit Realm."

Liu Yang noticed his gaze but was not embarrassed. She deliberately pushed up her chest, her hand playing with a strand of her red hair as she said with a smile, "Spirit Realm also has a passageway into the Abyss?"

"We should have destroyed them before leaving, there should not be any..." Gan Xing was puzzled.

"Not Spirit Realm. A realm close to it." Qin Lie did not elaborate.

"Oh." Gan Xing nodded and did not press the subject. He said, "I can see you do not want to meet the senior members of the family."

Qin Lie did not refute this and confirmed, "Yes."

"Why?" Gan Xing was curious.

Qin Lie frowned. "How do I know how they will treat me?"

Gan Xing’s expression turned serious and he said, "You think too much!"

Wu Sha explained, "As long as you have the blood of the family, the family will not treat you as an enemy! In our family, there are also mixed-bloods like you with the Blaze Family bloodline. Most of them cannot enter Chaos Blood Realm and are far weaker than you, but they have status within the family. As long as they perform great service when the family wages war, they will also be given rights of property to some private realms!"

"As long as you do not work with other races to act against the family, just with the Blaze Family bloodline you have, the family will not treat you like an enemy!" Gan Xing said seriously.

"Soon, you will enter Spirit Realm and we will invade it again. At that time... I do not know what I will do," Qin Lie said gravely.

"While you are strong, you only have a rank seven bloodline. When the five families invade Spirit Realm, what can you do?" Liu Yang was shocked. "If you do not want to fight on the family's side, you can just stand by, and not interfere. Many mixed-bloods choose to distance themselves when the family attacks their realms. After the matter, whether or not the family conquers that realm has nothing to do with them. The family will not blame them for any failures."

"When the time comes, you can also choose this option. That way, the family's invasion of Spirit Realm will have nothing to do with you. But because you will not participate, they will not reward you afterwards. When the family conquers another realm, you can participate in battle. The family will reward you based on your contributions, This has always been our policy for mixed-bloods," Gan Xing said.

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