Chapter 1117: Descendant of The First Devils

Chapter 1117: Descendant of the First Devils

Qin Lie was flabbergasted when he saw the purple-pupiled, purple-haired girl with a pair of wings flying around and hooting on the battlefield.

His first reaction was that a girl from the Ling Family had appeared on the battlefield.

After all, he had only seen people with purple hair and purple eyes within the Ling Family such as Ling Yushi and Ling Xuanxuan.

He immediately changed his mind when he noticed the pitch black wings and curved horns though.

She had to be a high born Abyss Devil!

Qin Lie had deep understanding regarding the Abyss Devils as a race thanks to the Soul Beast’s memories. He was aware of their racial traits.

A large majority of rank nine Lords of the Abyss or rank ten Great Lords of the Abyss were actually rank one devils at the beginning.

These devils at the top of the food chain of their Abyss levels all evolved their bloodline step by step through murder and consumption of other Abyss Devils.

This meant that even the lousiest Abyss Devil could potentially evolve into a Lord of the Abyss or even a Great Lord of the Abyss.

For example, a rank five Silver Armored War Devil could continuously evolve its bloodline if it survived every battle it fought and consumed the flesh of its own kind.

If the Silver Armored Abyss Devil was lucky enough to stay alive until the very end, even it could evolve into a rank nine Lord of the Abyss or a rank ten Great Lord of the Abyss.

Of course, it could take up to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of years to achieve this goal.

It was a difficult process to say the least.

That was why rank nine Lords of the Abyss were rare, and rank ten Lords of the Abyss were even more so. Every Abyss level had only a few Great Lords of the Abyss.

Every Abyss Devil who managed to survive for tens or hundreds of thousands of years to evolve from a low rank Abyss Devil to a high rank Lord of the Abyss or Great Lord of the Abyss was terrifyingly powerful.

After all, they were all creatures who managed to survive the brutal laws of the Abyss and ultimately slaughtered their way to the top.

Powerful Abyss Devils like them were called the “First Devils”. They were the scariest existences in the Abyss.

The descendants of a rank nine or ten “First Devil” had the fortune of skipping its the initial parts of its long evolutionary period. They might awaken immediately as rank five or rank six devils.

The “First Devils” had powerful bloodlines, and the Abyss laws they had mastered were imprinted in their very blood. That was why their descendants were born more powerful than others.

The descendants of “First Devils” were called “Second Devils”. Since “Second Devils” were naturally powerful and evolved quickly, they were also called high rank devils.

Since high rank devils were naturally powerful, extraordinarily intelligent and supported by great power, they were often leaders among the Abyss Devil Race.

Purple hair, purple pupils and purple blood were the most obvious traits of many high rank devils.

The “First Devils” who ruled the Abyss had gone through a long evolutionary period between tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of years. Therefore, they had deeper understanding of the laws of the Abyss, and the origin and structure of their species.

Many of them had also fought against the Soul Race, the God Race, and the Spirit Race many before.

First Devils at this level could even adjust their bloodline and give their descendants the best appearance and physique possible for their bloodline.

The reason they could do this was because Great Lords of the Abyss were powerful enough to touch on the origin of life itself and understand the primal secrets of living beings.

Basically, it meant that they could shape their descendants’ appearances as they wished.

To an Abyss Devil, appearance was just a trivial matter. The bloodline that flowed in their veins was the true bond that tied them together.

That was why most second generation high rank Abyss Devil didn’t share quite the same appearance as the parents. In fact, most of them had a human exterior.

These second generation devils would change their appearance and look like their parents, the First Devils, only when they unleashed their bloodline powers completely.

The Dark Nether Race from Nether Realm could transform into Demon Gods when their bloodline reached rank ten. In reality, they were just returning to their “original” forms.

The Dark Nether Race was basically high rank Abyss Devils.

Be it the Evil Gods humans referred to or the Demon Gods the Nether Realm races revere , they were just the original appearance of the First Devil who granted the Nether Races their bloodline in the first place.

One might say that that was their true form.

The Horned Demon Race, Dark Shadow Race, and Ghost Eye Race might very well be the descendants of high rank Abyss Devils as well.

The reason none of them were able to reach rank ten and regain the appearance of the First Devils was because they were the descendants of their First Devils and some of the native races of Nether Realm. As a result, their bloodline had become impure.

Throughout the years, the third, fourth, fifth and so on generation devils were born in succession.

Their impure bloodline wasn’t the only thing that was holding the Nether Realm races back. Nether Realm was also severely lacking in abyss devil energy. That was why no rank ten cultivators had ever emerged from the Horned Demon Race, Dark Shadow Race, or Ghost Eye Race.

Qin Lie had no doubt that the purple-haired girl flapping her devilish wings and flying above the fighting Abyss Devils was a high rank Abyss Devil.

He wasn’t sure which generation she belonged to though.

Tang Beidou arrived while Qin Lie was still absentmindedly trying to integrate the Soul Beast avatar’s memories.

“Is, is that a girl from the Ling Family?!”

Tang Beidou pointed a finger at the purple-haired girl and screamed. He was even more shocked than Qin Lie was. 

He knew nothing about the Abyss, so he subconsciously thought that the girl belonged to the Ling Family especially because she shared the same appearance as a human—her pair of wings and curved horns notwithstanding.

The purple-haired girl looked just like a human except that she had a pair of black wings and curved horns.

It was natural for him to make such a mistake.

“She’s a high rank Abyss Devil, not from the Ling Family. The blood in her veins… probably originates from a Lord of the Abyss at minimum,” Qin Lie replied in a low tone.

“The descendant of a Lord of the Abyss or a Great Lord of the Abyss? Why do they look so similar to us?” Tang Beidou was very confused.

“The God Race and the Spirit Race look like us too, but their physical structures are fundamentally different from ours. There’s nothing to be surprised about.” Qin Lie turned around to explain briefly to Tang Beidou before he condensed his soul consciousness. He wanted to know what bloodline rank that high rank Abyss Devil was at.

When Qin Lie first showed up, the high rank Abyss Devil flying in the sky hadn’t noticed him. It was probably because he wasn’t powerful enough to catch her attention immediately.

Furthermore, that high rank Abyss Devil was busy cheering for the Abyss Devils fighting beneath her. She was obviously absorbed in her own excitement.

However, when Tang Beidou arrived while riding on a three-level fire Soul Altar, the purple-haired girl’s attention was immediately diverted toward him.

Mysterious patterns that looked like purple lightning immediately appeared in her pupils.

For some reason, her strange gaze made even Tang Beidou, a late stage Imperishable Realm expert feel like he had been seen through completely. It was a terrifying feeling.

Her gaze only stopped on Tang Beidou’s body for five seconds. She muttered to herself in the language of the Abyss, “Hmm, a weak and insignificant race I’ve never seen before. I can’t believe he dares to roam around the Abyss when he doesn’t even have a bloodline…”

She then turned away to look at Qin Lie. 

The secret patterns in her eyes abruptly lit up. Her expression suddenly turned serious as she swore, “Another one of the damnable Gods!”

Qin Lie paled abruptly.

His God Race bloodline boiled up uncontrollably when the purple-haired girl fixed her eyes on him.

His pitch black hair turned as red as lava immediately.

Even his eyes had become as turbulent as flames.

The purple-haired Abyss Devil flapped her wings, and she abruptly crossed the distance between them instantly like a bolt of purple lightning.

Tang Beidou looked deeply threatened. He slapped his flame Soul Altar once and summoned a fire dragon instantly.

The fire dragon stood in front of him and Qin Lie while making threatening gestures at the purple-haired girl.

“Ah, you’re a member of the Blaze Family.”

The devilish girl didn’t even bother to spare a glance at Tang Beidou’s fire dragon. Her purple eyes were trained on Qin Lie alone.

“Has the Blaze Family decided to use the Frost Desolation Abyss as their hunting ground?” she exclaimed angrily in the language of the Abyss while glaring angrily at Qin Lie.

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