Chapter 1102: Titan Bloodline

Chapter 1102: Titan Bloodline

The god corpses that called themselves the "eight god generals" of the Blaze Family knelt in the sea around Flaming Sun Island and shouted out loud in God Race language.  

Many people on Flaming Sun Island, Gray Island, and Blood Island were startled by the eight god corpses speaking human language and the language of the God Race.

Many martial practitioners gathered.

Qin Lie frowned slightly. He flew into the air and looked at the crowd. He shouted, "As you were!"

As he spoke, he sent a soul thought to the eight god generals. He flew away from the Setting Sun Islands.

The eight god generals were mentally connected to him. When they received his orders, their two hundred meter tall bodies sank back into the ocean.

They moved underwater.

A half hour later, Qin Lie appeared in a region of water far from Flaming Sun Island.

The eight god generals once again appeared on the surface.

Their eyes were clear and flashed with the fire of intelligence. They clearly were beings of blood and soul.

Qin Lie could not treat them like corpses any longer.

"This Flesh Filling Tombstone is the symbol of the Blaze Family patriarch? Are you sure?" He pointed at the Demon Sealing Tombstone and asked seriously, "Any person who has this Flesh Filling Tombstone can represent the patriarch of the Blaze Family? In the God Race, how many Flesh Filling Tombstones like this exist?"

He asked the many questions he had.

In the past, the eight god corpses could move and kill on his orders, but could not communicate verbally with him.

At the time, the god corpses were really his puppets.

Today, after receiving replenishment of fleshy energy and growing up to two hundred meters tall, the remnant souls of these eight beings seemed to truly gather together.

In other words, starting now, they truly came back to life.

They were no longer god corpses.

"There are only five Flesh Filling Tombstones in all of the God Race. The Flesh Filling Tombstones are in the hands of the patriarchs of the God Race families. This is a rule passed down in the God Race,"  the leading god general responded.

"Only five Flesh Filling Tombstones!" Qin Lie was astounded.

He knew that the history of the Demon Sealing Tombstone that was later revealed to have another name, Flesh Filling Tombstone, would be extraordinary. He knew that this would be a treasure even in the God Race.

But he had not expected that there were just five Flesh Filling Tombstones in the mighty God Race!

The God Race was a ruler of a region of space. They had conquered countless realms and enslaved many intelligent races.

All the signs suggested that the God Race had gathered terrifying wealth in the endless universe. So vast that the forces of Spirit Realm couldn’t even begin to imagine.

Such a wealthy, powerful race which had thrived for tens of thousands of years only had five Flesh Filling Tombstones?

He could not believe it.

"We are not members of the God Race, and do not know much about the secrets of the God Race. We only know that the God Race only has five Flesh Filling Tombstones," the leading god general said.

“You... what are your identities among the God Race? Also, do other families command other entities like you?" Qin Lie asked again.

"We are only loyal to the Blaze Family," the leading god general said proudly.

"Oh? Why so?" Qin Lie was shocked.

"The Blaze Family conquered us, so we swore loyalty to the Blaze Family. Other families have no power to order us," the god general said.

"How many of your race still obey the Blaze Family?" Qin Lie asked.

When he asked this, the god general's eyes dimmed. He said, clearly dispirited, "I do not know. We have slept for too long, we do not know the present situation or how many of our race are still alive."

"Could you speak of the specifics?" Qin Lie asked.

"Of course." The god general nodded.

He then narrated the relationship between his race and the Blaze Family.

This race was called the Titan Race, a powerful race, although low in number.

The Titan Race once had a prosperous era in a place far from Spirit Realm.

At their strongest, they dared to face off against powerful races such as the Soul Race, the God Race, and the Spirit Race.

This was an ancient race with a long history.

The members of the Titan Race would continue to grow as their strength grew.

They were born with great strength, fiery tempers, and did not fear death in battle.

The bloodline of the Titan Race was just below the God Race, Spirit Race, and Soul Race in the universe.

According to this god general, the Titan Race bloodline’s unique trait was that they could almost be unkillable.

Even if a Titan was to be cut into pieces, killed, and had their soul destroyed, they could still come back to life.

When the pieces of a Titan came close to each other, they would gather together.

Their flesh had the ability to consume other beings to gather fleshly energy.

When their fleshly energy reached a certain level, they could feel the location of the other parts of their body. Their pieces would gather together and merge.

The destroyed souls of the Titans would not disappear naturally in the universe.

The remnant souls would slowly recover over time. The remnant souls could gather and merge just like their physical body pieces.

When the physical body was almost complete, their remnant souls would find for their body in the universe and come to merge.

Unless a Titan was killed by some special methods which refined their body and soul completely, they would come back to life one day.

Because the Titans had a bloodline that simply refused to let them die, they did not fear death and dared to fight against the strongest races of the universe.

The Titan Race had even governed their own region of the universe.

When the Blaze Family invaded the region where the Titan Race lived, they had bloody battles with the Titan Race. Many God Race experts died.

The Blaze Family and the Titan Race fought for millennia.

At the beginning, the Blaze Family did not know the characteristic of the Titan Race bloodline which made them unkillable. It was only after they found the Titans who had died not long earlier come back to life shortly after and join the battlefield again, they gradually learned about their bloodline.

They paid a great price for it.

Later, they used the Flesh Filling Tombstone to refine every Titan they killed. The Titan Race suffered great losses.

The Titan Race was too few in number. Their strength weakened as they could not come back to life. In the end, defeated by the sheer number of the Blaze Family army, they swore their loyalty to the Blaze Family.

After the Titan Race swore their loyalty, they became the strongest fighting force for the Blaze Family. They accompanied the Blaze Family on their campaigns and displayed their viciousness in the realms.

The Titan Race became the strongest fighting force under the Blaze Family.

In that period of time, the Blaze Family was the family who fought the most within the five families of the God Race and gained the most.

At the time, the Blaze Family had the most power to speak in the God Race.

That was the best time of the Blaze Family.

When the Blaze Family fought the Soul Race, the members of the Titan Race would have their souls completely refined by members of the Soul Race. They could not come back to life, and the Titan Race became terrified.

Because the Blaze Family miscalculated the strength of the Soul Race, and did not immediately use the forces of the other four families, they suffered losses similar to those Titan Race suffered from them.

The Blaze Family lost their status among the God Race.

Later on, when the God Race and the Soul Race finally fought each other, the five families all participated and had the Soul Race pay in blood.

Spirit Realm was accidentally discovered in the war between the God Race and the Soul Race.

When the God Race realized that Spirit Realm was a super-sized realm, they decisively stopped fighting the Soul Race. They started to adjust their development and started to conquer Spirit Realm.

They easily conquered Spirit Realm.

"When fighting against the Soul Race, many of my brethren died. Then we accompanied the Blaze Family to conquer Spirit Realm." The Titan explained to Qin Lie. "Yet, in the War of the Hundred Races twenty thousand years ago, some Titans also died when fighting against the humans and other races of Spirit Realm."

"When the Blaze Family retreated back then, they should have taken the living members of my race with them. Us eight, because our heads were cut off during battle, needed more time to come back to life. We could not be taken along so we were left in that hidden secret realm to provide physical power to maintain the secret realm."

"After our death, we do not know what happened, we don't know why the Flesh Filling Tombstone was left behind."

"I only know this much."

This member of the Titan Race told Qin Lie all he knew.

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