Chapter 1119: Enos

Chapter 1119: Enos

"The major families of the God Race have recently been entering various levels of the Abyss, upending its very foundation. This time, you appear in the Frost Desolation Abyss. Does this mean that soon, the Blaze Family will come in large numbers?"

The purple-haired girl had a grave expression. She thought of Qin Lie who had the Blaze Family bloodline as a scout for his family, and anticipated that Blaze Family’s large-scale invasion was soon to follow.

Each level of the Abyss was connected by the Abyss passageway. Powerful Abyss Devils could use the Abyss passageway to travel through the levels.

That’s why news travelled throughout the Abyss, eventually reaching Frost Desolation Abyss.

The purple-haired girl, as a high rank Abyss Devil, knew of the news from other Abyss levels.

Recently, the God Race was preparing to invade Spirit Realm and was stocking up on sources of refined flesh and blood energy.

To accomplish that goal, they naturally started to hunt in the Abyss.

At this time, on the other Abyss levels above and below this one, the members of the five God Race families were fighting with the Abyss Devils.

Many Abyss Devils had been slaughtered in battle.

The purple-haired girl saw Qin Lie and mistook him for a member of the Blaze Family.that had come to the Frost Desolation Abyss to incite a bloody war/

She naturally became nervous.

"You are saying the families of the God Race have been hunting in the Abyss?" Qin Lie was shocked.

"You did not know?" The purple-haired girl became suspicious.

By that time, the five Abyss Devils she had sent after Tang Beidou had already been contained by Asura Race soul slaves of Qin Lie.

The Asura clansmen who had been hunting in the Abyss for ten thousand years were experienced in battle and understood the Abyss Devils well.

When they showed their strength, they were not any weaker than the Abyss Devils of the same rank.

Tang Beidou became reassured by their arrival.

Qin Lie looked down and saw that Tang Beidou and the soul slaves controlled the situation. He did not panic and said idly, "I have no relationship with the Blaze Family."

"No relationship?" The purple eyes of the girl glimmered with mysterious purple patterns again.

Those patterns seemed to possess some mysterious insight ability.

When the patterns, the Blaze Family bloodline in Qin Lie's body became restless. Even his muscles and bones started to tremble.

There seemed to be unseen threads of power penetrating into Qin Lie's flesh and bones after those purple patterns appeared.

This caused his bones and flesh to be unusually sensitive. The purple-haired girl watched for a while and then came to a realization.

"You are not a pureblood of the God Race!"

Suspicion in her eyes clearly receded.

"You can see through my bones and flesh?!” Qin Lie was shocked.

The purple-haired girl pointed at Tang Beidou. "You are from his race, but mixed with the God Race.  You luckily have the Blaze Family bloodline." She managed to guess he was a mixture of human and God Race from his body structure.

The God Race had history of reproducing with other races, but their offsprings usually couldn’t handle the God Race bloodline.

Only a rare few would keep it. But since their bloodline was too diluted, they were never able to enter the God Race’s Chaos Blood Realm.

The God Race never acknowledged these offshoots as one of their own.

Only the hybrids who could enter the God Race's Chaos Blood Realm were recognized and treated like members of their race.

But even then, children without pure God Race bloodline didn’t hold high status within the God Race.

The purple-haired girl clearly thought Qin Lie was a part of that group.

When she confirmed Qin Lie's identity, she clearly relaxed. The eyes with which she looked at Qin Lie turned disdainful.

Hybrids usually did not have pure enough blood to enter the Chaos Blood Realm of the God Race. Their status was low and they were not recognized by the God Race.

As a descendant of the First Devils, she thought she had noble blood. She would only treat true members of the God Race as equals of super-ranking bloodline.

She thought that Qin Lie's bloodline was a level weaker, and naturally felt superior to him.

High rank Abyss Devils only considered the God Race, the Spirit Race, and the Soul Race as their equals among highly intelligent races.

This pride came from the noble bloodline in their bodies.

After confirming that Qin Lie’s bloodline was impure which meant he had low status in the God Race and could not lead the Blaze Family to that place, the girl felt reassured.

"So you should be like Cadak. You came to fight the Frost Desolation Abyss. Since this is the case, then abide the bloody rules of the Abyss. Let us fight!" She excitedly gave a challenge.

As for those Abyss Devils fighting with Tang Beidou and the Asura clansmen, she ignored them. She clearly was not concerned with the life and death of those Abyss Devils.

She still had high interest in Qin Lie, who had impure blood but still had a rank seven Blaze Family bloodline.

She had never fought a member of the God Race before.

Each high rank Abyss Devil had the bloody instincts of the First Devils. Each of them was battle-hungry and thought of battle as the best way to advance.

They desired opponents as strong as they were.

They did not fear death.

"I am Enos!"

Before the purple-haired girl fought, she seriously introduced herself.

Qin Lie stilled and instinctively said, "I am Qin Lie."

"I will kill you and then taste the blood of the God Race, even if it is impure." Enos licked her lips as her eyes shone with bloodthirsty light.


The broad wings behind her suddenly flapped, exuding abyss devil energy.

The released energy was ten times as dense and looked black but was actually deep purple.

The dense abyss devil energy completely drowned her like a purple sea.

The sea slowly spread towards Qin Lie under the guidance of her bloodline power.

Amidst the abyss devil energy, an enormous curved horn flashing with purple energy formed. It was filled with wild destructive energy like the horn announcing the battle of two human armies.

However, that curved horn was dozens of times bigger.

The enormous horn suddenly gave an ear-piercing howl within the dark purple abyss devil energy.

The thick abyss devil energy was being consumed by the enormous horn rapidly.

The horn’s howl grew stronger and stronger.

As it reverberated, the Abyss Devils fighting with Tang Beidou and the Asura clansmen, as well as other Abyss Devils in the vicinity seemed to have grown mad.

Blood seeped out of the orifices of the Abyss Devils. Their potential seemed to have been forcefully excavated.

Qin Lie, who was the main target of the horn, felt as though he was attacked by thousands of sharp spears. He immediately spat out blood, his body covered with bone-deep wounds.

The sound was like invisible knives that immediately stabbed into his unguarded body.

In just one attack, Qin Lie was seriously wounded by this high rank Abyss Devil called Enos.

"Bloodline latent ability! Recovery!"

Qin Lie's mind shook. He did not dare to be careless at all and activated his bloodline power.

Threads of crimson blood carrying flames seeped out of every wound on his body. As if treated with strong glue, his wounds forcibly healed.

In just this attack, he used a third of his bloodline power.

"Flesh Filling Tombstone!"

As soon as the thought arose, the Demon Sealing Tombstone floated out of his spatial ring and released a bloody ball of condensed energy.

This was all that had remained.

This ball of refined flesh and blood energy was quickly absorbed through the pores in his body.

The fleshly energy seeped into his blood like an ocean.

The bloodline power he had just used up was immediately replenished.

After this, Qin Lie channeled his spirit arts. The power of ice, lightning, and earth covered him in a three-layer barrier.

This Abyss Devil was the most terrifying opponent he had fought so far.

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