Chapter 1106: Cruel Reality

 Chapter 1106: Cruel Reality

The Abyss, a cold wasteland.

Six Nirvana Realm Celestial Artifact Sect martial practitioners holding exquisite spirit artifacts formed circles as they surrounded a troop of Abyss Devils led by a Hurricane Dragon Devil.

This Hurricane Dragon Devil was surrounded by many rank five Silver Armor Combat Devils and a dozen Frost Hell Soul Devils.  

The weapons in the hands of the Celestial Artifact Sect experts gave off blinding light. They formed balls of flame, pieces of ice and glittering sword energies.

Those dazzling spells and spirit artifacts smashed into the bodies of the Abyss Devils.

However, other than the rank five Silver Armor Combat Devils that immediately died when the spirit artifacts hit them, the remaining Abyss Devils remained standing.

The rank six Frost Hell Soul Devils only had thin cracks on their bodies. Not even one drop of blood spilled out.

The rank seven Hurricane Dragon Devil roared wildly, and created a wild field of cyclones.

Among the roaring winds, the Hurricane Dragon Devil charged at the six martial practitioners.

After getting close, the Hurricane Dragon Devil swung its claws wildly. The bodies of the Nirvana Realm human experts were as fragile as paper.


The sound of bones shattering came out of their bodies. Thes spirit power light shields they formed shattered immediately.

The lower ranked Abyss Devils took the opportunity to charge and surround the human martial practitioners.

Soon, there were only the screams of the human martial practitioners left in this area.


In a place where enormous pillars of ice stood.

Three Nirvana Realm martial practitioners of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain looked around warily as they patrolled.

There were black holes within the pillars of ice that stretched into the ground.

Three Ten Thousand Beast Mountain martial practitioners hesitated for a while and then moved towards one of the holes.


Suddenly, terrified screams came from the place where they went into the ground.

Within that opening, blood sprouted out. The crimson blood clearly belonged to humans.

The sounds quickly stopped.

After a while, a rank seven Abyss Devil slowly came out, chewing on their corpses.

Its icy eyes were filled with bloodthirst and cruelty.


Behind a brown bare mountain.

A rank eight Silver-eyed Snake Devil surrounded by silver lightning charged towards Yan Dong who had a two-level Soul Altar.

Beside Yan Baiyi, Wang Enze of Heavenly Sword Mountain, Luo Nan, Yan Baiyi, and Zu Xiang all released their Soul Altars. Holding their Heaven Grade swords, they joined their sharp sword energy within their Soul Altars to attack this Silver-eyed Snake Devil.

Wang Enze and the others sweated heavily. They were extremely nervous.

Their swords and the dense sword net they formed barely managed to block that rank eight Silver-eyed Snake Devil.

Yan Dong took the opportunity to flee.

However, the Silver-eyed Snake Devil twisted around as its tail nimbly whipped. It hit the Soul Altar above Zu Xiang's head hard.

Zu Xiang's Soul Altar immediately revealed a crack.

His hands, which held the swords, seemed to be shaken by great force. Blood seeped out of his palms.

Wang Enze, Luo Nan, and Yan Baiyi took the opportunity to stab their swords into the snake. However, against this rank eight Abyss Devil, they could only leave shallow, superficial wounds.

This Silver-eyed Snake Devil became angered after enduring the pain and seemed to desire slaughter.

At this time, Li Mu flew in with an enormous sword giving off blinding light among the gray sky. He seemed to be pulling down the waters of the heavens.

The Silver-eyed Snake Devil looked up. He seemed to realize the danger and slithered into  the distance.

When it moved, many of the rank six and seven Abyss Devils that had been fighting the martial practitioners of Heavenly Sword Mountain retreated along with it like a tide.

Many Abyss Devils still held screaming Heavenly Sword Mountain martial practitioners within their claws.

Li Mu came with his sword and stood at the center of Wang Enze and the others. His clothing was covered with the bloodstains of the Abyss Devils and his face was pale.

"Send the order, everyone return to base first." Li Mu looked at Wang Enze.

Wang Enze's eyes showed a thread of terror. He instinctively nodded.

Yan Dong, who was even more terrified, took out a transmission stone, and sent the order to the martial practitioners of Heavenly Sword Mountain.

Soon, many Nirvana Realm martial practitioners, Du Xiangyang, Luo Chen and the other geniuses of the younger generation came back.

The people who returned were dejected.

Some of the females showed tears in their eyes.

"Uncle Li, you are injured as well?" After Du Xiangyang, he saw Li Mu's expression and said in astonishment.

In the recent days, he realized just how powerful Li Mu was. he knew that Li Mu was the “Sixth Heavenly Sword” and the strongest person in Heavenly Sword Mountain.

Li Mu's understanding of sword arts surpassed the other five leaders of Heavenly Sword Mountain, and he was the pillar of Heavenly Sword Mountain.

"Duan Qianjie and I worked together to kill a rank eight Silver-eyed Snake Devil, but we both had to pay a price. I am fine, I just am tired and suffered some slight wounds." Li Mu nodded and smiled bitterly. He said worriedly, "His situation is not very good..."

Hearing he and Duan Qianjie managed to kill a rank eight Silver-eyed Snake Devil on their own, everyone immediately became awed.

Just now, the five Heavenly Swords of Heavenly Sword Mountain working together had not managed to defeat a single rank eight Silver-eyed Snake Devil.

Zu Xiang had been seriously wounded.

Yan Dong had almost been killed.

If Li Mu had not managed to arrive at the crucial moment, one or two of the five Heavenly Swords would have been killed.

"How are the other forces?" Yan Baiyi asked.

Li Mu shook his head and said with a grave expression, "Not much better than us."

"Was our journey to the Abyss too rushed?"

At this time, the leader of the Five Heavenly Swords, Wang Enze started to regret their decision.

After coming to the Abyss, and fighting the Abyss Devils there, he knew how terrifying the races of this place were.

He feared that Heavenly Sword Mountain had not prepared for this.

"We will talk after returning. This place is too close to Barthez, we cannot stay here for long," Li Mu urged.

"That would be good." Wang Enze frowned.


Amidst giant rocks somewhere in the Abyss Battlefield.

Humans put up their tents, some simple wooden houses and stone houses.

This became a small human village.

It was the operation base of the martial practitioners of the Silver rank forces of the Land of Chaos. Not far away was the secret realm entrance to Boluo Realm.

Curtis and other Asura clansmen guarded the entrance.

The humans gathered here and took care of one another.

"Six of us went out, two died."

"So painful, my finger was completely bitten off by that Golden Horned Brute Devil."

"Several of Terminator Sect's practitioners also died."

"The Abyss Devils are much stronger than we imagined!"

"If this continues, I fear we will all die here!"

"Everyone will die!"

Others simply stayed silent.

Inside the tents and houses, many people were laid out as they sighed.

The people who slowly came back were covered in blood and had dark expressions.

No smile could be seen on any of their faces.

"Sect master has returned!"

"So has mountain lord!"

Soon, Heavenly Sword Mountain, Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, Celestial Artifact Sect, and Terminator Sect's martial practitioners started to return.

The returnees came back with dark expressions as well.

Soon, Qi Yang, Feng Yi, Wang Enze, Jiang An, Lei Yan, Tang Beidou and the others appeared among the human gathering place.

Everyone gathered together.

They looked at each other and saw seriousness and helplessness in each other's eyes.

"These Abyss Devils are too strong." A long moment later, Feng Yi of Celestial Artifact Sect broke the silence. He frowned and said, "Did we come too early?"

"I think that even the Gold rank forces of Central World would suffer great losses if they rashly came here." Qi Yang had a pained expression.

"The fatalities are too high." Lei Yan sighed.

"Brother Li, where is Old Duan?" Tang Beidou waited for a while and did not see Duan Qianjie arrive. He couldn't help but ask Li Mu.

Everyone looked curiously at Li Mu.

At this time, people started to gradually realize that Li Mu and Duan Qianjie were the strongest of the human forces at present.

They paid special attention to the duo's actions.

"He received major injuries, based on his habits, he should have gone to find a place to heal," Li Mu said with a frown.

"Why did he not return here since he is seriously injured?" Tang Beidou said curiously.

"He is not used to seeing many people when he is weak... he had a difficult time truly trusting others," Li Mu said coolly.

"But this is the Abyss, there are dozens of Lords of the Abyss, not to mention Great Lords of the Abyss. This place is the safest!" Tang Beidou shouted.

Li Mu shook his head and said no more.

"We cannot continue like this!" Wang Enze suddenly said, "If this continues, the elite of our Heavenly Sword Mountain will all die here!"

In the battle just now, Zu Xiang was seriously injured, Yan Dong almost was killed, and he also faced death.

That Silver-eyed Snake Devil with rank eight bloodline terrified him. He felt the need to retreat.

The excitement he had not long ago gradually faded with the hardships he encountered in the Abyss.

Terror started to slowly consume his body.

"If Qin Lie was here, this may have turned out better," Du Xiangyang muttered.

When everyone was silent, his quiet muttering was heard by everyone.

For some reason, after hearing Qin Lie's name, these people became slightly more uplifted.

In the last decade, Qin Lie had been the one to resolve all the dangers to the Land of Chaos, and performed all kinds of impossible victories.

In the minds of many people, Qin Lie was a person who could constantly create miracles.

"If that boy comes, our situation will be slightly better." Even Li Mu nodded in agreement after hearing Du Xiangyang's words.

The leaders of the forces nodded, and felt that Qin Lie should come to the Abyss.

Without realizing it, Qin Lie became their pillar, and received their trust and reliance.

What they did not know was when they were talking, Qin Lie, Forefather Terminator, and the experts of Boluo Realm were passing through the secret realm entrance to the Abyss.

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