Chapter 1126: This Isn’t Going To Work!

Chapter 1126: This Isn’t Going To Work!

Yan Feng couldn’t accept Cang Ye’s evaluation, and he was willing to fight Qin Lie to prove himself. Gan Xing, Liu Yang, and Wu Sha were all looking forward to the fight.

In reality, none of them were able to believe Cang Ye’s claims completely.

The God Race was very, very seldom the loser in its long history of conquest. Most of the time, they were the ones who came out victorious.

Many of the senior God Race experts found it difficult to swallow the fact that they had lost at Spirit Realm twenty thousand years ago.

They harbored plenty of resentment towards the human race to say the least.

That was why all five great families of the God Race had decided to invade Spirit Realm again twenty thousand years later.

They wished to wipe their shame away.

There were plenty of God Race youngsters who knew nothing about the races of Spirit Realm or come into contact with them.

They were especially curious about the human race that was mentioned repeatedly by the seniors. How on earth did this weak race that didn’t even have latent abilities of their own manage to push the God Race away from Spirit Realm?

Qin Lie was a mixed-blood between a God Race clansmen and a human. That was why they planned to get a clearer picture of the human race through Qin Lie.

At the same time, they wished to know if Cang Ye’s evaluation was true and if Qin Lie really was stronger than Yan Feng considering they were at the same bloodline rank.

The trio took to the skies quickly, not wanting to miss a good show.


At the volcano crater, the rank six bloodline cultivators who were processing the Devil Flame Golden Lion’s corpses exclaimed in surprise when they saw Qin Lie.

Qin Lie had seemingly come out of nowhere, so they were extremely curious about him.

“Just watch.” Gan Xing motioned for them to stop what they were doing temporarily before pointing at Qin Lie. “His name is Qin Lie, and he is a kin of ours. However, he’s also a half-human, and he hails from Spirit Realm. Yan Feng… wishes to do battle against him. Since we’re invading Spirit Realm soon, I hope that all of you will be able to get a clear picture of the human race through him.”


The rank six God Race warriors immediately stopped their work and paid full attention to Qin Lie and Yan Feng’s battle from the ground.

“Remember! None are you are to interfere with this battle!” Gan Xing instructed in a strict tone.

“Interfere? Do you mean we’re to do nothing while Yan Feng kills him?” a person asked in surprise.

Naturally, he thought that Yan Feng would kill Qin Lie in combat for sure.

They all knew how powerful Yan Feng was at rank seven. None of them thought that Qin Lie would be able to hold him back for long.

So the captain had to mean that they were to abandon Qin Lie to his death, right?

“Just watch,” Gan Xing said indifferently.


All nine God Race warriors of the ten-man squad stopped what they were doing and paid full attention to Qin Lie and Yan Feng’s fight.

They wished to verify what kind of enemy they would be facing in Spirit Realm through this fight. They wished to gain knowledge about the human race.

Yan Feng activated his bloodline while wielding the Blaze Spear. A lot of blaze divine characters were injected into the weapon.


Fire abruptly burst out of the spear. When he stabbed the spear at Qin Lie, the flames miraculously weaved itself into a formation.

It was the same technique Yan Feng had used against the Devil Flame Golden Lion earlier.

The Blaze Spear and a fire formation surged towards Qin Lie at the same time.

Inside the formation, countless fire snakes slithered through the sky before transforming into spear afterimages.

“It’s Yan Feng’s Fire Formation.”

Liu Yang obviously looked caught off guard. She thought that Yan Feng had acted too hastily, and that he shouldn’t have revealed his bloodline latent ability so soon.

She didn’t think that Qin Lie was stronger than a rank seven Devil Flame Golden Lion.

“Mn. Maybe Yan Feng is planning to prove himself by ending this battle as soon as possible,” Wu Sha added.

Gan Xing shook his head and said nothing. His opinion was obviously different from theirs.

He knew what Qin Lie’s bloodline latent abilities were.

Qin Lie was rank seven, and considering his talents Gan Xing didn’t think that Qin Lie was too far behind Yan Feng.


There was envy in Gan Xing’s eyes as he looked at Qin Lie. He obviously desired this bloodline latent ability a lot.

Ignition was one of the Blaze Family’s core abilities. Only a handful of people with the purest bloodline and the highest talent might be able to awaken this latent ability.

Moreover, most of his clansmen unlocked this ability at rank seven.

But according to Cang Ye, Qin Lie already had ignition when he was at rank six.

It was why Cang Ye thought that Qin Lie was stronger than Yan Feng assuming they were both rank six.

Ignition allowed one to ignite their bloodline and double their combat strength.

A sudden one hundred percent power increase in battle was crazy to say the least.

Not even Gan Xing dared to claim that he could beat Qin Lie one hundred percent of the time at rank six.

Therefore, it wasn’t a mistake to go all out against Qin Lie, someone with the ignition latent ability, from the beginning.

He didn’t think that Yan Feng’s choice was overly reckless.

“Moving flames…”

Qin Lie looked at the heart of the volcano and laughed brightly.

Suddenly, blazing lava suddenly flew up to the sky from the lava pond. They were attracted by Qin Lie’s bloodline.

The fiery river of lava stretched all the way to the bottom of his feet like a reverse waterfall.

The moment the lava reached him, Qin Lie immediately summoned the Ring of the Burning Sun with his bloodline power. Once the ring of fire had manifested in full, he injected the lava into the circle.

The fiery disk abruptly sparkled with Blaze divine runes.

“The Ring of the Burning Sun! A bloodline secret art!” Liu Yang suddenly shouted in surprise. “He had gone into our Chaos Blood Realm before!”

Wu Sha and the rank six God Race youngsters turned serious. They were starting to stare at Qin Lie with astonishment.

It was incredibly rare for a hybrid to enter the Chaos Blood Realm.

The fact that they could meant that the mixed-blood had incredibly pure bloodline. It also meant that Qin Lie must have awakened a few bloodline latent abilities, and that he couldn’t be too far behind them even if he was inferior.

Since Qin Lie was a rank seven cultivator who had entered the Chaos Blood Realm before, his bloodline latent abilities couldn’t possibly be too inferior compared to Yan Feng’s. Therefore, Qin Lie really was a match for Yan Feng!

Suddenly, it didn’t look like Yan Feng was going to obtain an easy victory.

“Bang bang bang!”

Fire streamed, sparkled, and exploded all around Qin Lie. The entire sky became filled with dazzling fire.

The hundreds and thousands of spear afterimages stabbed towards Qin Lie’s fiery disk from every direction.

Every time the two fiery energies clashed, and an explosion occurred, it was a clash between Qin Lie’s bloodline power and his.

In an instant, Yan Feng had clashed head on against Qin Lie for thousands of times.

Qin Lie was still trapped inside the formation. The Blaze Spear continued to emerge from every angle.

However, the fiery disk Qin Lie had conjured with his bloodline continued to stand strong despite the attack. It protected Qin Lie from Yan Feng’s attacks completely.

“This isn’t going to work.”

Qin Lie said calmly from behind the fiery disk. He gave Yan Feng a smile that didn’t reach the eyes before shaking his head.

“What do you mean?” Yan Feng snorted coldly.

“If you keep at it, I won’t even need to use my bloodline latent abilities.” Qin Lie smiled.

“What an arrogant fellow!” Liu Yang exclaimed.

Wu Sha was also frowning slightly. “This mixed-blood is seriously puffed up.”

Gan Xing frowned seriously, but he didn’t offer an opinion.

It was because Qin Lie was telling the truth. He hadn’t used any latent ability up until this point.

The Fire Formation was one of Yan Feng’s bloodline abilities.

Yan Feng had used it since the start of the fight.

The only time Qin Lie used his bloodline powers was when he attracted the lava from the heart of the volcano. The Ring of the Burning Sun was a bloodline secret art, not a latent ability.

Qin Lie hadn’t used any bloodline latent ability, so of course his current display of strength wasn’t his final power level. He was holding back.

It was a fact that Yan Feng failed to force out Qin Lie’s bloodline latent abilities with his own. It was quite an awkward position to be in.

That was why Gan Xing thought that Qin Lie’s taunt wasn’t completely unfounded.

“Yan Feng, I thought I should remind you that he has awakened ignition when he was just at rank six,” Gan Xing suddenly declared loudly.


Wu Sha, Liu Yang, and everyone else were stunned to hear this.

This mixed-blood actually awakened one of the most important latent abilities of the Blaze Family, ignition, while he was just at rank six?

It was quite a bitter pill to swallow.

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