Chapter 1116: High Rank Devils

Chapter 1116: High Rank Devils

The Abyss level Qin Lie was currently in was cold and desolate. Chilly presence permeated the air.

Most of the Abyss Devils on this level were born thick and resistant to cold. A large majority of them were Frost Hell Stone Devils.

That was why Qin Lie was pretty surprised that the fire spirit had sensed a turbulent volcano on this level.

He thought it was impossible considering this place’s natural environment.

Under the fire spirit’s guidance, he and Flame Demon Tang Beidou left the ice pillars and flew swiftly in a certain direction.

The fire spirit flew deftly like a little fiery spark..

Qin Lie and Tang Beidou, a three-level Soul Altar expert, followed the fire spirit closely from behind. While they were flying, they made sure to keep an eye on surrounding activities using their soul perception.

“We’re not going to run into a Lord of the Abyss, are we?”

Tang Beidou looked cautious and uneasy on top of his flame Soul Altar as he examined his surroundings.

He was a three-level Soul Altar expert and a late stage Imperishable Realm cultivator. Theoretically, he should be as strong as a rank eight Abyss Devil.

However, in a straight fight he was actually weaker than a rank eight Silver-eyed Snake Devil.

After hanging around in the Abyss for some time and witnessing the Abyss Devils’ true strength, Tang Beidou more or less knew how he compared to these creatures.

Here was a place where even the Flame Demon knew fear...

“It’s fine.” Qin Lie grinned. “We have nothing to worry about unless it’s a Great Lord of the Abyss.”

His Soul Beast avatar could deal with a rank nine Abyss Devil.

The only creature that they had no chance against was an Abyss Devil with rank ten bloodline. These creatures were hailed as Great Lords. Abyss Devils at this level could  fight against the strongest experts of the God Race head on.

If they really did run into an Abyss Devil like this, the only thing he could do was to open a star door, drag Tang Beidou with him, and escape with his tail between his legs.

Of course, a rank ten Abyss Devil wouldn’t just roam around the land aimlessly.

They all had their own personal territories, and they could easily command their subordinates to perform many things with a single soul thought.

Abyss Devils at this level had lived for tens or even hundreds of thousands of years.

Most of their time was spent understanding the laws of the Abyss.

These Great Lords, creatures on top of the food chain would awaken from their study only when there were fools who were causing havoc in their territories, and were strong enough that their subordinates couldn’t deal with them themselves.

An enraged Great Lord of the Abyss was almost invincible in its territory unless it ran into another Great Lord.

In that state, they were so powerful that even the peak experts of the God Race, Soul Race, and Spirit Race would prefer to wait out the terror incarnate.

Generally speaking, no one—not even the God Race, the Soul Race or the Spirit Race—would engage a Great Lord of the Abyss in battle during a hunt in the Abyss.

It was because no one had full confidence in being able to beat a Great Lord of the Abyss.

A fully enraged rank ten Abyss Devil was no joke at all.

—It was a calamity that could easily claim many lives.

Therefore, the God Race, the Soul Race, and the Spirit Race would never taunt a Great Lord of the Abyss voluntarily unless they had no other choice.

“But even a rank nine Lord of the Abyss can kill us with ease!” Tang Beidou exclaimed.

He wasn’t aware that Qin Lie could open a star door with his bloodline power and summon the Soul Beast and the Asura servants to battle.

“Don’t worry, we won’t die,” Qin Lie comforted him smilingly.

They flew a while after leaving the human’s camp. They were moving further and away from the ice pillars.

It wasn’t long before they run into a rank five Silver Armored War Devil, then a couple more rank six and seven Abyss Devils.

The two of them killed everything that stood in their way.

All Abyss Devils below rank eight were no match for Tang Beidou. Qin Lie himself was capable of killing a rank seven Hurricane Dragon Devil, so he wasn’t afraid of these Abyss Devils either.

So far, they hadn’t encountered any real resistance.

However, the farther they went, the stronger the Abyss Devils they encountered became.

At a desolate wilderness, two rank eight Abyss Devils—a Sharp Claw Devil and a Giant Scorpion Devil—and their subordinates were fighting each other.

The two rank eight Abyss Devils obviously didn’t belong to the same faction. They kept taunting each other using the Abyss Language as they fought.

All kinds of Abyss Devils were fighting on the cold hard rock surface. For example, there were Silver Armored War Devils, Frost Hell Stone Devils, Cave Devils, Hurricane Dragon Devils and more. They were all locked in a mad battle to the death.

The battle between Abyss Devils was extremely brutal and bloody. The winner would consume the loser alive and be rewarded with a sizable amount of refined flesh and blood energy.


The roars of the Abyss Devils spread far, far away like gongs of war.

“What a terrifying life magnetic field!”

Still sitting on his three-level Soul Altar, Tang Beidou probed around with his soul when he heard the sudden roars of the two rank eight Abyss Devils. It didn’t take long for his expression to change drastically.

Qin Lie quietly ordered the fire spirit to stop for now. He then used the Soul Beast’s tremendous soul to scan the distant battle.

“Two different factions of Abyss Devils are currently fighting each other.” He waited for a moment before saying, “Both groups are led by a rank eight Abyss Devil each, a Sharp Claw Devil, and a Giant Scorpion Devil respectively. They’re also leading several hundred subordinates and are fighting each other to the death. Once victory has been decided, the victors will consume the losers’ flesh and blood to grow stronger and evolve. This brutal, eternal war is the fundamental reason behind the Abyss Devils’ ability to evolve continuously.”

“Two rank eight Abyss Devils?” Tang Beidou laughed drily before volunteering his opinion. “Why don’t we avoid them?”

“I didn’t know you can get scared.” An involuntary smile spread on Qin Lie’s face.

“Li Mu was hurt, and Old Duan came running back while grievously wounded. How can I not be scared?” Tang Beidou looked bitter as he said, “It’ll take me, Duan Qianjie, Li Mu, and a couple of two-Soul Altar cultivators at least if the plan is to take down a rank eight Abyss Devil without suffering any injuries.”

The leaders of both groups were at rank eight, and he couldn’t deal with either one of them alone. Naturally, he didn’t want to attract trouble.

“Don’t worry, they’re too busy fighting each other, so I doubt they’ll bother with us.” Qin Lie chuckled. “Plus, battles between Abyss Devils are pretty interesting, you know? It’s pretty bloody and brutal. We should head over and take a look.”

“Are you serious?” Tang Beidou exclaimed.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be fine,” Qin Lie declared confidently.

After giving his assurance, he flew towards the battlefield to observe the fight from closeby.

No matter how reluctant Tang Beidou was, he had no choice but to follow Qin Lie.

“Sigh, kids these days sure are bold,” he muttered to himself.

“Idiot, bite its head and avoid its tail! Also, you, you and you, put some effort into it or I’ll teach your a lesson!”

A girl with purple hair, purple pupils, and pitch black devilish wings was flying about the battlefield. Two curved horns could be seen clearly on her thick purple hair.

Right now, the girl was flying here and there above the battlefield and shouting in the language of the Abyss.

For some reason, Qin Lie failed to detect her presence and her soul aura despite scanning the area using his soul perception.

It was why Qin Lie wore a pretty wondrous look on his face when he arrived at the battlefield and saw the oddball.

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