Chapter 1103: The Leaders of Six Forces

Chapter 1103: The Leaders of Six Forces

There was a strange place deep in seas and mountains of the Central World. It looked like it was made up of nine layers of blue skies.

The nine levels looked like nine heavens spilling down from the heavenly river into the sea of clouds.

The world spirit energy here was very rich.

The nine visible layers of space stacked amidst the sea of clouds looked like nine connected realms. They looked both beautiful and enigmatic.

Gorgeous palaces and sumptuous dwellings could be seen at every level. Mountains and rivers, the rise and fall of tides, and boundless flora and fauna could be found here. It was a scene of thriving prosperity.

This was Ninth Heaven’s world.

Today, at the eighth level of the blue skies, six people stood at a mountain peak with their hands behind their backs.

All six martial practitioners belonged to the human race. The tallest among them didn’t exceed two meters.

In reality however, they gave off the presence of six giants, lofty mountains as they stood at the peak among clouds.

Their names were Pei Tianchong, Xi Beihai, Hong Qing, Ao Mingde, and Lu Jinghuane.

They belonged to Ninth Heaven, Six Ways Alliance, Starry Hall, Reincarnation Sect, the Ao Family and the Lu Family respectively. They were the second generation leaders of their sects.

All six leaders of the six great forces had gathered at Ninth Heaven today.

“Ninth Heaven’s exploration plans have been halted temporarily,” Pei Tianchong said.

He was the one who summoned all of them today.

The remaining five very important leaders of the Central World stayed silent.

They were waiting Pei Tianchong to continue.

“We’ve slowly gained a foothold ever since the God Race was exiled from Spirit Realm. Since Spirit Realm is connected to many big realms, we’ve also been given the opportunity to explore and conquer many big worlds.”

“The human race as a whole had experienced an explosive growth spurt in the past ten thousand years or so. Our influence has stretched deep into known territories.”

“The Dragon Race, the Ancient Beast Race, the Giant Race, and the Asura Race. They were all powerful races once upon a time, but they are slowly falling behind our footsteps.”

“We, the six great forces, especially have gained a lot from these expeditions.”

Pei Tianchong looked at the other five leaders and thought for a moment. Then, he opened his mouth once more, “However, it may be time to halt our footsteps temporarily.”

“Not long ago, Ninth Heaven has lost contact with six exploration groups.”

“I know that they’ve all perished in the outer realms.”

“There are other races deep inside those outer realms we don’t know too well yet. They have seen the God Race.”

“The Ji Family has also proven that the God Race is approaching us. It’s possible that they may invade Spirit Realm again in the near future.”

Xi Beihai of Six Ways Alliance nodded slowly with an indifferent look. “Some of the faraway realms under our control had been slaughtered by unknown experts. A lot of lives had been lost as a result.”

“The same thing has happened to us.” Hong Qing of Starry Hall echoed.

“I guess we’ve all encountered some troubles.” Pei Tianchong paused for a moment before continuing, “I just received news that Qin Lie, the son of Qin Hao, is still alive.”

“Qin Lie? Qin Hao’s son?” Xi Beihai narrowed his eyes and asked in puzzlement, “Back when you took his life, you made certain that his soul was utterly destroyed, did you not? So how did he come back to life?”

“To be honest, I’m just as confused as you are. I am absolutely certain that his soul was extinguished back then,” Pei Tianchong said.

“It doesn’t matter.” Xi Heihai waved a hand carelessly. “It doesn’t matter if a small fry like him lives or dies. He’s not Qin Hao, he can’t affect anything even if he still lives.”

The rest of the leaders obviously didn’t care about this news. They were all urging Pei Tianchong to skip this trivial matter and get to the real point.

To them, the only reason they chose Qin Lie as their breakthrough point three hundred years ago was his identity.

Since they’d successfully chased the Qin Family away from the Central World, they no longer cared if Qin Lie lived or died.

“None of us here is invested in a worthless person. Normally, someone like him wouldn’t even leave an impression in our minds,” Pei Tianchong frowned before continuing, “so trust me when I say I haven’t brought him up to waste our time.”

It was only then the five leaders revealed a trace of curiosity.

They all knew how Pei Tianchong worked. As the current leader of Ninth Heaven, he didn’t have a bone of senselessness in him.

They all looked at him inquiringly.

“You should all remember that Qin Lie... has the God Race’s blood in him.” A trace of seriousness colored Pei Tianchong’s face. “Three hundred years ago Qin Lie’s bloodline was dormant, but now I can assure all of you that his bloodline had awakened, and reached rank six. Also, spirit energy wise he should be in the middle stage of the Fragmentation Realm.”

“His God Race bloodline has awakened!?”

“Rank six!”

“The middle stage of the Fragmentation Realm!”

The look of indifference vanished from all five leader’s faces.

They now looked just as serious as Pei Tianchong.

“His bloodline isn’t the only thing that’s changed.” Pei Tianchong sighed slightly before continuing, “After his bloodline has awakened, he seemed to have changed into an entirely different person. According to the latest news, he has become the true ruler of the Land of Chaos. Oh right, it seems like he was the one behind the drastic changes at Boluo Realm not long ago. He even guided the Dark Shadow Race living at Boluo Realm back to the Nether Continent and united the three races. Not long ago, the Nether Realm races had dealt a severe blow to Blue Flame Manor of Six Ways Alliance.”

“This boy is both ruthless and smart enough to unite the races of Boluo Realm and the great forces of the Land of Chaos as one.”

“He is completely different from who he was three hundred years ago. He’s starting to look a little like Qin Hao back then.”

Pei Tianchong said worriedly.

The six great forces’ leaders suddenly fell silent.

A long time later, Hong Qing of Starry Hall frowned. “Back in those days, the elders of our forces have sworn never to get involved in the Land of Chaos unless absolutely necessary. That land…”

He shook his head.

“The Qin Family may have left the Central World, but we all know they must’ve regathered their strength after over three hundred years,” Lu Jinghuan said with dark eyes and a quiet voice. “Many foreigners have started wielding the Qin Family’s spirit artifacts during recent years, right? It’s proof that the Qin Family hasn’t been idle.”

“We could’ve conquered the outer realms much, much faster if those foreigners didn’t possess those spirit artifacts!” Xi Beihai snorted coldly.

“We haven’t come into contact with the Qin Family for the past three hundred years, but I think you’ll all agree that the Qin Family is very powerful,” Pei Tianchong said.

All five leaders grew even more serious than they were before.

They were all obviously in agreement in this regard.

Back then, they had united under one banner precisely because the Qin Family was overwhelmingly powerful. They had chased the Qin Family away from the Central World because they were afraid that the Qin Family would consume them one by one.

“Although the Land of Chaos belonged the Qin Family since the earliest of time, the fact is Qin Lie is doing whatever he wishes right now at the Land of Chaos… it means that the Qin Family has finally reentered Spirit Realm after three hundred years.” Pei Tianchong voiced his thoughts. “At the same time, the God Race is growing restless. The fact that Qin Lie has the God Race’s blood in him means that Qin Hao is very close to a woman of the Blaze Family. Qin Lie’s activities at the Land of Chaos, the Qin Family’s movements and the God Race’s arrival… I wonder, are they all related to each other?”

Everyone’s eyes changed in an instant.

“Perhaps it is time for us to make contact with the Qin Family and figure out exactly what they’re planning,” Pei Tianchong said.

The five leaders thought for a moment before nodding repeatedly.

“Sun Palace and Lunar Temple’s plans for Boluo Realm had probably failed, considering that Miao Yizi had returned her reward.” Hong Qing of Starry Hall suddenly chimed in.

“The Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace had also sent us a message. They told us to control Lunar Temple and Sun Palace and forbid them from killing the denizens of Boluo Realm.” Pei Tianchong frowned.

“Sky Mender Palace and the Ji Family has disagreed with our ways since a long time ago!” Xi Beihai snorted coldly. “If it wasn’t for Sky Mender Palace, those Nether Realm denizens wouldn’t have been able to return to the Nether Continent. Blue Flame Manor wouldn’t have suffered a harsh blow!”

“The God Race is returning to Spirit Realm, and the powerful ancient races have branches at Boluo Realm. If we really slaughter every last intelligent being in Boluo Realm, we may turn them against us completely. We want them to fight against the God Race in case of their return, so it may be wise to restrain ourselves a little,” Hong Qing said seriously.

“Alright, we shall pause our activities at Boluo Realm for now.” Pei Tianchong thought deeply for a moment. “Let us seek out the Qin Family’s tracks in the outer realms and find proof that they are colluding with the God Race. I will also inform my men to keep an eye on Qin Lie and the Land of Chaos.”

“That is all.”

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