Chapter 1123: A God Race Squad

Chapter 1123: A God Race Squad

Qin Lie allowed the fire spirit to consume as many flame crystals as it wished while he absorbed the fiery energy inside the lava pond everyday with his bloodline to strengthen his bloodline powers.

For now, he had decided to set aside what had happened at the Frost Abyss to the back of his mind.

After cultivating hard for a period of time, his rank seven Blaze Family bloodline had become charged with wild fiery energy. He could instantly summon countless blaze divine characters from his bloodline any time he wished.

Sometimes, it even felt like the very blood in his veins had turned into boiling lava and merged as one with the environment.

He knew that this cultivation was extremely useful to its bloodline.

However, he didn’t know that the flame crystals on the volcanic walls were an extremely precious type of flame crystal in Extreme Flame Abyss.

He didn’t know that a group of Devil Flame Golden Lions was heading his way to obtain the crystals.

And of course, he didn’t know that the group of Devil Flame Golden Lions was followed by a ten-man strong God Race squad.


Qin Lie was submerged at the bottom of the pond when he was suddenly awakened from his cultivation. He slowly floated towards the surface of the pond.

He looked at the volcano crater above his head.

The Devil Flame Golden Lions had gotten close enough for him to detect their life presences.

“Abyss Devils…” he muttered to himself.


The fire qilin landed on his shoulder excitedly the moment he appeared.

Many soul thoughts were transmitted into his head.

Qin Lie grinned and petted the fire qilin’s head. He knew that the fire spirit had consumed many flame crystals while he was in cultivation.

There were still a couple of flame crystals left on the walls. They were clearly sparkling in red.

Unfortunately, he had no idea what name or grade these flame crystals were. 

He could sense a rich fiery presence from them though.


The fire qilin spat out a flame crystal it hadn’t consumed entirely.

He picked it up from his shoulder and probed it with his power.

When he extended a wisp of soul consciousness into the flame crystal, he immediately noticed that a ferocious flame was burning inside it.

An incredibly rich and pure fire energy was spilling out of the tiny crystal. However, it wasn’t as destructive as the power inside the lava pond.

He could absorb pure energy like this, but it wouldn’t be the most suitable power for his bloodline.

“I don’t necessarily need this.” Qin Lie smiled while rubbing the fire qilin’s head. He then pushed the flame crystal back into its mouth. “You can have them.”

The fire spirit cheered before rushing back to the walls to consume even more flame crystals.

Qin Lie slowly floated up to the surface of the lava pond.

The erupting volcano had become less violent than it was before.

It was because he had trapped most of the fiery streams at the heart of the volcano with his bloodline.

As he flew towards the volcano crater, he used his bloodline power again and worked to suppress the erupting volcano completely. He wanted to make sure that it wouldn’t erupt and spill its lava outwards.

Gradually, the volcano stopped spouting lava and quieted completely.

He peeked out from inside the volcano crater while keeping himself hidden from eyes down.

He soon saw a group of Devil Flame Golden Lions following a trail of lava streams and climbing to the top of the volcano.

“It’s a group of Abyss Devils who aren’t afraid of lava and fire…”

Suddenly, his bloodline power throbbed slightly as if it had detected something. It surprised him.

He subconsciously looked towards the distance where a clump of scarlet red fiery rocks lay.

He could sense a strange presence from that direction.

“This presence… it’s the Blaze Family bloodline!”

Once the initial shock had worn off, he immediately suppressed the growing restlessness in his bloodline and slipped back down to the heart of the volcano.


The fire spirit immediately stopped feeding and returned to his glabella.

“I don’t think they noticed me yet…”

Qin Lie’s face looked a little heavy and serious as he kept himself submerged inside the lava pond.

He hadn’t expected that he would run into Blaze Family members on this Abyss level.

He had both the Blaze Family bloodline and a Soul Beast avatar. His own soul was extremely powerful.

He doubted that those God Race clansmen would have something on a level of the Soul Beast avatar just like him.

This meant that their senses weren’t as sharp as his.

Moreover, he had hidden his bloodline presence at first notice and submerged himself inside the pond. Those God Race clansmen shouldn’t be able to detect him easily.

He sank deeper and deeper towards the bottom of the lava.

Qin Lie’s eyes were wide open. They looked like two blazing suns.

It didn’t take long for the Devil Flame Golden Lions to show up at the volcano crater and descend along the walls. The fire spirit had nearly eaten all of the flame crystals, and the Devil Flame Golden Lions were looking at the leftovers.

The group of Devil Flame Golden Lions growled in communication with one another using the language of the Abyss.

They were very confused by the scene before them.

They had discovered this volcano since a long time ago, and they knew that it naturally produced these flame crystals. Every dozens of years or so, they would come over and devour the newly created flame crystals for themselves.

According to their estimation, the volcano should’ve given birth to a large amount of flame crystals already. There shouldn’t be so little flame crystals.

The Devil Flame Golden Lions were very confused by the anomaly. They didn’t know what Qin Lie had been doing in the most recent days.

Confusion aside, it was their goal to devour the flame crystals. Even if there were far fewer flame crystals that they had initially expected, they weren’t going to turn back and wait for another time just like that.

Just as the Devil Flame Golden Lions were about to consume the remaining flame crystals, the ten-man squad led by Gan Xing and Yan Feng sneakily made their way closer.

They hadn’t attacked immediately because they wanted to figure out the Devil Flame Golden Lions’ goal first.

When the volcano suddenly stopped erupting, and the Devil Flame Golden Lions suddenly ventured deep into the volcano, Gan Xing and everyone else immediately realized that the volcano was their destination.

They grew excited.

After confirming that this volcano was the Devil Flame Golden Lions’ final destination, they stopped being as cautious as they were before.

The God Race clansmen took to the sky and flew towards the volcano crater swiftly like falling meteors.

Since the God Race clansmen were no longer concealing their presence, the Devil Flame Golden Lions who were busy consuming the flame crystals faster than their own kin were immediately disturbed by their presences.

“It’s the Blaze Family’s clansmen!”

Three rank seven Devil Flame Golden Lions roared and swore loudly in the language of the Abyss.

When the remaining Devil Flame Golden Lions who were busy eating the flame crystals heard their leaders’ roars, they echoed their sentiment and rushed towards the volcano crater.

Suddenly, all of the Devil Flame Golden Lions had returned to the surface.

“It’s a flame crystal vein!”

Gan Xing’s eyes lit up when he looked down from above and saw the flame crystals embedded inside the volcano’s walls.

“A flame crystal vein!? What a great place this is! Haha!” Yan Feng laughed excitedly.

“Kill them all!”

A rank seven Devil Flame Golden Lion had a golden mane that looked like flowing streams of golden fire.

It was urging its bloodline power to its peak.

The Devil Flame Golden Lion was over ten meters tall to begin with. After its bloodline power was activated, it became even bigger than it was before.

Its devilish body abruptly trembled.

Thousands of golden light beams suddenly erupted from its skin and flew straight towards the ten-man Squad like golden needles.

At the same time, the Abyss Devil roared angrily in the language of the Abyss before flying to the sky right behind the torrent of golden beams.

The rest of the Devil Flame Golden Lions angrily followed its lead. They started fighting against the Blaze Family’s ten-man squad.

Meanwhile, Qin Lie stared upward from the heart of the volcano or the bottom of the lava pond and watched the fierce battle between the Devil Flame Golden Lion and Blaze Family members.

This was the first time he ran into God Race clansmen with the Blaze Family bloodline.

He felt a little excited by this encounter.

He had heard of the God Race’s scary power many times while he was still in Spirit Realm. Nearly every human expert in Spirit Realm and the other races was afraid of the God Race.

He himself had the Blaze Family’s bloodline in his veins.

He knew very well how much power the blood in his veins brought him.

That was why he wanted to know how a true God Race clansman fought with their Blaze bloodline.

He was very curious to know about them. Did these Blaze Family members possess the same latent abilities as he did?

There were just so many things he wanted to know about the Blaze Family clansmen.

Qin Lie stared at the battling Devil Flame Golden Lion and Blaze Family members with excited eyes.

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