Chapter 1129: Collision

Chapter 1129: Collision

"Flame World!"

"It really is Flame World!"

At the mouth of the volcano, all the young God Race clansmen, including Yan Feng, started to shout.

Gan Xing was able to become their captalin because his rank seven bloodline contained the Flame World latent ability.

This was a bloodline latent ability that could enhance all of their strengths.

At the same time, among the many bloodline latent abilities of the Blaze Family, Flame World was one of the strongest.

Qin Lie, a mixed-blood, also releasing Flame World exceeded their expectations.

Releasing Flame World immediately was Qin Lie recognizing Gan Xing's power and treating Gan Xing as a worthy opponent. This was why he preemptively released Flame World.

When he faced Yan Feng, from start to finish, he did not activate any of his bloodline latent abilities.

This meant that Yan Feng was not as strong as Gan Xing.

In the sky, when Qin Lie's Flame World appeared, it immediately crashed against Gan Xing's Flame World.

Previously, Gan Xing's Flame World shrouded this area, including Qin Lie.

This was akin to using a small secret realm to trap Qin Lie.

Qin Lie's Flame World was another secret realm. When two secret realms appeared together, and were enemies, naturally they could not coexist peacefully.

"Pss zzz ssst!"

Qin Lie's Flame World collided with Gan Xing’s Flame World, creating blinding flames and light.

In the eyes of observers such as Yan Feng and Liu Yang, Qin Lie and Gan Xing were charging at each other with enormous fire shields.

Lightning flashed where the two enormous flame shields touched. Sparks flew. There was also cracking sounds.

At the same time, divine characters appeared in the eyes of Qin Lie and Gan Xing.

The blaze divine characters embedded in the Blaze Family bloodline merged into their Flame Worlds.

The two enormous flame shields immediately started burning bright like fiery suns.

Qin Lie and Gan Xing were inside the two suns as their bloodline gave off wild flames. They caused this volcano which had gone dormant to boil again.

"Boom boom boom!"

The volcano below Yan Feng and the others started to tremble. Streams of magma erupted.

The lava flowers were drawn to Qin Lie and Gan Xing's Flame Worlds and gathered towards them.

In a flash, Qin Lie and Gan Xing's Flame Worlds filled with not only flames, but also huge amounts of lava that kept flowing in huge waves.

In Wu Sha's eyes, Qin Lie and Gan Xing's Flame Worlds had become two restless oceans of lava. They formed unusual vibrations that could affect the flames in the surroundings.

When the vibrations started, the nearby volcanoes started to become restless.

"Boom boom boom!"

Roars came from deep within the ground as though a fire beast that was hiding there had been disturbed by their bloodline power.

"This guy..."

Yan Feng's proud expression receded as he watched the battle.

He looked gravely at Qin Lie. Suddenly, he realized he might not be Qin Lie’s match either.

He finally believed Cang Ye's judgement!

"Back then, cousin said… Gan Xing might actually be a bit weaker,” he suddenly said in shock.

"What? Cousin Cang Ye really said this?" Wu Sha's expression changed.

Liu Yang had an expression of shock.

Yan Feng's expression was bitter and helpless. "I was not willing to admit it previously. However... since he can use Flame World, I start to believe Cang Ye's judgement slightly."

Wu Sha and Liu Yang were even more shocked.

At this time, everyone heard Qin Lie's laugh.

As he laughed, Qin Lie's fiery hair started to grow furiously.

As his hair grew long, Qin Lie's presence started to rise at an astounding rate.

All the bloodline power within him seemed to burn. He started to release power that surpassed his rank, this was the ignition latent ability of his bloodline.

Yan Feng and the others saw Qin Lie's hair grow and knew he had activated ignition.

When Blaze Family member ignited their bloodline, it would become restless and uncontrollable. The most evident, physical sign was growing hair.

They immediately noticed.

"As expected, ignition!"

Gan Xing looked at Qin Lie in his Flame World. When Qin Lie's red hair grew again, he couldn't help but shout in shock.

When Qin Lie used ignition, Gan Xing clearly felt his Flame World was slowly being suppressed by Qin Lie's Flame World, and was forced to shrink.

Yan Feng and the others below could see it more clearly. As Qin Lie released his ignition, Qin Lie's Flame World grew bigger and covered move area.

The flame shield covering Qin Lie immediately doubled in size!

Gan Xing's flame shield used up a great amount of bloodline power in the fierce collision and started to shrink.

When the two were compared, it was clear that Gan Xing's flame shield had shrunk by more than half.

This meant that the bloodline power Qin Lie was putting into the Flame World was more than double Gan Xing.

"Is that for real?"

Liu Yang covered her mouth, her eyes shocked as she unconsciously shook her head.

She clearly did not believe Gan Xing's bloodline power was weaker than Qin Lie’s.

"It’s not all the power Gan Xing wields," Wu Sha said.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

Gan Xing's hands formed strange seals within his Flame World. His palm opened and surging flames floated out.

The wisps of flame formed a burning lotus flower in his hand.

The lotus flowers flashed with mysterious God Race characters. They were clear and appeared beautiful and extraordinary.

The red crystal fire lotuses surrounding him, Gan Xing showed a smile on his handsome face.

They floated and streaked about his Flame World like clouds and then flew in the direction of Qin Lie's Flame World.

Yan Feng and the others down at the volcano had shocked expressions.

They also knew the power of the fire lotuses.

"Be careful." Gan Xing warned Qin Lie with a smile.

The crystal fire lotuses slowly floated out of Gan Xing's Flame World.

Then, they easily entered Qin Lie's Flame World. Once they did, they gave off a strange attraction.

The fire energy filling Qin Lie's Flame World suddenly uncontrollably flooded into the fire lotuses.

Instantly, the fire lotuses started to grow, becoming bigger and stronger.

The Flame World Qin Lie formed by burning his bloodline drastically shrunk due to the arrival of these fire lotuses.

The energy maintaining the Flame World was being siphoned.

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