Chapter 1122: Extreme Flame Abyss

Chapter 1122: Extreme Flame Abyss

Tang Beidou and the Asura clansmen flew away from where the Abyss Devils were fighting and quickly came to a safe clearing.

The leading three-level Soul Altar Asura Race expert motioned for everyone to stop. Then he sat on his Soul Altar and communicated with the Soul Beast mentally.

Underneath Boluo Realm, Qin Lie's Soul Beast avatar immediately responded and issued him orders.

Tang Beidou looked at the Asura clansmen with confusion.

"Master is fine. We do not have to worry. Let's return to our camp," the three-level Asura clansman said.

"Master? You call him master?" Tang Beidou said, shocked.

He did not know that Qin Lie possessed a Soul Beast avatar, and did not know the relationship between Qin Lie and these Asura Race martial practitioners.

"Yes, he is fine, he just went to another level of the Abyss," the three-level Soul Altar expert explained coldly and then flew in the direction of Cadak's territory.

Tang Beidou was both suspicious and shocked.

According to the original plan, he should have went with Qin Lie, and the fire spirit towards a place in the Frost Desolation Abyss with volcanoes.

However, when Qin Lie saw that high rank Abyss Devil young girl, he put away the fire spirit and then a fierce battle occurred.

As of that moment, Qin Lie was at another level of the Abyss. That young girl with blood of the First Devils also disappeared.

He hesitated whether he should go find for that volcanic area by himself.

The previous battle and the two rank eight Abyss Devils created a psychological barrier in his mind.

Tang Beidou thought for a moment. To be on the safe side, he followed these Asura clansmen. They returned on the original path.

Extreme Flame Abyss.

This was an Abyss level completely different than the Frost Desolation Abyss. This Abyss level was ten times as hot as Boluo Realm which had three suns.

The Extreme Flame Abyss was covered in erupting volcanoes. The sky was dark red and nearly covered in volcanic plumes.

Lava flowed on the surface along winding cracks carved in crimson stone.

Within those lava flows and deep gullies, Abyss Devils covered in flame could be seen everywhere.

Most of the Abyss Devils that could survive in the Extreme Flame Abyss could tolerate highest temperatures and did not fear being burned by the hottest of flames.

More of the Abyss Devils had been born from the lava. Their Abyss Devil bloodlines were usually related to fire.

The God Race's Blaze Family targeted the Extreme Flame Abyss because the flesh of the Abyss Devils on this level had great benefits to the bloodline of the Blaze Family.

If the Blaze Family members directly consumed the blood and flesh of the Abyss Devils on this level, their bloodline would grow stronger.

Moreover, the flesh and blood of the Abyss Devils also contained great fleshly energy.

At this time, the army of the Blaze Family was fighting and hunting the Abyss Devils of the Extreme Flame Abyss.

At a crater where the lava was furiously sprouting out,

The lava sprayed into the sky, and merged together with the flaming clouds in the dark red sky.

Then, it turned into a terrifying rain of blood.

The fiery rain carried a scent of sulphur as the magma sprayed into the surroundings. Other than the Abyss Devils born in the Extreme Flame Abyss, the Abyss Devils of other levels would be directly melted if they were touched by the magma rain or if their bloodline was weak.

Unusually strong spatial vibrations occurred at that erupting volcanic crater.

A bright door appeared.

Qin Lie's figure shot out of the star door like a cannonball.

His bloody figure flew towards the dark red sky and then fell down hard.

He descended towards the lava pond inside the volcano.

Qin Lie, his hair as red as blood, activated his bloodline.

Just as he was falling into the lava pond, he was covered completely in flame. The flames had merged into one with his body.


His naked body fell heavily into the lava pond and was drowned by the surging lava.

In this moment, the lava’s fire energy furiously poured into his pores.

His Blaze Family bloodline became extremely active.

Without even thinking, he used the Molten Blood Art and used the wild energy in the lava pond to cultivate his bloodline.

Using Molten Blood Art with the rank seven Blaze Family bloodline was the best course of action. This way, the rank seven bloodline would advance towards rank eight.

The cultivation of the Molten Blood Art coincidentally needed the ponds of lava at the center of the strongest volcanoes. One had to be immersed and absorb the hottest lava into their body in order to strengthen their bloodline the fastest.

He landed at this place which was the most suitable for him to cultivate the Molten Blood Art. This place would make his bloodline more powerful.

The flames contained in this place were dozens of times wilder and fiercer than the ones in Tong Yan’s volcano.

Due to this, when he landed into the lava pond, he started to use the Molten Blood Art to cultivate his bloodline.

He even did not care about which level of the Abyss this was.

He only knew this was the Abyss.


As he cultivated, the fire spirit flew out of the Soul Suppressing Orb.


When the fire spirit appeared, it felt the thick flame aura of that place. It also saw the huge pieces of fire attribute crystals and became excited.

The fire spirit found that this place was very suited to it. It could also increase its power better here than the place it had found in the Frost Desolation Abyss.

The little Fire Qilin shaped spirit left Qin Lie's side and flew to the walls inside the volcano.

Those red walls held many crimson crystals which contained pure fire energy.

Those were crystals made of pure fire energy.

Its favorite!

As Qin Lie cultivated the Molten Blood Art using the flame power in the lava pond, the fire spirit used its bloodline latent ability, flame consumption, to eat those crimson crystals.

One youth and one fire spirit cultivated at the bottom of the volcano, each with their own methods.

Time passed.

Today, ten God Race members with red hair and red eyes were hunting some Abyss Devils nearby.

Gan Xing and Yan Feng who had been with Cang Ye not long ago were in this group.

These two were clearly the leaders of this ten person squad.

This hunting team of the Blaze Family had Gan Xing as the captain, and Yan Feng as the vice captain. The two both had rank seven Blaze Family bloodlines.

Other than these two, two other women also had rank seven bloodlines.

The other six only had rank six bloodlines.

The ten person squad sneaked around. Their target was a herd of Devil Flame Golden Lions.

This group of Devil Flame Golden Lions was a commonly seen type of Abyss Devil in the Extreme Flame Abyss. The Devil Flame Golden Lions were herd animals and were only loyal to those more powerful of their own race.

Gan Xing and Yan Feng's squad was hunting a group of Devil Flame Golden Lions that consisted of three that possessed rank seven bloodlines, with the rest having only rank five and rank six bloodlines.

They had targeted this group of Devil Flame Golden Lions for many days and had been waiting for a suitable time to attack.

Today, this group of Devil Flame Golden Lions were passing nearby, threading through the lava and fire rains in search of something to eat.

Gan Xing Yan Feng and the others slowly gathered.

"There must be some special fire attribute spirit materials nearby. Otherwise, this group of Devil Flame Golden Lions would not have come here. We should not be in a hurry to attack. Let's see what the Devil Flame Golden Lions are searching for."

The captain, Gan Xing, was hiding behind an enormous piece of rock. He watched from afar at the group of Devil Flame Golden Lions walking through the gullies filled with lava. He said with a smile, "While we possess the Blaze bloodline, we cannot live in the Extreme Flame Abyss. We lack sensitivity to many special fire attribute spirit materials here. Only local devils such as the Devil Flame Golden Lions can sense them so acutely."

"Yes, after we find the things, we can kill the Devil Flame Golden Lions,” the tall and handsome Yan Feng snickered. Then he said to a beautiful woman next to him, "Liu Yang, how about we split a Devil Flame Golden Lion later?"

That beautiful God Race beauty had a head of bright red hair which fell to her hip like a waterfall.

She was dressed in crimson battle armor covered in flames and clouds. She wore a short dress. The armor only just covered her chest. Her full-bodied arms, flat stomach, as well as her long legs were all exposed.

"Split?" The beauty giggled and threw a flirtatious look at Yan Feng. "So frugal? You want to split with me? You cannot give it all to me?"

Under her look, Yan Feng seemed affected and said generously, "Alright! I will give my share to you!"

At this time, another young girl who had a more serene presence looked at Gan Xing and smiled, covering her mouth, "Brother Gan Xing, look how generous Yan Feng is. Would you give your share to me?"

Gan Xing rubbed his nose and said calmly, "I'm hungry."

"Miser!" the serene young girl complained.

As they spoke, the group of Devil Flame Golden Lions continued to advance through the lava streams.

The directions the lions were headed was coincidentally the volcano where Qin Lie was cultivating.

At this time, the volcano was still erupting with flames, the lava spraying out of the crater and flowing in streams down the mountainside.

The Devil Flame Golden Lions did not show any intentions of resting. They all stared at the erupting volcano with desire in their eyes.

The bantering Blaze Family team saw the Devil Flame Golden Lions moving away and stopped in order to chase after them.

Qin Lie, who was immersed in the center of the volcano in the lava pond, did not know anything of the outside world.

He had been cultivating for a long time in this place.

The fire spirit in the shape of the fire qilin had consumed almost all of the flame crystals that had formed on the inner walls of the volcano.

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