Chapter 1115: The Beginning of War

Chapter 1115: The Beginning of War

Darkstone Realm.

This small realm was far away from Spirit Realm, but quite close to the Dragon Race’s Dragon Realm. Darkstone Realm’s world spirit energy was extremely thin, and it didn’t contain any valuable spirit materials. Therefore, almost no races operated at Darkstone Realm.

The Giant Dragons were the only ones who would choose to rest in Darkstone Realm after a tiring journey through space.

They would leave immediately after they had regained their strength. They had no reason to stay for a prolonged period of time.

Darkstone Realm’s surface was covered in gray brown stones. Completely barren and devoid of life, not even a single shoot of plant could be seen anywhere.

Today, a secret realm entrance suddenly appeared at Darkstone Realm. Martial practitioners attired in Ninth Heaven’s clothing led by a woman dressed in blue walked out of the portal.

The beautiful and charming woman wearing a long blue dress was none other than Han Qian herself. She had just recently constructed her one-level Soul Altar and evolved her bloodline to rank eight.

Han Qian was deeply favored by all the senior experts of Ninth Heaven after she had successfully ascended to the Imperishable Realm. Today, they had entrusted an important mission to her.

“Dig open the surface and explore the underground. If you find any soul barriers, destroy them and find those who’re hiding inside!” Han Qian ordered.

All experts who cultivated the power of metal heeded her order and employed a drill-shaped digging tool to dig into the underground like manis.

A giant hole instant appeared in the surface of Darkstone Realm. They kept digging deeper and deeper into the floor.

“Crack crack crack!”

Hard stones exploded one after another as the hole grew deeper and deeper.

A long time later, a strange static noise suddenly came from the underground.

Han Qian’s eyes lit up as she sneered, “They really are hiding inside there!”

The Ninth Heaven experts around her chuckled sinisterly before they rushed into the hole.

Very soon, bloodcurdling screams came from the underground hole.

Two hours later.

Han Qian led her trusted aides into the underground and arrived at a stone palace hidden at least ten thousand meters beneath the surface of Darktone Realm. 

A lot of spirit materials and artifact forging rooms could be found in the underground stone palace.

At least thirty artificers of differing ranks could be found hiding and forging all sorts of spirit artifacts in this place.

The martial practitioners responsible for protecting this underground palace had all been killed.

“Are all the Qin Family martial practitioners dead?” Han Qian shot a glance at the corpses littering the interior of the stone palace and asked a Ninth Heaven expert.

“We’ve killed them all.” The man smiled sinisterly before asking, “What do we do with the artificers?”

“Artificers are quite valuable, so it’ll be a waste to kill them all. Take them away,” Han Qian said.


Ninth Heaven’s experts escorted the artificers back to the surface. Then, they returned to Spirit Realm through the same realm entrance they came in from.


Near the Asura Race’s star region.

A strange sea containing many meteorites could be seen floating slowly across space. How the sea came to be was a mystery.

Not only was the sea completely devoid of world spirit energy, it contained many dangers but no valuable spirit materials at all.

Hidden within this galactic sea was a meteorite covered in a dark yellow light shield.

There was a simple but peculiarly shaped palace on the meteorite. There were clearly people moving about the palace.

An ancient-looking Six Ways Alliance ship that was capable of intergalactic travel flew over from distant stars and dove into the sea suddenly. It rammed straight at that strangely shaped meteorite. 


The impact caused the meteorite to explode into pieces.

The Qin Family martial practitioners operating on the meteorite were all killed as a result.


At a small realm belonging to the Wood Race.

This realm was filled with lush forest and fresh air. Life could be seen wherever one went.

A prism-shaped realm entrance suddenly came into existence.

Many Reincarnation Sect martial practitioners poured out of the portal like a swarm of locusts.

“We’ve received news stating that the Qin Family is operating in this realm. Everyone spread out and kill anyone you see, including the Wood Race natives of this realm!”

A Void Realm expert floated in the sky and barked from his five-level Soul Altar.

A lot of three-level and two-level Soul Altar experts could be seen working below him. A small number of four-level Soul Altar experts was among the group as well. Their bodies and Soul Altars glowed brightly with power, and they were all equipped with various spirit artifacts.

The Reincarnation Sect experts looked like they were going to slaughter every living being in this realm.

Deep inside the forest, there was a small island in the middle of a crystal-clear blue lake.

Only a couple of grass houses were built on it.

After Reincarnation Sect’s martial practitioners had come through the realm entrance, an old man with a crooked back and a face of pimples walked out of one of the houses.

The old man looked at the distance and produced a snake-headed walking stick from his sleeves.

He sat on the walking stick and flew up to the sky.

Five breaths later, he suddenly appeared next to the five-level Soul Altar expert and shot him a strange smile.

“Hunchback Ba!”

When the Reincarnation Sect leader saw the old man, he immediately screamed like he had seen a ghost in broad daylight.

“Very good, someone still recognizes me. Well, you were the one who showed up here, so you only have yourselves to blame,” the hunchbacked old man said smilingly.

While he was speaking, his snake-headed walking stick suddenly swelled into a terrifying giant snake. The giant snake was shaped like an “S, and its mere presence seemed to distort the very laws of the world of this realm. Even space itself had become distorted and blurry.

The Soul Altars and bodies of Reincarnation Sect’s experts began to twist and distort, taking on the shape of the old man’s snake walking stick.

“Crack crack crack!”

Their Soul Altars exploded internally as they became as twisted as mahua.

It didn’t take long for their Soul Altars to be crushed into dust.

“I guess I won’t be staying here for long.”

The hunchbacked old man muttered after he killed all of the Reincarnation Sect experts. His eyes clearly looked reluctant as he stared at his lake and grass house.


At Oldenwarm Realm, a realm that was currently overflowing with flora.

Chen Lin entered the observatory of a magnificent ancient palace of a valley before bowing before Qin Shan. “The six great forces are growing restless as of late. They’ve launched many attacks and destroyed many of the hidden bases we had built across the galaxy.”

“What are our losses?”

“Our martial practitioners had been killed, our artificers taken away.”

“I see. Tell everyone to move into the secret realms in the chaotic streams of space for now. Those locations are well-hidden, and there’s no way the six great forces will find them there.”

“Sir, do you think we should… teach them a lesson?”

“Why win a small skirmish, when we can crush them in one blow when our true counterattack begins? Tell everyone to wait, and be patient. We still need more time to prepare.”

“The six great forces are on the move, and I’m worried that they would target Young Master Lie and send their forces to the Land of Chaos. Young Master Lie shone a little too bright as of late, so they must’ve noticed his presence already. I fear that…”

“Where is Lie’er right now?”

“I don’t know. I couldn’t contact the leaders of Nether Realm as of late. They must be away from Spirit Realm right now.”

“Once you’ve found them, tell them to tell Lie’er that it’s best he stay away from Spirit Realm for now.”

“I understand.”

“Before I forget, how is your junior sister?”

“She still hasn’t come to a resolution yet. She doesn’t want to meet with us.”

“Let her be.”



The Abyss.

Qin Lie was unaware of the changes outside. At that moment, he was feeding the fire spirit at the human forces’ camp.

The fire spirit seemed to have lost some of its refined blood energy after it was forced to give away three drops of its lifeblood. It had to consume a lot of fire attribute spirit materials to replenish itself.

All the spirit materials Qin Lie had acquired from Flaming Sun Island was being devoured by the fire spirit at an extraordinary rate.

The fire spirit’s consumption rate surprised even him. It almost felt like he couldn’t fulfill the fire spirit’s hunger.

It was obvious that the fire spirit’s appetite had increased by a lot after its bloodline had evolved to rank seven. It could no longer be satisfied by low grade fire attribute spirit materials.

Everything it ate was at least Earth Grade or above. It didn’t even bother to look at the Profound Grade and Common Grade spirit materials.


The fire spirit paused for a moment and sent Qin Lie a soul message after eating for a moment.

Qin Lie listened quietly to the fire spirit before raising his eyebrows. “You sense an active volcano nearby? It’d useful to both our cultivations?”

The fire spirit nodded excitedly.

A Spirit of Void and Chaos had the ability to detect a spirit material of same attribute. It was obvious that the fire spirit’s ability had been enhanced after its bloodline had evolved to rank seven.

“Come! Let’s go find it!”

Qin Lie stood up and told Tang Beidou to come with him too.

Tang Beidou cultivated a fire spirit art, so he was extremely reliant on fiery terrains to cultivate. Moreover, he had plenty unique experiences when it came to dangerous volcanoes.

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