Chapter 1127: Beating Yan Feng!

Chapter 1127: Beating Yan Feng!

“Gan Xing, did you just say he awakened ignition at rank six?”

Liu Yang’s charming face was etched with astonishment. She obviously found his claim hard to believe.

“Are you absolutely sure, captain?” A rank six God Race youngster also cried out.

Ignition was one of the strongest and most important abilities one might awaken as a member of the Blaze Family.

No one in the ten-man team including Gan Xing had awakened this ability yet.

Qin Lie was just a mixed-blood, but not only had he awakened to this ability, it had appeared as early as rank six. It was undoubtedly a bitter pill for them to swallow.

“You’ll know very soon if it’s truth or not,” Gan Xing said calmly.

He looked at Yan Feng.

Yan Feng was still enveloping Qin Lie with his Fire Formation. His expression clearly darkened when he heard this.

The knowledge that Qin Lie had awakened ignition at rank six came from Cang Ye, and Yan Feng knew her well enough to know that she never talked nonsense.

Qin Lie hadn’t used ignition even though they had been fighting for a while. It was proof that Qin Lie really hadn’t used his full strength.

Therefore, Qin Lie’s taunt wasn’t unreasonable.

Yan Feng was a prideful man, and he found the taunts of a mixed-blood difficult to bear.

“Fire Soul!”

Yan Feng activated his bloodline power again.

This time, a fiery dragon made of the power of his bloodline burst out of his chest with a roar. Just like the Vermillion Bird from earlier, this fire dragon was made from a soul of rank eight fire beast.

Both Yan Feng and Wu Sha had awakened to the bloodline latent ability “Fire Soul”, an ability that required them to nurture a fire soul with their blood

The rank eight fire dragon had answered his summons and came out roaring after Yan Feng activated his bloodline.

The fire dragon instantly charged into the fiery formation and attacked Qin Lie just like the Blaze Spear.

Unlike the Blaze Spear, the fire dragon had its own intelligence and soul consciousness. It wisely avoided the ring Qin Lie had created with his bloodline power and attacked him from behind.

A violent and brutal soul energy flew straight towards Qin Lie’s soul consciousness in the shape of a fiery pillar.

The attack was powered by the fire dragon’s own soul energy.

“Heavenly Thunder Eradication.”

Qin Lie didn’t even bother looking behind himself. He summoned the heavenly thunder with his soul thought, and thunder suddenly reverberated through his soul consciousness.

The turbulent storm of thunder and lightning protected his soul consciousness completely and destroyed all foreign soul thoughts into nothingness.

The dragon’s soul attack barely entered Qin Lie’s consciousness before it was struck by the thunder. It crumbled into dust before it could even take a form of its own.

The fire dragon’s soul attack was completely nullified by Qin Lie. It failed to do any damage to him whatsoever.

The fire dragon stared at Qin Lie with obvious fear after he had easily nullified its soul attack with ease.

The threatening demeanor it displayed at the beginning was all gone. It suddenly tiptoed around Qin Lie as if it was afraid to get close.

“The fire soul is afraid…”

Wu Sha looked thoughtful as a slight frown appeared on her face.

Just like Yan Feng, she had awakened to the bloodline latent ability Fire Soul and was gifted a refined fire soul by her family elders.

Yan Feng was given a fire dragon, while she was given a Vermillion Bird. Both refined souls were at about the same level.

Through the use of the family’s secret art, Wu Sha had fused the rank eight Vermillion Bird’s soul into her bloodline and nurtured it with her own blood.

Therefore, she was aware that the soul had a real mind of its own despite the lack a physical body.

It meant that the fire soul knew how to protect itself.

The fire dragon had charged Qin Lie ferociously at first.

However, it suddenly turned fearful and tiptoed around Qin Lie in fear. This meant that it must’ve suffered a huge loss in Qin Lie’s hands.

She also knew that Yan Feng’s fire soul was well-versed in soul attacks...

Wu Sha’s expression grew increasingly serious as the thoughts passed through her mind.

“The fact that he can disable the fire dragon’s soul attack and terrify it at the same time means that his recognition of soul power is at an incredibly high level. The Blaze Family isn’t particularly good at soul attacks, and we don’t have any soul-related latent abilities to awaken in our bloodline. How could he possibly nullify the fire dragon’s attack so easily?”

Wu Sha looked puzzled.

She was slowly changing her mind over the course of the battle—Yan Feng’s victory was looking less and less like a certainty.

“Bite him!”

Yan Feng’s face flushed completely red when he noticed that his fire dragon was afraid of Qin Lie. He immediately barked out a harsh order.

The cowering dragon had no choice but to attack Qin Lie once more.

Qin Lie turned around and stared at the fire soul indifferently. He revealed a bit of the fire Spirit of Void and Chaos’s presence from his glabella.

The fire qilin was at rank seven. It was the most extraordinary fire-based life in the entire world.

This Spirit of Void and Chaos lived by consuming all fire attribute spirit materials it encountered.

This extraordinary lifeform had to consume enormous amounts of fire attribute spirit materials to advance through the ranks. At a certain rank, it could literally devour anything fire-based.

When the fire Spirit of Void and Chaos reached its ultimate form, it would travel from realm to realm and devour all fire that existed in those realms.

The fire soul in Yan Feng’s blood was a soul being made of pure fire. Therefore, it was the perfect food for the fire Spirit of Void and Chaos.

The fire soul didn’t have a body, so it could easily be attracted and devoured by the fire qilin.

One might say that the fire Spirit of Void and Chaos was the natural enemy of all fire souls.

The second the fire dragon detected the Spirit of Void and Chaos’s presence, it immediately escaped like its life depended on it.

The fiery form it took suddenly exploded into a shower of blaze divine characters and pitter-pattered on Yan Feng’s Fire Formation.

The refined soul escaped back into Yan Feng’s body.

It refused to come out no matter how many times Yan Feng tried to resummon it. It had no wish to be devoured by its natural enemy.

Yan Feng stomped his feet in rage because of this.

The fire dragon wasn’t the only one who was afraid when Qin Lie let loose the fire Spirit of Void and Chaos’s presence. The rank eight Vermillion Bird inside Wu Sha’s body was just as terrified.

The refined soul of rank eight Vermillion Bird urged Wu Sha repeatedly to move as far away from Qin Lie as possible.

This sudden change shocked Wu Sha greatly.

A few other rank six God Race clansmen who had awakened the Fire Soul latent ability and nurtured a fire soul inside their bloodlines turned deathly pale too.

Every fire soul within the vicinity was terrified by the fire Spirit of Void and Chaos’s presence.

They kept soothing the fire souls inside their bodies while staring at Qin Lie in great astonishment.

By now, everyone was aware that Qin Lie was hiding something that could strike fear into all fire souls.

It was because their fire souls were made terrified and anxious by that thing’s presence.

“Yan Feng, just withdraw your fire soul.” Gan Xing looked up and sighed once. “Your fire soul doesn’t want to die. They could sense their natural enemy and the death it brings.”

Yan Feng’s face grew uglier and uglier over time. He stopped summoning his fire soul and stared at Qin Lie like he would shoot lava from it.

“What are you hiding? What is it that scared my fire soul so much?” he yelled at Qin Lie.

Qin Lie smiled calmly at him. “It is something that can take out your fire soul with barely any effort.”

A furious smile passed through Yan Feng’s face as he prepared himself for another attack.

However, Gan Xing chose this moment to wave his hands and said, “Enough. Let’s stop this fight here.”

From the distance, Yan Feng looked at him and snorted coldly, “What do you mean stop here?”

Gan Xing frowned at him before answering, “You failed to beat him with the Fire Formation and Fire Soul, didn’t you? The only bloodline ability you have left is recovery, which doesn’t possess any offensive power whatsoever. This means that you’re now out of powerful offensive methods, but he hasn’t even used ignition yet. Isn’t it clear that you’ve already lost?”

Wu Sha, Liu Yang, and the rank six God Race clansmen suddenly came to a realization.

Yan Feng had failed to hurt Qin Lie despite using both his bloodline latent abilities, Fire Formation and Fire Soul. It meant that he was out of techniques already.

Meanwhile, Qin Lie hadn’t even activated his ignition. It was obvious he hadn’t unleashed his actual combat prowess.

This meant that Yan Feng was no match for Qin Lie, wasn’t it?

Yan Feng was pure-blooded, and Qin Lie wasn’t. The fact that he lost to someone like Qin Lie had shamed him deeply.

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