Chapter 1112: For You!

Chapter 1112: For You!

The wooden sculpture Roshchin held released many leaf-like mysterious green glyphs. Those characters exploded and seemed to disappear into another dimension.

A strange soul presence spilled from the wooden sculpture.


Roshchin's body shook. The light in his eyes suddenly dimmed.

At this time, the wooden sculpture returned to normal and the green lights stopped flashing.

Qin Lie, Teng Yuan, and Nivitt looked unblinkingly at Roshchin, waiting for him to adjust himself and explain what had just happened.

A long long time later.

"The Mother is in the Abyss, but not on our level. She... is still as powerful as ever." Roshchin took a deep breath and said, "But I am not strong enough. I cannot locate her nor form a mental connection to her. If she was in this level of the Abyss, maybe… we could find her."

"Another level?" Qin Lie's brow furrowed.

Through the memories of the Soul Beast avatar, he knew that the Abyss was made out of many levels. Even his Soul Beast avatar did not know how many levels there were in the Abyss.

The levels of the Abyss were like floating sheets of paper with the abyss passageway connecting them.

The abyss passageway connected the levels of the Abyss, but also the many secret realms, and realm entrances that connected to other realms.

The God Race, the Soul Race, the Spirit Race and many other powerful races of the universe enter the Abyss through the entrances connected to the abyss passageway.

Roshchin managed to detect the Ancient Life Tree through the sacrifice of one drop of his rank nine blood. This confirmed the Ancient Life Tree was in the Abyss.

The Ancient Life Tree that birthed the Wood Race was captured by the God Race thirty thousand years ago and its location became unknown.

After the God Race was driven out, the Wood Race searched Spirit Realm and the other surrounding realms but did not learn anything about the Ancient Life Tree’s whereabouts.

This meant the God Race had taken the Ancient Life Tree to somewhere else.

The Abyss... could possibly be the place the God Race put the Ancient Life Tree.

Through Roshchin's perception, Qin Lie was sure that God Race experts were on some other level of the Abyss.

The Ancient Life Tree would definitely have the strongest of the God Race guarding it.

The God Race came to the Abyss most likely to hunt on a large scale and stock up on flesh with abundant energy.

The fleshly energy was what the God Race needed to recover and become strong again.

The God Race would prepare and store it before invading any realm.

Last time, when he talked with Ji Yun, he came to know that God Race started to appear in some worlds far from Spirit Realm.

The Ji Family thought the God Race was going to invade Spirit Realm again.

Before they invaded, they would organize a great hunt in the Abyss to stock up on meat with vast fleshly energy. This was something they commonly did.

"It seems they are truly coming soon."

Raising his head, he gazed into the sky at the enormous continent that he could see with the naked eye. Qin Lie's expression was grave.

He still remembered clearly how, previously, in the chaotic streams of space, Cang Ye had killed the elite of the races.

Through the memories of the Soul Beast avatar, he knew the God Race was a race that continued to grow strong. This race constantly waged war on the outside world. Every drop of their blood seemed to be restless and chaotic.

The God Race grew strong through conquering other races, and the repeated bloody battles.

After many years, when the God Race comes again, they would be even more terrifying than before.

While the human race was powerful in the present Spirit Realm, they did not have harmonious relationships with the other major races, and internal conflict never stopped.

He did not think the human race could win this time.

Other than this, the Soul Race and the Spirit Race seemed to have come to Spirit Realm. He did not know when these two races that were as strong as the God Race would invade as well.

If the human race and the other races around Spirit Realm could not strengthen themselves swiftly and gather enough power, they would die.

The Qin Family, Flaming Sun Island, Boluo Realm, these people he was familiar with, they could become piles of bones in the future.

"Qin Lie, who are you saying is coming soon?" Teng Yuan suddenly asked.

"God Race," Qin Lie sighed and said.

Teng Yuan twisted his mouth and said, "It is good they come, if they return, the human race will not be so arrogant."

"After the God Race left, the human race replaced them as rulers of Spirit Realm, what they did... is not much better than the God Race. In these years, the Gold rank factions of the human race followed God Race’s path and have spread towards the major realms around Spirit Realm. Many small races which the God Race did not exterminate were destroyed in the last ten thousand years. The beings that died at human hands in the last ten thousand years may be more than what the God Race killed back then."

Qin Lie grimaced and said, "It appears you do not have good feelings towards the human race."

Teng Yuan snorted and said, "Not one iota of good feeling!"

Nivitt said curiously, "Boy, you have the God Race bloodline, what are you worried about?"

"My God Race bloodline may not be recognized by the God Race." Qin Lie shook his head.

"If we could successfully capture large numbers of Abyss Devils in the Abyss, Boluo Realm's strength will increase," Teng Yuan shouted.

"You cannot confirm the location of the Ancient Life Tree?" Qin Lie looked at Roshchin.

Roshchin shook his head and said, "I do not have this ability."

Qin Lie did not say more. He demanded back the wooden sculpture from Roshchin and said, "Alright, there’s nothing else I need from you, go about your business."

Teng Yuan and the others had been discussing which direction they should attack in and were eager to act.

Seeing that he had no other matters, Teng Yuan, and Nivitt were in a hurry to leave.

Roshchin said, "If you have any news of Mother, please tell me. If we can rescue Mother, not just the Wood Race of Boluo Realm, the other Wood Race experts of other realms will be willing to do anything for you."

"I will," Qin Lie agreed.

Roshchin said his thanks and left with Teng Yuan and Nivitt.

At this time, a thread of Qin Lie's soul consciousness went back into the wooden sculpture.

He saw the Viridian Blood Toad who had turned into a rice-sized grain within the wooden sculpture and hid himself into the carving. He said, "Do you have anything you want to say to me?"

He knew Roshchin had not discovered the Viridian Blood Toad inside the spirit diagram of the wooden sculpture.

Sealed by the ancient diagram, the Viridian Blood Toad whose presence was completely concealed hid deeply in the carving.

Only he who had formed the Soul Sealing formation could easily enter in soul form based on his familiarity with the formation.

"That guy cannot find the Ancient Life Tree, but I can," the first voodoo creature said casually.

"You can?" Qin Lie's expression changed.

"Of course." The Viridian Blood Toad's small body moved and released soul vibrations. He said proudly, "You know that I hid inside the remains of the Voodoo Progenitor and was taken by the God Race into the Graveyard of Gods."

"I know." Qin Lie nodded.

After the Graveyard of Gods was destroyed, it escaped with the remains of the Voodoo Progenitor.

At the start, this voodoo insect and the ice phoenix had an agreement. They all wanted to come out of the Graveyard of Gods.

It had once been the most terrifying and mysterious being in the Land of Buried Gods.

"When I hid inside the Voodoo Progenitor in the Graveyard of Gods, I heard conversations between God Race experts. I have some understanding of the Abyss, the Ancient Life Tree, and the God Race." The voodoo insect became more smug as it spoke. "The reason that I could possess the Voodoo Progenitor and comprehend many secrets because I learned many things from the God Race experts in addition to my own unique traits! Even those God Race experts did not know that I was eavesdropping in the body of the Voodoo Progenitor when they were talking secrets."

"Who would think a strange lifeform like me would hide inside a dead body?"

"No one would have thought of it."

The first voodoo creature seemed very proud. Eavesdropping on the God Race must have been its proudest achievement and most interesting experience of its life.

"You can take me to the Ancient Life Tree?" Qin Lie asked.

"I can!" the first voodoo creature said excitedly.

"But I am not interested in the Ancient Life Tree, I am not a member of the Wood Race, the Ancient Life Tree has no attraction to me," Qin Lie said coolly.

Even if he knew where the Ancient Life Tree was, he did not think that he should go at this time. His cultivation was too low.

God Race experts must be stationed around that Ancient Life Tree. If he went with his rank seven bloodline and Nirvana Realm cultivation, wasn't that suicide?

Even now, he did not know his birth and history. He did not know how experts of the God Race would treat him.

He did not want to go into danger when he did not have enough strength.

"No attraction to you?" The first voodoo creature's soul vibrated strongly. "Human boy, I have a question I wanted to ask you for a long time!"

"What is it?" Qin Lie said.

"Are you mixed breed of both the human and God Race?" the first voodoo creature asked.

"Yes," Qin Lie answered. This was not a secret.

The first voodoo creature was silent for a while before communicating mentally, "The God Race started a… Perfect Blood project. Do you know of it?"

Qin Lie's expression changed slightly. He responded mentally, "I know."

"Do you have the Perfect Blood?" the first voodoo creature asked again.

Qin Lie did not answer this time.

The first voodoo creature waited for a while and saw he did not respond. He said, "You are the person they spoke of. The Ancient Life Tree is being kept for you. The most valuable part of the Ancient Life Tree, the ‘life source fluid’ is needed to complete your Perfect Blood!

"A bloodline without the fusion of the life source fluid is not the true Perfect Blood. It still has its weaknesses. As you assimilate more and more bloodlines, the flaw will be finally exposed. Your bloodline can only be called perfect once it refines the life source fluid. Otherwise, when you reach a certain level of strength, you will die because of your bloodline.”

"Therefore, you absolutely must find that Ancient Life Tree!"

"Because it was originally kept for you!"

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