Chapter 1113: Jiang Zhuzhe Kneels!

Chapter 1113: Jiang Zhuzhe Kneels!

The first voodoo creature’s explanation shocked Qin Lie greatly.

The Perfect Blood was flawed, and the Ancient Life Tree’s life source fluid was needed to fix it?

He didn’t know if the first voodoo creature was lying or not.

However, the fact that it knew about Perfect Blood project meant that it wasn’t talking out of its ass. There was some credibility to his words.

However, even if what the first voodoo creature said was true, right now he wasn’t strong enough to get close to the Ancient Life Tree and snatch the life source fluid for himself.

He didn’t have this level of strength yet.

Moreover, he didn’t believe the first voodoo creature. He couldn’t help but feel that it desired the Ancient Life Tree a lot.

He was aware that the first voodoo creature could evolve itself through the tremendous refined life energy held inside the Ancient Life Tree.

“It seems that I must enslave this voodoo insect using the Soul Race’s secret art as soon as possible.” He made up his mind.

His mind disturbed, Qin Lie decided not to hear the first voodoo creature’s soul messages any longer.

He was afraid that he would be led astray by its words, especially since he had no idea whether the voodoo creature was telling the truth or not.

Ignoring the first voodoo creature’s cries, he put the wooden sculpture back into the spatial ring and decided to visit his Soul Beast avatar and enslave this creature as soon as he was done with this trip to the Abyss.

After that, he stayed at the human race’s camp for a long time.

He had conveyed his wishes to Flaming Sun Island through Zhuang Jing and told them to forge as many Blazing Profound Bombs as possible.

He himself was forging many Blazing Profound Bombs in the Abyss to deepen his understanding of the ancient spirit diagrams and calm himself down.

The first voodoo creature’s words had made him suspicious of his own bloodline.

He understood that this would affect his cultivation breakthrough speed and even his combat strength. The only time he was completely cut free from all stray thoughts was when he was inscribing spirit diagrams.

That was why he focused on forging Blazing Profound Bombs while the humans discussed passionately on how to deal against the Abyss Devils after the Blazing Profound Bombs came in.

It didn’t take long for Lang Xie and his Blood Spear to rush to the Abyss through the realm entrance.

He also brought a large amount of Blazing Profound Bombs with him.

The spirit artifacts were sold out in no time.

After the human forces had obtained the Blazing Profound Bombs, they grew slightly more invigorated and prepared themselves to ambush the Abyss Devils another time.

At the same time, Qin Lie received Miao Fengtian’s soul message.

By now, he had already calmed down and felt less anxious and confused.

He immediately went to look for Miao Fengtian.

A dozen or so Asura Race soul slaves could be seen sitting at the edge of a land surrounded by ice pillars.

Thick corpse aura could be detected from inside the ice pillars. They trembled like flowing water. 

There were many rank six, seven and eight Abyss Devils’ corpses inside the ice pillars.

Miao Fengtian was standing at the center.

He was surrounded by many white bones. The corpse aura inside these bones were attracted into the ice pillars.

Right now, Miao Fengtian was staring at a figure stored inside the smallest ice pillar.

It was his former body.

“Do you miss your old body?” Qin Lie walked over from afar.

“I do, a little.” Miao Fengtian, now merged with the Corpse Progenitor’s body nodded. “It was the body my parents gave me. Even I find discarding this body and refining it into a Corpse Demon a little hard to accept.”

“Why have you asked for me?” QIn Lie asked.

“I’ve refined the rank six and seven Abyss Devils into Corpse Demons, but the rank eight ones will probably take... longer.”

“Ding ling ling!”

Five rank six and seven Abyss Devils slowly walked out of two giant ice pillars.

They were formerly Golden Horned Brute Devils and Cave Devils.

Both of these subraces of Abyss Devils were overflowing with corpse aura after they exited the ice pillars.

Their pupils were white and completely lifeless.

“They can be used for battle now.” Miao Fengtian shook his bell a little more longer.

The five Abyss Devils fought each other madly right before Qin Lie’s eyes.

The Abyss Devils were even scarier than before. They now knew neither fear nor pain. The only thing left in them was the purest killing instinct.

“I heard that the human race suffered massive losses while fighting against Abyss Devils. I believe they can use these Corpse Demons as vanguards,” Miao Fengtian said, willing to help.

Qin Lie frowned and thought for a while.

“Who is it?!” Suddenly, an Asura Race soul slave yelled harshly.

An extremely powerful fiendish blood aura came from the distance.

Qin Lie sensed the aura for a bit before ordering, “Let him in.”

He then shot Miao Fengtian a glance. “Did you summon him over too?”

Miao Fengtian replied honestly, “I did.”

The Asura soul slaves opened up a path after receiving his orders.

Eyes glowing with demonic red light, Jiang Zhuzhe walked unhurriedly towards Qin Lie while chuckling softly.

Jiang Zhuzhe stared at the Abyss Devils that were fighting each other and felt his eyes lit up. He rubbed his palms together and praised, “These Corpse Demons made from Abyss Devils are pretty amazing!”

Qin Lie narrowed his eyes at him and asked, “It looks like you’re about to reach the Void Realm, aren’t you?”

“I’m currently preparing the spirit materials necessary to build the fourth level of my Soul Altar.” Jiang Zhuzhe was obviously in a very good mood. “Every drop of blood in an Abyss Devil’s body contains a tremendous amount of flesh and blood energy. All I need to do is to kill the powerful ones and absorb their blood to ascend quickly to the next realm.”

“Is your understanding of the next realm sufficient already?” Qin Lie looked astonished.

“For now, it is enough,” Jiang Zhuzhe said proudly.

Qin Lie took out the second half of the Blood Codex and passed it back to Jiang Zhuzhe. “You may have this back.”

Jiang Zhuzhe accepted it and asked, “Have you read everything in the Blood Codex?”

Qin Lie nodded.

Jiang Zhuzhe’s blood red eyes glowed strangely. “What do you think of the Blood Stealing Secret Art then?”

“It is the key that led the human race to greater heights.” Qin Lie looked respectful for a moment before continuing, “However, it had probably led to the Blood Progenitor’s demise as well.”

“You truly are smart.” Jiang Zhuzhe sighed once. “It is only a matter of time before you, me, and my senior brothers are attacked by the Gold rank forces of the Central World. Blood Fiend Sect’s first generation sect master, Li Xin, was one of the very few Land of Chaos geniuses who managed to surpass the Imperishable Realm. Li Xin travelled to the outer space after he reached the Void Realm, but he ultimately died an unnatural death. According to what I learned, he was hunted down by the experts of the human race.”

“I heard that some powerful forces of the Central World don’t allow Blood Progenitor’s successors to reach the Void Realm.”

“Maybe I can avoid dying if I stay at the Land of Chaos after I reach the Void Realm.”

“However, I would probably suffer an unusual death just like Li Xin the moment I stepped out of the Land of Chaos.”

Jiang Zhuzhe explained with an odd look on his face.

Qin Lie nodded slightly. “I’m starting to understand.”

Jiang Zhuzhe fell silent for a moment before he suddenly knelt on one knee right before Qin Lie. He then stared at the latter with scarlet red eyes, “I’m willing to bring my Blood Drinkers under your command… do you dare accept us?”

Qin Lie shook once before yelling, “Are you serious?”

“I’ve never been more serious than this moment!” Jiang Zhuzhe answered in a low tone.

“Why?” Qin Lie frowned. “Give me a reason! Why me?”

Jiang Zhuzhe was a man who had brought bloody chaos to the Land of Chaos several times, triggered the destruction of Blood Fiend Sect and sealed Xue Li. He had never submitted to anyone in his life.

Not even Forefather Terminator, Nan Zhengtian, was worthy of his submission.

Qin Lie never thought to recruit Jiang Zhuzhe and his Blood Drinkers to his side because he was well aware that he didn’t have the strength yet.

That was why he was completely surprised by Jiang Zhuzhe’s abrupt action.

It was very much beyond his expectations.

“I will ask you this again! Do you dare accept us?!” Jiang Zhuzhe yelled.

Qin Lie sucked in a deep breath before answering calmly, “Why not?”

Jiang Zhuzhe smiled before nodding strongly. “Very good! You didn’t disappoint me!”

“Why? And why so randomly?” Qin Lie asked.

Jiang Zhuzhe bowed his head and pondered for a moment. “There are some things that I can’t tell you yet.”

“And when can you tell me about them?” Qin Lie frowned.

“I will tell you once you’re stronger than me!” Jiang Zhuzhe laughed loudly and arrogantly.

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