Chapter 1107: Survival of the Fittest

Chapter 1107: Survival of the Fittest


At the secret realm entrance, the Asura Race Soul Altar experts, led by Curtis, knelt on one knee and welcomed Qin Lie's arrival.

Forefather Terminator and Qin Lie walked out together. He saw the Asura Race experts immediately bowing to Qin Lie.

He received a great shock.

Nan Zhengtian, who had entered the Void Realm, knew that the Asura Race experts who knelt down all had Soul Altars with a glance.

The presence of Curtis and the others made him feel shocked. This was clearly a person in the late stage of the Void Realm.

And there were seven or eight of them!

Nan Zhengtian became disturbed.

"Stand up." Qin Lie waved his hand.

Curtis and the others stood and then respectfully spread out.

At this time, Teng Yuan, Nivitt, Tyler, Banderas, and the others came through the secret realm entrance with the experts of Boluo Realm.

They knew the relationship between Qin Lie and Curtis, they were not surprised.

"What is the situation now?" Qin Lie asked.

"The human race and the people from Nether Realm split apart to hunt on Barthez's lands. The Horned Demon Race, the Dark Shadow Race, and the Ghost Eye Race are very suited to its environment, and did not suffer great losses when fighting the Abyss Devils. The human race however… are neither suited to the environment, nor are they knowledgeable of the Abyss Devils. Their situation is not good," Curtis explained.

Qin Lie nodded. Based on Curtis's report, he pointed in the distance and told Nan Zhengtian, "The human race has gathered there."

"I will go ahead then." Nan Zhengtian left with a smile.

"Master, the people from the Cullen Family... what are your arrangements?" Curtis suddenly asked.

"Where are they?" Qin Lie asked.

Curtis pointed.

Qin Lie nodded in understanding and then ordered Curtis to find a place for the Boluo Realm experts nearby.

"Everyone, find a place first to settle down. Curtis will give you a brief introduction to the Abyss. You need to first understand the environment and geography here before you act," he said to Teng Yuan.

"Yes, we understand," Teng Yuan said.

After the foreign races of Boluo Realm came, there were five different factions camped here. The human race, the Cullen Family, the Nether Realm denizens, Qin Lie's soul slaves led by Curtis, and the races of Boluo Realm.

Of the five factions, the human race and the Cullen Family were the weakest followed by the races of Nether Realm. The strongest were the Boluo Realm races and the Asura Race experts.

At this time, the five factions gathered in this rocky area, and spread outwards with the secret realm entrance as the center.

Qin Lie was the one that gathered the five factions together. He was the one who initiated this hunt in the Abyss, he needed to balance these five different factions.

He first moved toward the Cullen Family.

The Cullen Family was the closest to Curtis and the others. When something happened, Curtis would be able to immediately arrive.

Curtis had deliberately arranged this.

At this time, the Cullen Family, led by Carey, were circling a campfire. They were roasting the meat of a rank seven Abyss Devil.

Naji, Serine, and Hester's eyes flashed with excitement.

Carey, the patriarch, had a thoughtful expression.

He could not forget the scene when he first came to the Abyss, and saw the many Asura Race experts, led by Curtis.

Among these people, there was Borba of the McConaughey Family who had come to kill him.

At the time, Carey had been shocked.

Later, they came and set up camp here at Curtis's direction.

After coming here, he and the members of the Cullen Family asked many questions to Curtis.

Curtis did not give any explanation.

Curtis only explained the state of the Abyss, the types of Abyss Devils, their strengths and weaknesses.

Then, they excitedly went to hunt the Abyss Devils.

As a result, not long after, they encountered a group of Abyss Devils led by a Silver-eyed Snake Devil. Carey, in his first encounter with Abyss Devils, was almost seriously injured.

—Even though he was in the Void Realm.

Then Curtis arrived and helped them kill the group of Abyss Devils.

Curtis took away the rank eight Silver-eyed Snake Devil and left the remaining Abyss Devils to them.

He finally learned that Curtis had been secretly taking care of them.

"Father, the meat should be cooked." Naji grinned and handed a large chunk of Abyss Devil meat to him. He said, "There is an enormous amount of fleshly energy contained in the meat. It is even more abundant than in the meat of giant dragons, almost uncomparable!"

Carey swallowed a piece of cooked meat. His eyes lit up and he became excited.

The energy contained in the rank seven Abyss Devil's meat was indeed extremely abundant.

Fleshly energy was of great benefit to the bloodline of the Asura Race.

He knew if Naji, Serine, Hester, and the others could frequently eat the meat of these Abyss Devils, they would quickly grow strong.

"Qin Lie led us to a good place, he fulfilled his promise," Naji said.

Serine's eyes moved and she said with a frown, "For some reason, on the elders stations here, I feel the presence of the Dark Soul Beast..."

"What?" Hester changed expressions.

Naji was also alarmed. "Sis, are you not mistaken? The other Asura clansmen here take good care of us, how could they be related to the Dark Soul Beast? It doesn't seem possible!"

"That Borba clearly had been sent by the McConaughey Family to kill us, but we saw him here. Also, he did not act after seeing us," said the old servant of the Cullen Family, Josh, clearly puzzled.

He felt the other clansmen acted very strange.

"I do not know if they are related to the Dark Soul Beast, I only know... they do not seem to have malicious intentions towards us," Carey said.

Hester, Naji, Serine, and even Josh nodded softly.

Not long ago, when they were facing a group of Abyss Devils led by a Silver-eyed Snake Devil, they faced the danger of extermination.

Curtis had suddenly appeared and rescued them.

Through this matter, they knew that while the other Asura clansmen here were gloomy and strange in their actions, they held no malicious intent.

They gradually let go of their worries.

"What do you think about this place?"

Suddenly, Qin Lie's voice came from the distance. Among their shock, Qin Lie slowly walked over and looked with a smile at them.

The chief of the Cullen Family, Carey, hesitated after he saw Qin Lie appear. He stood, bowed slightly and said sincerely, "Thank you for allowing us to come here."

"Rank seven Abyss Devil..."

Qin Lie glanced around and saw the body of the Abyss Devil they were roasting. He nodded and said, "It seems you have adjusted to this place."

"All thanks to Senior Curtis's care," Carey said honestly.

Qin Lie thought and then understood. He knew that Curtis gave the Cullen Family help in the beginning as they were of the same race.

The Cullen Family avoided high casualties at the start.

"Very good. As long as you adjust to this place," Qin Lie said with a smile.

"You once said, if I am willing, you can arrange for me to meet the Dark Soul Beast, and maybe... completely solve the problem of my soul. Does this still hold?" Serine suddenly said.

"Serine!" Carey shouted.

"Father, for some reason, after coming here, I find I am not so terrified of the Dark Soul Beast." Serine turned and looked at Carey. She said seriously, "And I feel he truly is willing to help me."

Carey stilled.

"You dare to see the Dark Soul Beast?" Qin Lie was shocked.

Serine nodded seriously.

"Alright, I will arrange for it soon," Qin Lie promised.

"Thank you," Serine said sincerely.

"You are welcome. Helping you will also benefit me," Qin Lie said ambiguously.

He had learned that there were shattered souls in Serine's soul.

The shattered souls affected Serine and were the reason why she could sense the existence of Dark Soul Beast.

Serine had obtained those soul fragments from the skull of Rank Ten Dark Soul Beast. They were something that Qin Lie's Soul Beast avatar needed.

After taking in those soul fragments, Qin Lie's Soul Beast avatar would obtain more of the Soul Race's memories and secret arts.

Serine would be released.

This was beneficial to both him and Serine.

Therefore, he kept on suggesting to Serine and hoped that Serine would ask to meet his Soul Beast avatar.

The things that Serine wanted to get rid of for many years were coincidentally what the Soul Beast needed.

After talking for a while with the Cullen Family, Qin Lie flew away to where the experts of Nether Realm were gathered.

When he arrived at the place where the Horned Demon Race, Ghost Eye Race, and Dark Shadow Race were camped, he stilled.

The Nether Realm denizens all had excited expressions.

They were full of excitement.

Gordon, Luz, and Gray. They were seated next to piles of Abyss Devil corpses as they roasted the meat.

The members of the three races were tearing into the meat and drinking the blood of the Abyss Devils. Their eyes shone with light similar to the savage Abyss Devils.

When Qin Lie arrived among them, he felt as though he landed in a swarm of Abyss Devils.

After these Nether Realm denizens came to the Abyss, for some reason, their auras became more and more similar to the Abyss Devils.

After eating the meat and blood of the Abyss Devils, they felt strangely good, and some of them achieved breakthroughs.

The Horned Demon clansmen grew new horns, and the Ghost Eye clansmen grew new eyes.

"Qin Lie's here!"

Gordon of the Horned Demon Race saw him arrive and immediately laughed.

In a simple wooden house far away, Ling Yushi, Ling Xuanxuan, Ling Feng, and the other members of the Ling Family walked out with La Pu.

Ling Yushi's body gave off mysterious soul vibrations as deep as the ocean. She looked hard at Qin Lie, her purple eyes flashing as she said softly, "Your guess was correct, the races of Nether Realm share blood that comes from the Abyss.”

“After coming here, all of us feel as though we have returned home," Gray, expert of the Ghost Eye Race with nine eyes shouted.

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