Chapter 1104: Rank Seven Fire Spirit

Chapter 1104: rank seven Fire Spirit

At the deep sea of Flaming Sun Island.

Qin Lie was sitting on top of a God Genera shoulder and refining lifeblood essences using the remaining refined fleshy energy inside the Flesh Filling Tombstone.

After his cultivation had reached the Nirvana Realm and his bloodline had reached rank seven, the amount of lifeblood essences he could refine had gone up yet again.

This time, he refined a total of one thousand and twenty four lifeblood essences before he hit his limit.

A lifeblood essence was the quintessence of blood. Not only could he execute all kinds of Blood Codex secret arts with them, he could unleash the power of bloodline to the max during combat.

As his cultivation increased and his recognition of bloodlines deepened, he gradually realized that the Blood Progenitor’s Blood Spirit Art, Blood Refinement Art, and other Blood Codex arts complemented his unique bloodline very well.

“The Blood Progenitor is a key figure in the rise of the human race just like the Soul Progenitor. His knowledge of the blood enabled the human race to steal the bloodlines of powerful ancient races and strengthen their descendants…”

Qin Lie muttered to himself.

A scarlet bone piece suddenly flew out of his spatial ring and shone with bloody light.

He fixed his gaze on the bloody bone piece.

Jiang Zhuzhe was the one who gave him the second half of the Blood Codex. It contained the other half of Blood Progenitor’s blood inheritance. In the past, he didn’t really go through this Blood Codex because he was busy with all kinds of matters, but he finally found some idle time for it today.

“Inescapable Blood Net, Celestial River of Blue Blood, Great Blood Soul Art…”

Many mnemonic chants flew out of the Blood Codex and became imprinted in his memories as he explored the new informations with his soul and blood.

An hour later, the second half of the Blood Codex was completely fused with his mind.

The second half of the Blood Codex taught him a few secret combat arts based on the Blood Spirit Art and a few ways to circulate his blood.

What surprised him the most was the art called the Blood Stealing Secret Art, however. It was an art on how to fuse the human race’s bloodline and the powerful ancient races’ bloodlines together.

The Blood Stealing Secret Art elaborated on how a human and a foreign clansman should join with each other, how the baby’s bloodline can be catalyzed during pregnancy, and how to awaken the baby’s bloodline after they were born.

After reading through the Blood Stealing Secret Art, Qin Lie now had reason to believe that this bizarre art was the origin of the human race’s ability to steal bloodlines.

It had come from the Blood Progenitor’s supreme knowledge of blood.

Suddenly, Qin Lie recalled something Jiang Zhuzhe had told him in the past. He said that the Blood Progenitor worked hard for the betterment of the human race during his lifetime, but he was ultimately misunderstood by the human race and left with a bitter end.

Surprisingly, it was the God Race who praised the Blood Progenitor’s greatly. They even tried their best to move his body into a Graveyard of Gods after he had passed away.

“This Blood Stealing Secret Art is probably why the great forces of the Central World are able to steal the bloodline of powerful ancient races.” As Qin Lie recalled Jiang Zhuzhe’s words in the past, he gradually figured out the truth the blood cultivator hadn’t told him back then.

He suddenly realized that the Blood Progenitor must have been killed by his own race, his own people.

This Blood Stealing Secret Art might be the very fuse that ended his life.

All those human families who could steal the bloodlines of powerful ancient races should have benefited from this art.

In other words… they—the first generation leaders of the great forces—were the ones who killed Blood Progenitor.

“Did the Qin Family participate in the Blood Progenitor’s murder...”

Qin Lie’s eyes looked deep as he pondered to himself. The blood essences that looked like sparkling blood diamonds hovered around him.

“The Qin Family isn’t a veteran force. They’ve only become a Gold rank force in recent years. Moreover, I don’t remember any mixed blood in the Qin Family. Everyone except me is pure human. So the Qin Family probably hasn’t participated in this murder…” he thought.

A while later, his eyes abruptly lit up. “The Blood Stealing Secret Art!”

“Did the God Race’s Perfect Blood project succeed because they were inspired by the Blood Stealing Secret Art? My bloodline can refine foreign races’ bloodline and steal their best bloodline latent abilities... That has to be the most forceful and scariest way of bloodline stealing, right?”

“Maybe the Blood Stealing Secret Art was why the God Race’s Perfect Blood project had ended with success!”

Qin Lie shivered when he thought up to this point. His feelings regarding the Blood Stealing Secret Art was much different from when he initially set eyes on it.

The reason the human race was able to become the ruler of Spirit Realm and conquer the outer realms connected to it was because one, the Soul Progenitor had helped out to the human race and two, the human race themselves had started merging the powerful ancient races’ bloodlines into their own bodies.

Moreover, the Blood Stealing Secret Art might very well be the key behind the success of the God Race’s Perfect Blood project.

This particular research didn’t just affect the human race’s future. It might very well be a key reason behind the formation of his Perfect Blood.

He was very shocked by this discovery.

“A genius, the Blood Progenitor is truly a genius!” he praised repeatedly.

It was at this moment a scarlet flame suddenly flew out of his glabella.

The fire Spirit of Void and Chaos had finally completed its evolution to rank seven, and right after he refined over one thousand lifeblood essences!

The small figure resembling a fire qilin crouched next to him after it flew out of his glabella. Despite being at rank seven, it was about as big as a dog only. Its entire body was covered in flames.

The fire spirit danced around him while dragging a tail of fire. It was expressing its joy in full.

Not long after, the fire spirit communicated its deep hunger to Qin Lie through its eyes, as well as a soul message.

Qin Lie immediately realized that the rank seven fire spirit needed a lot of fire attribute spirit materials.

He dumped all the fire attribute spirit stones and crystals he had in his spatial rings on the leading god warrior’s shoulder.

When he was done, it was like a small mountain had grown on top of the god general’s shoulder.

However, the fire spirit’s stomach seemed to be almost bottomless.

It consumed and digested the fire attribute spirit materials at an unbelievable rate.

It actually managed to finish the hill of fire attribute spirit material in less than an hour’s time.

Not only that, it was shaking its head and tail in displeasure.

Qin Lie’s spatial ring was completely emptied of fire attribute spirit stones at this point.

“What a glutton…” Qin Lie shook his head while smiling wryly, “We can eat after we’ve returned.”

He ordered the eight god generals to submerge into the deep sea surrounding Flaming Sun Island. Then, he led the fire spirit back towards Flaming Sun Island.

Suddenly, he felt like he was losing control over his thunder and lightning powers before he even got close to Flaming Sun Island.


He muttered to himself and tried to circulate Heavenly Thunder Eradication using the liquid lightning inside the Thunder Emperor Mark’s lightning pool.


A thunderous rumble came from the sky of Flaming Sun Island, followed by a loud and candid laugh.

“Forefather Terminator!” Qin Lie laughed as well when he heard the laughter.

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