Chapter 1111: She is in the Abyss!

Chapter 1111: She is in the Abyss!

Roshchin, the Wood Race expert, held that wooden sculpture and gave off a dense vitality.

He seemed extremely excited.

"This wood truly comes from the Ancient Life Tree of the Wood Race?" Qin Lie said in shock.

Roshchin nodded seriously and said, "It really is the presence of Mother!"

"Your Wood Race's Ancient Life Tree… where is it?" Qin Lie asked.

When he said this, Roshchin's eyes dimmed, and he seemed dispirited.

Teng Yuan and Nivitt also had strange expressions.

"What is it?" Qin Lie asked curiously.

Nivitt glared at him and snorted. He said, "All because of the God Race!"

"God Race? What happened?" Qin Lie was shocked.

"When the God Race conquered Spirit Realm back then, they invaded the Wood Race's realm and dug out the Ancient Life Tree the Wood Race worshiped as their Mother." Teng Yuan sighed and answered for Roshchin. "Since then… the Ancient Life Tree had been lost."

"Our race’s elders know the Ancient Life Tree is still alive. We’ve always known she was alive." Roshchin inhaled and said, "After the God Race was driven out, all of the Wood Race experts searched in the lands that the God Race had been active in to find Mother. However, up until now, we did not have any clues about Mother's location. We do not know where the God Race moved her to."

Qin Lie stilled and suddenly asked, "Do you know a Wood Race member called Ya Ji?"

Roshchin’s expression became grave as he replied, "He is an elder of the Wood Race!"

Qin Lie suddenly understood.

In the first Graveyard of Gods, Xie Jingxuan obtained a wooden sculpture and told him the carving came from Ya Ji.

This elder of the Wood Race called Ya Ji came to the Graveyard of Gods with the wooden sculpture in search of something.

Alas, Ya Ji died in the Forbidden Land of Wood.

What Ya Ji was searching for should have been the Ancient Life Tree that birthed the Wood Race. The first protector of the Graveyard of Gods—this strange sentient forest may have some connection to the Ancient Life Tree.

Even the wood Spirit of Void and Chaos who had yet to reach rank seven already bore striking resemblance to the Wood Race's Ancient Life Tree.

"How do you know Ya Ji's name?" Roshchin asked curiously.

Qin Lie did not keep this a secret. He told the other how Ya Ji came into the Graveyard of Gods with the wooden sculpture and the possibility that he was searching for the Ancient Life Tree.

He also said that Ya Ji called his grandfather the Venerable One.

"Some of the strongest of the Wood Race have ties with the Qin Family’s Old Master. While my branch lives in Boluo Realm, we have heard some news. Elder Ya Ji entered the Graveyard of Gods in search of the Ancient Life Tree. This strange forest may be connected to Mother..." Roshchin thought as he spoke, and said, "But that Graveyard of Gods has already been destroyed. We will not be able to obtain much useful information."

When he said this Roshchin reacted and said, "You should ask your grandfather about these matters."

Qin Lie became awkward. "For some reason, my grandfather... is not willing to meet me."

"He hopes you can grow up without relying on the strength of the Qin Family," Teng Yuan said thoughtfully.

"Yes, growing strong relying on the family and making your own territory are two completely different experiences!" Nivitt nodded and said, "If you can make Flaming Sun Island into a Gold rank force without relying on the Qin Family, I think that your future accomplishments will surpass your father! This way, when you return to the Qin Family, they will respect you, this will wash away the humiliation and damage you brought the Qin Family in the past!"

Qin Lie shook.

Through Teng Yuan and Nivitt's speculations, he finally started to understand his grandfather's intentions.

Three hundred years ago, he must have completely disappointed many members of the Qin Family. If he rashly returned to the Qin Family, they would not accept him.

Some of the Qin Family would even be discontent.

—He had brought Qin Family too much harm.

Only by proving himself in the outside world and showing everyone that he was different from before, when he grew strong enough to possess a powerful faction, he could reassure the Qin Family members and all the factions subordinate to the Qin Family.

"Your grandfather has great hopes for you and treats you like the third generation patriarch of the Qin Family. If you want to rule the Qin Family in the future, if you want them to accept you, you need to prove yourself," Teng Yuan said seriously, "The Qin Family is one of the strongest Gold rank factions in Central World, they have many subordinate factions. Even your grandfather and your father cannot rashly push a wastrel onto the position of patriarch."

"I think I understand," Qin Lie said softly.

At this time, Roshchin gripped that wooden sculpture and said, "If you do not object, I want to feel Mother’s limb with my bloodline. I want to see if I can obtain anything."

Those of the Wood Race called the Ancient Life Tree “Mother”. They all thought that the Ancient Life Tree was sentient.

Due to this, they called this branch of the Ancient Life Tree a limb.

This meant they treated the Ancient Life Tree like a living being.

"Feel what?" Qin Lie said with puzzlement.

"Rank nine bloodline of the Wood Race can detect the presence of Mother in a certain range using secret arts of the race and a limb of Mother. If Mother is as strong as in the past, we can form a mental connection to Mother and communicate with her," Roshchin explained in detail. Then he shook his head and smiled disdainfully. "Of course, in a ghastly place like this, trying to communicate with Mother using a limb is pointless."

"Yes, I think that it will only waste one drop of your rank nine essence blood," Nivitt stated.

"One drop of blood for that one in a million chance, I am willing," Roshchin said.

Looking deeply at him, Qin Lie said, fully of respect, "You can try, I have no objections."

"Thank you," Roshchin said sincerely.

A drop of green blood filled with vitality fell from his fingertip onto that wooden sculpture.

The wooden sculpture suddenly turned green.

Threads of green vitality flashed and flew around the wooden sculpture like butterflies. They gave off soul vibrations that appeared to travel through space.

Those green lights flashed and manifested into strange characters that looked like leaves, passing on certain meanings.

Suddenly, Roshchin's eyes gave off bright light. His hands which held the wooden sculpture trembled violently.

Qin Lie, Teng Yuan, and Nivitt could see something wasn't right with his expression.

"Her, her presence, I can feel her presence!" Roshchin stammered, unable to stand still. "She is here! Heavens, she is in the Abyss!"

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