Chapter 1110: The Wood Race’s Mother

Chapter 1110: The Wood Race’s Mother

While questioning the first voodoo creature, Qin Lie probed inside the wooden sculpture to see if its captive had grown stronger.

“What a joke! Why would I, the Voodoo God of the Voodoo Insect Race submit to a petty human like you?”

The Viridian Blood Toad’s soul thoughts came from inside the wooden sculpture. It sounded rebellious and untamed.

The voodoo insect’s soul ripple had actually grown stronger from the last time he checked it.

After inspecting the interior of the wooden sculpture closely, he discovered that most of the strange lifeforce contained inside the wooden sculpture had been absorbed by the Viridian Blood Toad.

The wooden sculpture was the only thing his grandfather left behind for him back then. To this day, he had no idea what kind of material it was made of.

It was true that the Viridian Blood Toad was unable to struggle free after it was sealed into the wooden sculpture, but it was also cultivating at a tremendous rate due to the wooden sculpture’s unique environment.

Every time Qin Lie conversed with it, he discovered that its soul had been growing stronger and stronger.

This situation worried Qin Lie.

He had the feeling that the first voodoo creature might be able to struggle free from the wooden sculpture once it reaches a certain level of strength.

When that happens, the strange energy inside the wooden sculpture would probably be fully absorbed by the first voodoo creature already.

Alarm bells were ringing inside his head.

Suddenly, he thought of another possibility and said indifferently, “Forget it. If you won’t serve me, then it’s pointless to seal you away for an extended period of time. I may as well release you.”

While saying this, he pretended to unlock the seal inside the wooden sculpture with his soul.


Surprisingly, the Viridian Blood Toad actually stopped him in a hurry instead of getting excited.

“You don’t want to come out?” Qin Lie’s eyes lit up.

“I’ll kill you the moment you release me!” The Viridian Blood Toad threatened.

“I’m not actually worried about that,” Qin Lie replied calmly.

“Don’t! Don’t release me! I’m doing okay right now!” the Viridian Blood Toad said hurriedly.

It didn’t want to come out in the first place!

Qin Lie suddenly came to realization.

There was a strange power inside the wooden sculpture, and this power must be incredibly useful to the Viridian Blood Toad’s cultivation and evolution!

Every time Qin Lie checked it, he could clearly sense that it was growing stronger at a swift rate. He knew that it was cultivating using the power contained inside the wooden sculpture.

That was why his threats to seal it away permanently were ineffective. It was exactly what the voodoo insect wanted in the first place.

For now, it absolutely didn’t want to come out until it was done absorbing the power inside the wooden sculpture.

What it actually feared was Qin Lie unsealing and releasing it from its “prison”!

“I see now.” Qin Lie finally understood what was going on fully. “It looks like I’ve actually benefited you by sealing you inside this wooden sculpture. I’d made a huge blunder.”

For the first time, the Viridian Blood Toad fell silent.

“Now speak. How does this wooden sculpture benefit you exactly?” Qin Lie sneered.

“This wooden sculpture gives me refined life energy. It is a kind of lifeforce that’s even more precious than refined flesh and blood energy, and something that can truly quicken my evolution.” The first voodoo creature spoke with surprising honesty after discovering that Qin Lie had realized the truth. “This wood piece… probably comes from an Ancient Life Tree that had been nurtured by the Wood Race. The Wood Race calls their Ancient Life Tree ‘Mother’. Every branch of the Ancient Life Tree contains a tremendous amount of refined life energy. This miraculous energy can increase one’s lifespan, activate one’s potential and kickstart the transformation of one’s bloodline.”

“The refined life energy of an Ancient Life Tree!” Qin Lie shuddered.

After pondering for a moment, he sent a message to an Asura Race soul slave and told him to summon someone from the Wood Race of Boluo Realm.

At the same time, a wisp of his refined soul slipped deep into the Soul Suppressing Orb.

Qin Lie found the wood Spirit of Void and Chaos inside the fourth level of the Soul Suppressing Orb. Right now, it was wrapped inside a bubble and undergoing some sort of evolution.

He knew that the wood Spirit of Void and Chaos would need a bit longer before it could ascend its bloodline from rank six to rank seven.

He stared deeply at the wood Spirit of Void and Chaos’ body.

The wood Spirit of Void and Chaos looked like a small tree inside the bubble...

Back at the first Graveyard of Gods, he remembered Xie Jingxuan telling him that the wood used to make the wooden sculpture was identical to the body of the wood Spirit of Void and Chaos.

This meant that the wood Spirit of Void and Chaos was probably a part of the Ancient Life Tree.

Back then, a Wood Race expert named Ya Ji entered the Graveyard of God with one of his grandfather’s wooden sculptures in search for something.

Unfortunately, Ya Ji ultimately perished inside the Forbidden Land of Wood inside the Graveyard of Gods.

“The wood spirit, the Ancient Life Tree, the wooden sculpture, the Wood Race...”

Qin Lie muttered to himself and frowned in deep thought. He ignored the Viridian Blood Toad’s cries coming from inside the wooden sculpture.

“I can take over your body and absorb the refined life energy inside this piece of wood even if you released me, you hear!?” The Viridian Blood Toad howled threateningly inside the wooden sculpture.

“Why don’t we make a deal with each other, lowly human?”

“If you allow me to absorb the remaining refined life energy inside this wooden sculpture, I can promise on behalf of the Voodoo Insect Race not to attack your men in the future. What do you think?”

“I can even help you attack your enemies!”

“Hey human, speak to me! What are you blanking out for?”


The Viridian Blood Toad worked hard in order to continue staying inside the wooden sculpture.

It knew very well that the amount of refined life energy contained inside the wooden sculpture was actually greater than what it had told Qin Lie.

The refined life energy existed inside the core of the wooden sculpture’s spirit diagram. It was also the place where it was sealed. If Qin Lie really did chase it out of the wooden sculpture, it dared not say it was capable of reentering the wooden sculpture and absorbing the refined life energy inside.

It really, really didn’t want to leave this soon.

That was why it tried begging Qin Lie and making a series of offers.

However, Qin Lie didn’t give it a reply.

Right now, Qin Lie had temporarily withdrawn his soul from the wooden sculpture and waited quietly for the Wood Race expert to arrive.

Fifteen minutes later.

Teng Yuan, Nivitt, and the Asura Race soul slave led a bewildered Roshchin to Qin Lie.

Roshchin was the strongest Wood Race expert in Boluo Realm. His bloodline was at rank nine, and his entire body was covered in natural wooden wrinkles that looked like tree bark. At first glance, he looked like an ancient tree that had cultivated itself into a demonic spirit.

He stared at Qin Lie in puzzlement and asked upon arriving, “How can I help you?”

Roshchin knew that Qin Lie was the head of the Land of Chaos, and that Qin Lie was the reason the Wood Race was given permission to enter this mysterious realm.

From Teng Yuan, he also learned that Qin Lie was the one who saved them from danger.

That was why he felt a bit of gratitude and respect towards Qin Lie.

“Please have a look. Do you recognize this object?” Qin Lie passed the wooden sculpture to Roshchin.

The moment Roshchin accepted the wooden sculpture, his tree-like skin abruptly glowed with greenish light.

A rich life force poured out of every inch of his body.

“Mother’s limb. This is Mother’s limb!” Roshchin couldn’t stop himself from shouting.

He was so excited that his entire body was shaking.

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